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Easily turn your basic posts into in-depth reviews with ratings, pros and cons, affiliate links, rich snippets and user reviews.

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Buggy and poor support
By ,

At first the plugin worked as expected and added a product review table to the page. However, was unable to toggle the product review on and off and remove it from the page without completely disabling the plugin. Tried removing the plugin and reinstalling, but as soon as it is installed, the original product review I posted appears on the page again without the capability to turn it off. Tried to contact them for a solution but was pointed to the forums page which didn't provide much help with this specific issue.

Useless for me
By , for WP 4.4.2

It's useless for me. I'd like to include the reviews in some posts, not all of them. To do it I need to edit the theme's PHP files. Want a shortcode? Ok, pay for it. I'll try another plugin.

Won't activate your purchase once you buy!!!
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I purchased an add-on to this plugin several days ago and wasn't provided my activation license upon purchase (purchase page still shows "loading licenses"). Over the last few days, I have tried contacting Themeisle through every available channel I can find (contacted support on their website, posted to the support forum, filled out a survey follow up to my request, followed up via email, even filed a PayPal dispute) because I needed the plugin several days. I had paid a contractor for some work requiring use of this plugin so every day they don't respond costs me more money! I cannot understand why someone cannot simply provide me my license number! This is not a difficult support task. It leads me to believe they simply do not look at service requests at all.

Great plugin and superb support!
By , for WP 4.4.2

I am very satisfied with this plugin and the support of the creators. It is easy to use and gives my review posts a nice and eye-catching look. Unfortunately the star-rating is not shown by Google anymore, which used to be earlier in the past. Google shows less and less ratings...

After one of the last updates I (and many other users) had some issues. It was nice to see that the authors of WP Product Review were proactive and helpful in trying to fix all the issues. They released a new update shortly and now everyting works fine again for my site.

I will continue using WP Product Review with a lot of pleasure :)

not working for google
By , for WP 4.4.1

yes, the stars are showing on my website.
but when i tried to search my keyword on google (even using new browser with cookies/cache cleared), the stars are not showing on google search results page!
i also tried to wait for a month, still nothing.

i even tried it on a new page, but the stars are still not showing on serps.

Good plug-in but missing some important features
By , for WP 4.3.1

I use this plug-in with the Bookrev Lite and I am quite positive about it. However, I did not stick to the last version, because 1. I don't appreciate the style but 2. and way more important: some part of the design fell away, parts of the plug-in showed up where they shouldn't be and the total grade was only shown as half a circle, with only a quarter or even nothing of the grade showing. My review is mostly based on the version before this one.

So why did I delete it, then reinstalled and then set my settings on manually so I could keep the old one, instead of asking for support here? Well, I keep having problems like that with this Bookrev template and only -except for one - with their own products. But I have asked for support for two times already and then they tell me they do not help with customization and to basically hire a designer. But this has nothing to do with customization, but with actual problems within their own products that even some external designers could not fix. Like widgets running over each other, widgets that don't do what they're supposed to do.

And I really appreciate designers offering such great products for free, especially if they work, but I think it is also strange that you don't offer support when something is actually wrong. Now I either had to stop using part of the template, except that some things just don't work and pay for a designer that created an emergency solution in the css and forced the widgets 'straight'. Again, that is not customization but an issue. And I think that is a waste because I could have given both the template and this plug-in easily five stars and recommendations all over the Internet (Plus I would have bought the Pro), if only they would have been a little more helpful in looking at the template problems I had. I still want to keep using it, because it is one of the better looking templates I have ever seen and one of the better working I have ever used. That doesn't change. But, I don't feel comfortable updating the plug-in because I'm afraid it won't work again and my whole site is screwed up again shouldn't be the case of course.

So back to the plug-in, why are you missing one star?
Well, it would be very nice to offer readers more than one button that they can click on on to go to a webshop for the buy button. So that admins cannot only use Amazon but also other bookshops. But what is more important, is that currently there is no option for no follow. That means that if I use affiliate links my site will be punished by Google in page ranking for using this part of the plugin. They (google) might have said otherwise but people who specialize in SEO say this is still an issue. It will also be great if the affiliate link could not only have the no follow option but also opens in a new window. Those would be my suggestions to improve on this plug-in I'm currently using.

I would welcome any suggestions the designers have to solve this problem for now. If these two features could be added and the issue with showing only half of the grades and other mess up design I might update the whole plug-in review and give it a five-star. I rarely give negative reviews and I really didn't enjoy giving the critique I did in this one.

Simple, and effective. Five Stars.
By , for WP 4.3.1

If you're like me, and looking to create a review site with ratings that shows those nifty yellow stars in the search results (rich snnippets), this is the plugin for you!

It really is simple to use, and it works. I encourage everyone who uses this plugin to support these developers through donations and positive reviews. Word of mouth goes a long way!

Thanks again for a phenomenal, easy to use plugin.


WP product review
By , for WP 4.3.1

Great tool and amazing support even though I did not get the pro version.

I really like how it looks, it's easy to use and the support team is amazing, they helped with coding special patches for my websites!

thanks guys! keep up the good work!

Was good now a spammer
By , for WP 4.3.1

This was an excellent plugin until the last update.

Now it keeps injecting spam messages into my dashboard to enter competition to win a bundle.

This plugin has now been reported for violating WordPress repository terms.

By , for WP 4.3.1

thanks for the plugin , It's worked in my site really amazing. Thanks

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