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Due to a major redesign & architecture change, this Lite version is no longer supported or updated

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Shortcodes do not work
By , for WP 4.1

the entire purpose of the plugin is defeated.

Waste of Time and money
By , for WP 4.0

Hi Everyone,

I am having its developer licence which cost me 200$ 1 year back. My bad luck starts after that, the project for which i bought this plugin have come with extra features like having client's adderess in bill (basic functionality) which was not possible. I lost that client just caused many other issues in plugin and before that my trial period was completed. so there was no hope for refund and i didn't asked for same as i thought, it's in development but still after 1.5 year of my purchase i am facing more issues to complete single project using it. Reasons are quite simple and as follow :

1) Basic functionality missing and there are lots of implementation issues in plugin. - Recently i found out that if client adds their staff in plugin and staff adds documents, they are not taking staff's id, they only taking client's id in system. so if some staff add any wrong document, client or admin never finds who added that if there is multiple staff added by client. this is just a simple one, there are lots more similar to this which are basic fundamental issues in implementation and system logic.

2) Too Much security (Waste of time) - I know to prevent piracy, many plugin developer hides code in encryption but all files ? I am having developer licence and i can't even touch single code or change single query without dycrypt code and which will waste lots of time in development. Like example, i was trying to change one query for message display, in which i only have to change client id to current staff id in where condition for staff login. 5 min work - took 4 ddays to find function and decrypt it and change query. This is just example actully message query is in shortcode template folder message file. :-) LOL !!! but for other things its in classes file which are full encrypted

3) Badest support - This plugin developer's provide great support which includes everything you asked in their feature list which never comes in updates. They even not telling, which function you need to edit or in which file you can do that, what that say, we are quite busy with upcoming update and will put your request in our feature list and will try to add them in later releases. They thinks we can go with this reasons to face client ? do i say my client sorry we are taking your request as feature list and provide you later ? totally unproffessional. If i know any word which comes after badest i can also add that here.

4) No Help and Proper Documentation - There is no full specification documents or help to use this plugin so far. if you buy this plugin, you will only get basic fundamental video and some of article links. that's it. Also recently i found that if you go with some specific design and ask them is it possible to implement and how ? they steight away say no and after digging in setting and template shortcode template, i find out there is lots more i can do inside that and all stays in database. so no plugin update will harm. After that i asked them why its not anywhere declared in documents, there was no responce. it was just confirmation that your code will be secure if you do update. LOL - means they support also dont know thier plugin template customization.

Now after this much thing what i get in 200$, nothing. when i told them this thing in my support ticket, their responce was "sorry for hear that, our plugin didn;t worked for you" - are you kidding me ?

So finally i decided to decrypt everything which can be possible for me as i already decrypted 3-4 main files including ther licenceing system part. Will make changes and will remove all wp-client update and support things from inside so it works better for client.

ALso i have 50 licences to use, so if any one want to use or try, you can contact me. as i am not using it, someone can use it. you need to just send me url on which you want to add this plugin and i will add it in my panel. so it will work lifetime till i disable it but i am also sure, you will not use still its going to be free for you.

ALso after decryption if anyone want code, will provide same as i know howmuch time it will be take to do and also if any developer wants to do any new integration in it, they can do and they didn't stuck in middle of project like i was in.

Finally - One star is also much more this as there is no negative values in rating.

You Can Go to Private Pages without Logging In in Pro Version
By , for WP 4.0

As of 9/30/14

Hey just wanted you to know that even if you create portal pages and client portal pages.

1. You can go directly to the pages if you have the link without logging in. So the entire plugin actually does not work. The interface is ok at best but the plugin does not really work in WordPress 4.

Example. You have an invoice to Mrs Jones located at blahblah. pdf in her private login screen. You give her access to that file and a private page displaying a tutorial you made for her. Both file or page is public regardless of whether she logs in or not. So what is the point.

2. There is no support regardless of whether you pay or not.

3. Almost impossible to style the portal pages.

4. The walkthrough is not of the current version. 99% of the walkthrough is screenshots of the old version. There are no actual tutorials of anything you would possibly encounter as a problem.

5. Better than the last plugin. Still wasting days of my time to fix this mess to make it work.

Supoort is the worst I have EVER experienced!
By ,

I purchased this plugin and submitted a support ticket and have heard nothing, not even an acknowledgement that my support question was being dealt with. I have had better support from free plugins to be honest, and this is not the sort of service I expect from a premium (and rather expensive) plugin.

The documentation is garbage also. DO NOT BUY - you've been warned!!

False promises
By , for WP 3.8.1

At first glance, this looks like an amazing plugin (I even bought the pro version). However, once you get it, you realize there is no documentation, no tutorials. (Any videos they have on their YouTube page are dated back 2011 and are useless)

It's not intuitive or user friendly

When you add clients (in which you have to provide an email address) and save, it doesn't appear in the client list. If you try to add it again it says the email address is already taken.

Would avoid at all cost.

By ,

first time I have ever posted a review. ProVersion... Wasted time on false promises... GARBAGE!!!!

Needs better documentation
By ,

Implementing this from a development standpoint is a nightmare and there is virtually zero technical documentation available for reference. Not impressed with this plugin at all. It boasts a lot of interesting features but they are implemented poorly at best.

Not very good at all.
By , for WP 3.6

This is mainly a hook to make you buy a Pro version. I installed it and found most of the functions I was seeking weren't even available unless you get the Pro version. It's very disappointing.

I'm not exactly averse to buying a Pro version but their setup for that leaves a lot to be desired, too.

Buggy plugin
By , for WP 3.5.2

I don't know if it was just me but I found several bugs in this plugin without trying too hard.

1. I created a new user account in the admin console but it never got added to my list of new users. I thought I had just made a mistake so I tried creating the new user again. When I did, I got this message "Email address is already in use another Client or standard WordPress user. Please use a unique email address". So Basically I couldn't create the user anymore under the same email address.

2. After managing to create a new user, I went to the login page and this is what I get when I enter wrong credentials "$data['error_msg']". How horrible that is! Users don't need to see that kind of a message. How about a "Wrong username and/or password. Please try again." ?

3. When you click the LOGOUT link I'm taken to a 404 page (the standard Windows 404). I guess I should be taken to the Homepage or something?

There's actually a few more but I guess those three are enough. I think you need to spend a bit of time working on the bugs before offering a PRO version? By the way, considering the number of bugs found and after going through the plugin features I'd say the Lite version is "VERY Lite". Not much offered!

plugin has bugs and customer support very poor
By ,

I have purchased the WP-Client (the paid addition) the plugin does not automatically create the pages for me as it should and also when the plugin is activated I am unable to use the normal "upload media" option that is located in all pages and posts on the Word Press cpanel.

I sent an email for support to the WP-Client plugin developers and even with their responses the problem has not been fixed. The last response I had was two days ago seems like once they have your money they just run (well that is how I feel).

I will keep all updated if they manage to fix this issue.

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