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WP Meetup

WP Meetup fetches event information from Meetup.com and creates posts for each event.

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3.2 out of 5 stars
Does a great job!
By , for WP 2.2.13

Does a great job and gives the functionality to pull events from meetup.com which gets you a long way versus not being able to at all. Of the plugins I've seen this is the only one that does as much as it does. I use both the calendar and event list widget as well as the short codes to place them on pages. The events are also searchable as well as it pulls past events into your database. Great overall.

In terms of improvements I think it would be great to have more options in terms of controlling the sizing, formatting, number of lines displayed, etc.

Finally, the only glaring omission that I personally need/want is an option to have the link to meetup on the event display open in a new window/tab instead of leaving the site when clicked.

Good for Meetup admins
By , for WP 4.4.2

For folks who run a WordPress site for their group, this is a decent way to notify people of upcoming events without the need for them to login to Meetup to find out.

A MUST HAVE Plugin for any website with a Meetup Group!
By , for WP 4.4.1

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this plugin. While our organization started as a Meetup group, we've become a full on nonprofit org so we wanted to do be able to promote our events not only on on Meetup, but our own site as well. We have several Meetup event organizers, but only one person for the website. This plugin solved our problem!

This plugin makes it possible to seamlessly integrate your Meetup events to your website's by creating a calendar or as a list. As for us, we use both. As a calendar, we put the short code for the calendar on our "Calendar of Events" page. We have the list on a widget that allows you display whatever number of upcoming events. It really couldn't be any easier. The final result is a simple and uncluttered, which is exactly what I wanted.

Why I think this is an awesome plugin:

It is convenient because we only need to add an event on Meetup ONLY and then it will automatically sync up with our organization's website without having to do anything. The sync happens maybe once or twice a day, which most of the times is no problem. I really like is the option to do an immediate sync, which comes in handy for those last minute events. All you need to do is hit the "Update Events Now" button on the Plugin dashboard in WP. This also comes in handy when I realize I've made a mistake and need to correct something that is already posted.

You have the option to view the event either on your own website OR you'll be routed to Meetup. I chose to have mine directly on the website, which creates a new page with all the info you put on your Meetup event, including pictures, bold text, links, etc. The event page it creates looks really nice.

If your "Content Visibility" in your Meetup Group Settings is set to "Partial" then the location will NOT be listed on the event on your website. You can display the location on your website by changing your Meetup settings to "Full" visibility. If you happen to change your settings after the event is posted, it will immediate update once you hit the "Update Events Now" button.

I have a couple different websites and as far as plug-ins go - this is one of the BEST. My hats off the the development team - nice work.

The following is NOT a complaint, but rather some extra bells and whistles this fan would love to see in future versions:
- It would be great to have the ability to show the venue WITHOUT having to change to full settings. I understand this might not be possible to do automatically, so I would personally be OK with even the option of manually adding it myself.
-The calendar uses the default website font. Would love the ability to change the font size on the calendar.
-Ability to change the size of the calendar to go beyond just "full width" (I believe I saw you're already working on this one, so I'm looking forward to it)
-I love the list because of it's simplicity, but it would be great if there was a way to not start each event with the name of our Meetup group, but rather the event name. Since the name of our Meetup group is long, it takes up 2 lines on our widget. I can see where this is helpful in a situation where you're promoting several different Meetup events, but in our case, its completely unnecessary. Perhaps make adding the name of your Meetup group as an option rather than as a default.

I look forward to these features in future updates. In the meantime, great work. Feel free to check out the plugin on our website: http://ockorean.org/calendar/

Moved my sidebar down below page content
By , for WP 4.4

This plugin seemed to be working fine enough... pulled a list of all the MeetUp events to one page (even though it's nothing special). I spent 2 days trying to troubleshoot why the sidebar on every single page of my site had moved down below page content. The culprit turned out to be this plugin. What a waste of time. To be fair, it's untested with the most up-to-date version of WordPress, but considering they haven't updated the plugin in 10 months tells me they don't care. Don't waste your time.

