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WP-Members: Membership Framework

WP-Members™ is a free membership management framework for WordPress® that restricts content to registered users.


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Oops... is this a huge bug ?
By ,

Well, created a page, protected it. Good. So far so good. Now, I added there posts links and.. the page itself loads, the posts links show "This content is restricted to site members. If you are an existing user, please log ..." but the page LOADS, shows the name of the links, the categories of the links. Something is very wrong here. Deleting plugin. A pity because this is what I was looking for.

best and most compatible of members plugs
By , for WP 4.1.1

best and most compatible of members plugs i've found so far...used it on 3 sites and counting.

well supported and updated and merges well with the most popular themes.

it also includes custom fields and can send 'password in an email' which gives de facto verification [would be nice though to mark user as pending until first login or something similar to manage junk registrations - wishlist!]

the addons are worth the fee to be sure that these key features are compatible
in particular 'email as username' and 'logged in menus'

members and login is a complicated game but this plug has the cleanest approach
other members plugs have some better features but don't play nice with the key plugs we all use...so all in all this is the guy for now!

Perfect Membership Plugin and more!
By , for WP 3.0

I've used this plugin on all my membership sites over the past few years and it's been brilliant. Different buttons, menus and options for members/non-members plus used for member directory with the excellent addition of search feature for any field of a members given details. Highly recommendable and fantastic support.

Perfect Membership Plugin
By , for WP 4.1.1

Works like a charm. We have different menus for logged in and logged out, pages for members and Mailpoet integration. Very easy to setup and maintain.

Very reliable plugin with good support
By , for WP 4.1.1

We now always use this plugin where membership restriction is necessary. Have been using it for over two years on 4 sites and have never had a problem. Support (for special needs) has been excellent and we highly recommend this plugin. It is easy to implement.

Excellent functionality, documentation, and support
By , for WP 3.8.1

This plugin works really well and is really simple to use. There are some basic shortcodes that make it very easy to lock down or make available certain portions of your WP site. If you want to purchase the premium version, there is a ton more functionality and I can't recommend it enough.

Also, the support and documentation is phenomenal. I haven't used WordPress extensively enough to compare with other developers in this environment, but compared to just other support teams for web apps this plugin's support is so good it's unheard of. I mean, the website has a ton of documentation via the codex and forums. And when you submit a support issue, the developer responds same day--often within a few hours. Now I'm a paid member, so your mileage may vary, but even for a paid customer I feel like this is excellent customer support.

I can't say enough about this product, but instead of me continuing on and on, why don't you just give it a try yourself and you'll see what I mean!

Great plugin - Great Support...
By ,

We've been using RocketGeek's WP-Member's plugin for several years now.

Not only does the plugin work, but it's very well supported - by both the author and community.

It's great out of the box and offers many advanced features if you want to get into the weeds.

I'd recommend this plugin to anyone looking to provide member based content.

Starting in 2013 through Version - Recommended
By , for WP 4.1.1

I have WP-Members on all my customer WP sites. Very versatile, and whether paid premium or free user, the developer is very supportive, great documentation, very flexible, and code that is consistent with WP Core and philosophies.

For developers or power WP designers, the developer provides lots of hooks and filters, with documentation and code samples to go along with it.

I also use WP-Members User List available to premium support customers. Very handy for providing a directory of who's who for my WP site user list, and with the public/private side capability provided by WP-Members, secure personal contact information.

Highly recommend this plugin.

By , for WP 4.1.1

A perfect plug-in with lots of options. But best of all is the support I've received, really deserves 10 stars.

Upselling is a bit insane
By ,

I may continue to "TRY" to use this plugin, but as with many of the new plugins that are being released, we are seeing a huge GRAB for the wallet. Give the customer a basic plugin for FREE and then analyze what most customer are REALLY going to want to do with the plugin and put that in a "Premium" package. This one is insane in my opinion. A plugin that wants you to pay $59 for the Secret Stuff? Themes sell for this same value with how many more hours of work involved. I guess that is the new way. So Plugin is great for basics, but in my case I am looking to restrict pages to different levels of users. I will figure out the coding on my own, but this deceit in how a plugin is presented, is starting to get old, at least for me.
Good Luck and it is a nice plugin. My opinion; You are gouging people for the access to a "little" deeper use.

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