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WP RSS Aggregator

The no.1 RSS feed importer for WordPress. Premium add-ons available for more functionality.

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Almost, but not quite
By , for WP 4.3

I paid for the feed-to-post plugin so I could get away from wp rss multi-importer, which is free, but the author never ever responded to any inquiries at all ever.

So I changed to WP RSS Aggregator, and had issues from the start. I have over 200 RSS sources, but their importer did not import any of their taxonomies or characteristics like author and frequency. That was one manual fix for about 3 hours.

The plugin has a "Debugging" screen, which comes in handy, except that one of the errors is "WPRSS: The feed URL is not valid! Please recheck:" but it does not tell you which RSS URL is invalid. People change their RSS feeds all the time, so it's expected that one or two per week might get this error. I reported the issue to the developers. They told me to go find the invalid URL from the list of feeds.

The next most frequent issue is old posts being re-imported, even though my settings were for no post older than 3 days and "unique titles only." Those settings did not solve the issue. I reported the issue to the developers. They told me first to trash the post. Then they told me to trash and then permanently delete the post. When neither of those worked, they told me to trash, delete permanently, and blacklist every single post that I didn't want to see again. Not really a workable solution.

The URL shortener settings in the plugin simply do not work at all. Never did. The developers did not acknowledge this issue when I reported it.

Finally, the biggest issue of all is that, from my 200+ feed sources, most days the software imports feed-to-post exactly ZERO posts unless I manually go through 3 steps: check all feeds in the debugging screen; manually run the "fetch_all" cron job; clear the WP cache; and then wait. Then all of a sudden after about 20-30 minutes, I get dozens of new feed-to-posts; however, many of them are old, as reported above.

Their support is very responsive, always returning email within 24 hours or so, but they simply never would acknowledge that their might be a bug in their software. Basically, they answer you and politely say, "you're wrong."

The last time I reported these same bugs (the last of multiple times, in hopes that they would acknowledge and update the plugin), I was basically told "we can't fix your problems, so go away."

Fantastic plugin and awesoem support!
By , for WP 4.2.4

Get this plugin! It works flawlessly and the post-purchase support is incredible. I needed certain custom mods for troublesome articles I was pulling in and they always replied with solutions and fast. Top notch crew and plugin right here!

Fits all my RSS needs
By , for WP 4.3

The plugin is amazing. If core doesn't handle a particular feature, a premium add-on will. The only aggregator you'll ever need.

Very Good Pluggin and Very Good Support
By , for WP 4.2.4

Great Pluggind. Work very well.
The support is very good to.

Great support, nice plugin
By , for WP 4.3

Feed to post is a nice plugin. The team is profesional

Just What I Wanted
By , for WP 4.2.4

This is a great tool for curating content. I upgraded so I can post to categories, include images, and customize the way I want.

Support has been exceptional.

Pretty good plugin
By ,

It's a very decent plug-in that does what it's supposed to do and does not slow down your website in the process.

Their Customer Support is very good as well.

Great Plug In
By , for WP 4.2.4

This is a great plug in and is the core engine behind my new site. I've added the feed to post add on and with a bit of tweaking and help from tech support (mark) my site is running smoothly. Thanks for all the help

Excellent plugin
By , for WP 4.2.3

I'm using WP RSS Aggregator (Feed-to-post) for my site [ link deleted, please do not post links in reviews] and it works really well.
Nice and easy to use, and really versatile.
I did experience a temporary problem which I reported at a weekend. I was amazed to get a helpful response same-day. Highly recommended

Problem with pages
By , for WP 4.2.3

Hello, i downloaded the free version of the plug-in and i installed it in my website http://www.corteam.com.

Generally, i am realy satisfied with the plug-in.

But i have to solve a problem, so i need a little of your time for help.

I intergrated some feed sources and i published them in diffrents bolocs.

When i change page (for exemple page :2) all feeds in the websites change in the same time their page in number 2.

I want juste to customize the plug-in to be able to change page in one feed and leave other feed in first page.

Thank you for your answer in advance. Excuse me for my english.

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