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WP eCommerce is a free, powerful plugin that empowers you to sell anything online, quickly and easily.


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Good set of features but very inefficient
By , for WP 4.3.1

After investigating a performance issue on one of the sites I manage, I narrowed the problem (1.8-2.0s script time per request, not including download time) to this plugin.

Having it active on your site introduces around 320 extra database queries, per page load, regardless of whether the requested page is even a shop page. A small increase in traffic was enough for this site to chew up alot of resources - disabling this plugin brought the avg queries per page down to 50, and an 80ms script time.

Aside from this issue it's not a bad ecommerce plugin but as the performance is such a big problem, I was forced to drop it. By comparison, woocommerce only added 50-80 queries per page and kept page load speed down so I swapped it out for that.

Much work needs done for efficiency here.

Best Customer Service Experience Possible
By , for WP 4.3.1

After a quick moment of panic that I purchased something that was not going to do the job I wanted... on a Sunday morning... within minutes I had an answer from a team member with a reassurance that everything was good and I had nothing to worry about!

I can't imagine this service could be 24/7 like this, but wow I can't be more impressed by the level of service provided on top of a good platform for ecommerce website owners! After this experience, I will definitely be recommending them, as well as using them in the future.

I should mention, I have been using the wp ecommerce platform for digital downloads for a few months very successfully, I was just installing a membership/subscription premium extension to add to the site!

Great support and easy to use plugin
By , for WP 4.3.1

Been using Gold Cart for a while without a hitch, but when I did have a problem the support was excellent. Got the shop back up and running in no time.

Don't know why people are complaining about poor support
By , for WP 4.3

After installing Gold Cart today we got the 'white screen'. I wasn't unduly concerned because problems after adding themes, extensions, etc. seem to be par for the course - there's always something that seems to need a tweak to get it to work. When I read the reviews on here my heart sank - so many people complaining about lack of support, no replies, failure to resolve issues, etc.

Well, today the support was the best I have ever had with an extension, plugin or widget from a third party author.

We lodged a support ticket and Edward replied within ten minutes. We provided full access to the WordPress site and gave him full authority to do whatever he thought he should try to solve the problem(s). In less than an hour I got a 'Eureka' email from Edward identifying the root cause of the problem (which was that an update to php 5.4 was needed). That was a simple setting in the host's Control Panel and then Gold Cart worked fine - no white screen.

So we give the Gold Star and Edward in particular five stars for this. Well done, guys.

no support for paid extensions
By , for WP 4.3

Have built many sites using woocommerce but had to do some work on a site using WP ecommerce. I paid for a premium extension and had no luck getting it to work. After numeroues attempts to get support, received no response other than a request for clarification on what the probelm was.

If support for paid extensions is this non-existent, don't expect to get any help with the free plugin. Just download woocommerce and know it will work.

Product: bad design, BAD UX, limited ops, too pricey, promises but NO money back
By , for WP 4.3

IF YOU LIKE THE MONEY YOU WORKED SO HARD FOR.. then read this review before buying (that is what I should have done..):

JUST go for WooCommerce or JigoShop. With both I have exellent experiences. Just implemented it straigt into my website (little coding required).

If you are not convinced yet, then please do read this review, I am more then happy to elaborate:

I mailed with the customer support service because I was not satisfied after buying the 'Grid view' extention (which costs 99 dollars).

Price and forend-design
I just wanted to implement the webshop directly into my website and I expected that for freaking 99 dollars the design would be minimalistic and clean.

What I instead got was a 2000-ish looking design with rounded edges, 2006-ish-Amazon-buttons and shadows no designer (who has to be taken seriously) ever wants to see.

Usage experience of the back-end
While installing the plugin I noticed that it took a lot of time to figure out where I could find settings and how to implement them. The design of backend is a heap of crap.

Customer-support calls the backend-design 'made for developers', while Justin of WP eCommerce did not inform if I was a developer or not.. Yes, damnit I am a freaking developer. The mistake WP eCommerce made while developing this plugin, is that they made the backend-experience logical for themselves, not for developers who are going to USE it. Designing good back-end makes the difference between half and hour install-time and three hours install-time and besides that: think of the horror of having to return to that chaos everytime you want to change something.

So all in all it takes time to find what you need to find and when you are done all the settings, and you decide to buy the Gridview-extention for example you get shit.

Contacting support about a refund

"Dear Justin (and other WP e-Commerce support),

On july the 16th I mailed you because I was really not satisfied about the product, not only because I don't like it, but also because it is buggy and it just not cover what a simple webshop should be able to do.

So I asked nicely if you could return my money.

You said in answer to one of my mails "Can you tell us a little bit more about why you are not satisfied with your purchase? If it's something we can help resolve, we'd like the opportunity to do so. If it's not, we'd be happy to refund your purchase, but would love to know how we can improve our product to avoid similar issues in the future."

I have been nice towards you in providing information so that you could make a better product. Since then I have not seen my money back. About a month later (two weeks ago now) I have send another mail asking for a PayPal refund immediately, but silence is golden ehh silence is what I get."

I have not heard from them ever since.

Some other points:
1. It took me ages to find out if I could do what I wanted to do with shipping.. I live in Holland and it works different here then in the US.. (I still don't know if it is possible)
2. The check out page etc. were after the install a total mess..
3. .. and probably more that I even didn't see because..

I'd install Jigoshop instead.


PayPal Pro Hosted
By , for WP 4.3

I'm testing PayPal Pro Hosted in Sandbox Mode.
I have a display problem. Instead of displaying one of the template selected in the settings of PayPal, I have a view like this: http://www.glgstore.com/problemHosted.jpg
How can I fix?

Bugs with WP eCommerce Multi-site and no response in regards to support.
By , for WP 4.3

This was posted over a week ago without any response.

"Hi, I have installed "wp ecommerce" on my WordPress mutlisite. My problem is that if I go to my main domain and select "settings/store" the general tab information appears correctly, but all other sub-domains will not display any dropdown under the general tab.
Is there a fix for this as I am only using the "wp ecommerce" on one of my subdomains."

Not well supported! I suggest looking at more reliable plugins that offer a working eCommerce environment for Multi-site needs.

Error comes up on new and upgrade install?
By ,

I keep getting this error on new install and earlier when trying to upgrade?

You are currently using WPeC 3.9.4. We introduced a regression in WPeC 3.8.10 which affects your customer user account page. We have included a fix for a bug on the User Account management page. We are able to fix this automatically on most sites, but it appears that you have made changes to your wpsc-user-log.php page. For that reason, we have some simple instructions for you to follow to resolve the issue. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

A new install should not have this?

We Love WP eCommerce
By ,

We have spent literally hundreds of hours configuring & modifying several different WordPress shopping cart plugins for our customers. Every customer has different needs for their shopping carts from layout to taxes, shipping, variations and more. It can get a bit overwhelming and sometimes you just need to tell the customer NO to a want that you can not achieve. I have not found a better cart than WP eCommerce for our custom themes and we almost never modify the code in the plugin files. We avoid custom code to save us during plugin and WordPress updates. We use Artisteer, Templeteer & WP eCommerce and everything including mobile responsive views are simply wonderful. Only thing I wish they would add is in the Presentation Settings, first option of Button Type: should be a custom field for those of us that want something like... Quote, Make Your Deposit, etc. Thanks WP eCommerce!

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