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iControlWP - Multiple WordPress Management

Take Control Of All WordPress Sites From A Single Dashboard

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this plugin and their others save my sanity on 20+ sites
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I’ve been using iControlWP, WordPress Simple Security Firewall and WorpDrive for about 15 months now. I LOVE this system (you don't need the others to use iControlWP).

Specifically about the iControlWP management plugin:
I like the speed, the dependability, the way it functions (it lets me know what’s needed and what’s done), the way it looks (the visuals and navigation flow make sense), the security features (on my sites and their’s). They continue to be pro-active in feature development and feature completeness. And best of all, customer service continues to be exceptional.

Here are some of the iControlWP features and service that I really dig (they have more than what’s on my list here):

It saves me a HUGE amount of time in managing 20+ sites!
It keeps track of all the plugins on all my sites and what’s not up-to-date.
The few plugins or themes that iControlWP cannot update due to the way they're built, it still shows the version and update needs, so that I can login and update it as admin.
I can update all the plugins on one site with one click.
I can update all instances of a particular plugin on all my sites with one click.
If an update breaks anything on a site, I can revert the update. Wow. Cool. Now I don't need to do hours of research checking for any issues before I initiate plugin updates.
I can see when all the above things have happened for each site.
I can set select particular plugins to update automatically, or not. I can set core updates on my terms.
They respond to my problems or questions about the service. Quickly! Thoroughly!
It is something that, as a graphic designer, I can understand & count on without coding.
They have many explanations for the “why”s of the features that are in layman’s terms in addition to tech-speak.
I feel like they really care.

I use their WorpDrive plugin for backups (backups that work on godaddy sites, a plus, as some do not!); it was easy to setup and test. And I use their WordPress Simple Security Firewall against attacks and spam; it has LOTS of features and works very well.

The short story: I am much relieved to have this and their other tools for managing my WordPress sites. It truly has saved my sanity when it comes to keeping up with them all. It is key in helping me do my job well for my clients.

I wrote about all of these plugins together on my website, if you're interested in more information in my full post.

A must have for bloggers / site admins with 1+ site
By , for WP 4.1.1

I am working in the software industry for more than 25 years now and usually I am not writing comments about software just because expectations and surrounding conditions often defer quite a lot.

I am happy to make an exception with iControlWP.

I am using iControlWP for quite a while now and to me it is the absolute time saver. Its architecture and conceptional logic is only topped by it's smooth and stable working capabilities. I do recommend their services to anybody who seriously run more than one WordPress blog especially if a lot of advanced features are implemented.

Sure you can manually manage all of your or your customer's sites and deal with manual backup solutions. That will work.
You can also do not use a gps navigation system and find your direction with an old fashioned map. That will work too.

It's just too time consuming. All other solutions I tried either ran into trouble when trying to perform a frequent background backup with low server load where iControlWP works like a charm. This might be a specific statement for my implementations only but it meant to save me a lot of time and trouble and let me concentrate on further site improvements rather than doing basic admin work.

I stressed iControlWP's support quite a lot with challenging issues caused by my hosting company and have to clearly state that I never dealt with such a high professionalism, paired with technical competence, great customer communication and prompt feedback in the support area. This simply is a benchmark in the supporting business.

On top of this their pricing model - as I write this - is flexible and does not bind you with any long term contracts and not needed bundles.


Simply Better Than The Rest
By , for WP 4.1.1

Within the last year, I have tried all the big names in WordPress management. They each have their pros and cons but iControlWP has, in my humble opinion, the the best ratio of cost to features. And that is not even the best part.

iControlWP has the absolute, hands down, best support of all of them. They were very responsive to questions I had when I first signed up and were just as responsive when I originally closed my account. The reason I left in the first place was to try out other available services to find the best match for my situation.

After "shopping around" for the best service, I ultimately looked at the features to cost ratio (which they won), backup system usability and stability (WorpDrive is far better than them all), and ultimately how responsive/friendly customer support was (handily won by the team at iControlWP).

As a bonus, you only pay for the features you need on a site by site basis. Don't need backup support for one of your sites? Fine, don't add it and save yourself some money.

From my discussions with them (best support ever), they plan to release more upgrades in the near future which you can add on a site-by-site basis. So if it's something you have to have for client sites and something you care less to have for your personal sites, you can just pay for the feature on the sites you want it on. This option is not available ANYWHERE else (unless you have multiple accounts ... and who wants that?

In the end, this is only my opinion, but it mirrors almost every other opinion given. Make the decision that's best for you, but I feel that you will be writing the next awesome review posted here.


Exactly what I needed
By , for WP 4.1.1

I've been using iControlWP for about a year. The only support I've needed was help with my billing payment source, and I received wonderful, personal, prompt help. I am a freelance web designer (not a programmer at all!) - so using iControlWP is like having an extra employee. It not only saves me a lot of time and headache, but it is very easy to use, and I feel like it thinks of things I never would have thought to do. I've just today added the WorpDrive backup feature, so I can't say much about it other than it was a breeze to setup.

Don’t waste your time: This is the BEST multi-WP manager
By , for WP 4.1.1

I really like iControlWP, it’s very easy and simply works.

Believe me, I tried 22234234982 multi-WP websites manager and iControlWP is the one that worked on the FIRST try without any problem and it was maybe the easiest to use.

Good interface and features.

No more "the file (plugin/theme) you are trying to upload is xxxx bytes and it's biggest than the php max limit XYZ..." and other sh*t php error messages.

iControlWP installs/copy my plugins/themes from one website to other with 2-3 mouse clicks and get things done automagically.

A must have tool for WordPress professionals
By , for WP 4.1

A time saving complete solution for webmasters (update WP, plugins and themes, backup and restore).

Simply without competitors.
By , for WP 4.1

It simply works, nice and beautiful. Everything is clear and the interface is smooth.
There are other companies out there offering the same service, and they have also good and solid code but, iControlWP is simply the only one offering incremental backups!
When you have a lot of sites and maybe heavy loaded with big files, all other solutions are useless, as your daily backup won't have the time to cycle through all sites in 24 hours. Plus you are putting an heavy load to your server.

iControlWP does it nicely by copying only the modified files, and it works!
I had to reinstall some site from a total crash and it was really a life saver.

Fantastic Upgrade from ManageWP & Others
By , for WP 4.0.1

Switched to iControlWP over a year ago to manage client, personal, and development sites.

iControlWP provides:

  • superior customer service (a HUGE bonus!)
  • consistency (doesn't randomly freeze on me all the time, works!)
  • user-friendly interface

Most of my experience is in direct comparison to ManageWP. I tried several other solutions before iControlWP, and iControl is better than all of them. The timely, friendly and dedicated tech support (usually the questions are due to my ignorance, not bugs) with iControl has made me a loyal long-term customer.

It is also fun to see new features being added all the time - the developers are obviously hard at work making the tool better and better.

This is a MUST have!
By , for WP 4.0.1

I am SO happy I have iControlWP and WorpDrive backup! I "broke" my WordPress-based Toy Store site just a couple of days ago and it started showing me the WordPress "White Screen of Death" no matter what I tried... No access to the Admin area either. Then I simply restored it through my iControlWP account - and I am back in business! Thank you!!

Excellent Tool for those needing the Manage Multiple WP Sites
By , for WP 4.0

Using this tool to manage a large number of sites. Paul and the guys at iControlWP are there when you have questions or any kind of issue. Very impressed with the whole system. Backups are critical and with the optional WorpDrive service, this is a no-brainier solution.

Keep the up the good job guys!

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