Works well enough. Obnoxious sidebar.
By , for WP 4.3.1

Easy to set up, but the huge sidebar is a major distraction and makes the plugin almost unbearable. The fact that it's on every page is pretty bad.

For those using this and not wanting to "Support the Staff", "Need Help?", "Review our Plugin", or "Join Our Email List", there's a pretty easy fix to get these things out of the way.

Go to wp-meetup/includes/admin-page.php and open it with a text editor.

Find public function render_sidebar()

Comment out the contents inside. Your end result will be something like this:

public function render_sidebar(){
  /* <--opens comment
  $this->renderObnoxiousAd('Nuanced Media');
  */ <--closes comment
Brilliant! Super easy to integrate my meetup group with a WP site! 4.5 stars!
By , for WP 4.2.2

If you want to connect a WP site with a Meetup.com site, this was a breeze. It was an easy install and I used the shortcodes and in seconds I had calendars and widgets on my pages!

If you have a SINGLE meetup group and want it integrated into one web site where you have the branding with one website address, this would work very well for you. My only issue was that I have only one meetup group and it kept printing my meetup group name with all the events (this would be overkill even if I didn't have an extra long group name); it doesn't do this on the calendar, but it does do this on the list view and the widgets.

If you have MULTIPLE meetup groups and want them integrated in one location, this plug-in site looks like it would be brilliant. I can't figure out why you would want this though, if you had multiple meetup groups and you wanted everything in one place (from the members standpoint) it seems like you'd make it one meetup group (unless they are in multiple groups, they can't sign up for them anyways). If you managed multiple meetup groups this seems like it'd be super useful to you as a private site.

The widgets worked great too! Not sure when I'd use the calendar one (with no details) but the list view looked/worked well (other than repeating the group name).

I'd like a little more control over how long the entries in the list/description format are. You've got an option for location or no location, I wouldn't mind a short location (city, state); it'd be nice for people to know approximately how far something is before clicking for more information. There are lots of options in the settings and for the shortcodes (which I believe is still pretty new).

It looks like it's supposed to build pages so they could see the whole event description on it's own WordPress page, but I kept getting "too many redirects" errors; I'm not even sure if I need this feature, I think I just want it to go to the meetup group (which is the other option and works great) I saw this work on other sites, so it might be something in my config (but I have very little running on the site I tested it on and I pulled everything non-standard out of my .htaccess file), this was not a fresh install but it was running the latest WP version.

I can see it DID pull all my events/content in from meetup (wasn't certain due to the error) and I can see them all on the front page like individual blog posts (when I turn on "Would you like Events to appear on your homepage?") and they look beautiful, better than meetup, with formatting / images (not the YouTube embeds), but they don't seem to be in any particular order (even old events); maybe if I used this from day one and it pulled in events as the group grew it would be better (but it's not like I'm going to schedule things in chronological order, I'm going to schedule something in October and then squeeze something in September).

FYI, if it wasn't for the part that gave me problems, i.e. if it wasn't supposed to have that feature, I'd give it 5 stars for everything it does do fine and for ease of use.

They have free forums (I saw quality support answers in there) and also offer paid support and installation. I was just testing this for a future group that I want a site and I will use this plug-in.

It doesn't work on a fresh wordpress install
By , for WP 4.2.2

I just installed wordpress, everything it set up correctly. Chose a theme, and just happened to choose this plugin as my first plugin install.

Instant 500 internal server error upon activation.

Less than one star - does not work
By , for WP 4.2.2

Do not even bother.
Waste of time, waste of time, waste of time.

needed minor adjustments
By , for WP 4.1.1

I am only using the list view of the plugin. Two things i had to adjust before i could use it:

- Dateformat: Please use the default wordpress date format setting (or at least make it configurable), that would make things easier as we don't use AM/PM in Europe.
- Localization: My whole Page is in German, so i had to make changes to the Plugin files to translate the "Read More" Link and the "Held by.." Strings. Maybe make this configurable as well?

Works for me
By ,

I would like to cross month boundaries - like a four week rolling calendar.
Although I've been programming most of my life, I am new to WordPress and it was trés easy to add this plugin.

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