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A powerful and beautiful quiz plugin for WordPress.

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showing [/raw] in post
By ,

Everything is almost ok but having porblum when post quiz shortcode in post and if leaderboard shortcode alwast show [raw] [/raw].
And also need social sharing option with Leaderboard.

Wp-Pro Quiz
By , for WP 4.6

Emails not going to quiz takes or to admin. Has anyone encountered this problem. I am using SMTP Email plug in.

Any help appreciated

It has lots of options!
By ,

This is a wonderful plug-in and I've used it a lot. There lots options that makes this completely customizable.

Can't Login To WP-Pro QUIZ
By ,

Hi fellow developers,

I created a quiz using the WP-Pro Quiz Plugin. Everything worked perfectly in development mode on my WP site however, when I published my website I am getting this message when I select a quiz title:

"You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz".

When I click on the message nothing happens. Where do I find the sign in or sign up page?

Can I sign in without using another plugin or do I have to get a plugin? If so which plugin should I get?

I would appreciate your help.

Mail is really buggy
By , for WP 4.5.3

Now I have spent days trying to get this to work, and through a lot of workarounds like:
- Describing to users about how to enter their mail address for the plugin to read it right
- NOT entering a mail address in the "FROM"-field in the plugin
- Taking care NOT to use the Visual mail template (because then mails show up without any line breaks)
- etc. etc.
...I actually mad it send mails to both users and administrators.
And now - all of a sudden - I just get a "Undelivered mail returned to sender". Out of nothing.
I just need the plugin to collect a mail address from the user and send the results to the mail entered. How hard can that be?

Answers visible in the page source
By ,

Answers are not checked serverside via AJAX, but instead are stored in a JSON array, in plaintext, in the page source!

WTF is up with that?!

Works well for me
By , for WP 4.5.2

Meets my needs, with the exception of the following, but given it's free I'm by no means complaining.

- There's no way to add the back button, in instant feedback mode.
- I'd rather provide feedback per answer than for the entire question, so I can explain why each option is correct or not.
- I'd like to have answers save (using cookies?) so links to further feedback can be opened in the same window without losing answers and restarting the quiz when you click back to it.

Overall, works well though :) Thank you for contributing this plugin.

No Support
By , for WP 4.5.2

Would have continued with this plugin but for 1 single feature that was missing and no support for...

The ability to 2 gradation (Passed/ Failed)

all i get is >= X
With this you can't catch scores between say 0-79 and as well catch 80-100 differently

Do not use if you need audio files
By , for WP 4.5.2

Do not use if you need audio files in the quiz.

Still the best quiz plugin
By ,

I tried a whole lot of quiz plugins a year ago and decided to go with this one, but then never used it and deleted it again. Recently I decided that I really needed a quiz plugin and started the whole research cycle of finding the 'best' quiz plugin all over again. And as far as I'm concerned WP Pro Quiz is still the best. I think this is quite an achievement, considering it's an older plugin that hasn't been updated much. So it was well put together from the start. Kudos to the developer.

It got some bad ratings, which scared me off a little. But I had no problem installing the plugin. It works as advertised. The only problem is taking the time to read and understand the settings and setting them to your liking. You can do this for each quiz individually. It took me a while to find the setting for having all the quiz questions on one page, but it's the 4th one under quiz mode.

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