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Create a wiki as easily as adding a post

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NOT a wiki
By , for WP 4.5.3

I've been searching for a Wikipedia-style wiki (i.e., MediaWiki) and thought that I'd found it with WPMUDEV WordPress Wiki. I was wrong!

In my opinion: This has some of the features that one would expect when installing a MediaWiki wiki but, really, there's no separation between WP users and the Wiki users so WP accounts must be created for all Wiki contributors. This begs the question: Why bother with a Wiki then? e.g.,

Discussions? The discussions are a simple, flat thread embedded in the Wiki article itself - just like Wikipedia/Mediawiki. However, they are not a full-featured discussion forum (e.g., bbPress). IMHO: This is not a scalable solution for discussion.

User Managment? Wiki users are just regular, WP users. Granting users access to the wiki requires granting them access to the WP Dashboard. IMHO: 1) The Principle of Least Privilege applies here. 2) This is not a scalable solution as your list of Wiki users will become irreversibly commingled with your list of WP users AFAICT.

Revision Control? While not as rich as the side-by-side comparison that Wikipedia/Mediawiki prvides, it works and is fairly simple to understand.

Markup? AFAICT the WYSIWIG editor is the only way to edit articles.

Automation? e.g., TOC, Index, Glossary, Tool tips, Ratings, Newest/Popular pages? Not as far as I can tell - but I'm using the free version.

In the end: I may either... 1) Create a page in WP and embed an installation of MediaWiki inside an iframe on that page, or; 2) Create the site content in WP and add plugins/widgets for the extra functionality that I'm needing (e.g., Article ratings, Glossary, Index, Tool tips, and discussion forums).

My advice: The only way to cut through the FUD is: 1) Read all of these reviews. 2) Read the support requests looking for "red flags".

Not a wiki, and it doesn't even work
By , for WP 4.3.1

Not a wiki, just custom post types. It doesn't even work, wiki pages are empty.

http://domain.url/wiki just shows the WP standard blog with all your entries and, ironically, it doesn't show the wiki posts. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

You can do exactly the same this plugin is supposed to do, with WP core.

The plugin's name and its description are just lies.

BTW, 4 sentences for the free plugin's description and x4 for the paid one. Even the video is for the paid version. Shame on you, WPMU DEV.

Not working
By ,

Error 404 in all wiki-pages.

WPMU WikiPro is not fit for purpose, nor utility, feel like have been scammed
By , for WP 4.1

I have been trying to use this for six months now, and still cant get it to work, despite multiple contacts with a well meaning yet ineffective support team.
It isn't in fact a Wiki (despite that fact that at the time when I purchased this it used a picture that looked like Wikipedia)
It is just a set a roughly organised static pages with no real form.
There is no menu system (something that is fundamental to a wiki)
The Pro version doesn't really add that much more.
Also on my site you can only write on the wiki if you are logged out (tried for six months with support to get this working, they are even very slow or understaffed)
Currently pursuing full refund as it is being miss sold and doesn't do what it claims.
I would advise not to waste time, nor money on this pluggin, or even this company. (feel like have been scammed)

This is NOT a wiki at all - fake
By , for WP 3.9.1

This is not at all a wiki. It's a disgraceful fake. No wiki features AT ALL. It's just standard WP static Pages, with a categories hierarchy, the standard editor. You can allow edits by others. All standard WP.
The only change is that these Pages can carry comments which is a useful little addition. But NOT a wiki.

Their description says it converts WP sections to a "fully functional wiki. It also says The name suggests the same.
What kind of supposed wiki has no way to generate lateral links? The wiki movement wasn't just about collaborative editing - which WP can do perfectly well. Wiki is about creating an instant new page with a double bracket round a word to construct it as the new page title.
Wiki pages are typically stuffed with links - a WP Page takes about 8 steps to create a new page, then copy its URL and bring it back to the original page. Do that 15 or 30 times just for one page and boy you really know the difference between wiki editing and a fake like this.

A wiki will also give a list of all empty stubs, or brief text pages, so you can edit them to standard.
Plus if you quick test with the duble bracket syntax, a Preview will remind you if you already have a page of that name.

The Encyclopedia plugin is more expensive but I found it better to pay up and get honest software that does a good job, than this cheaper rubbish that does nothing of the kind.

Oh and they told me that their description does not claim to create a wikipedia clone. No it doesn't. It says it'll make a "fully functional wiki" well a wiki is a wiki is a wiki. They are not static, editable pages. They are dynamic generative pages.

Avoid avoid avoid.

perfect robbery
By , for WP 4.0

Freemium does not have wiki function (no cowriting!!). You buy premium. They tell you it cannot work. You want support: You have to pay more !!
It's a real robbery, this company should be banished from wordpress.org.
Should have read comments before buying this [ profanity redacted ]

WPMU is confusing
By , for WP 4.0

Since I never actually used the free version (I mistakenly though I needed to buy the full version, then had a bad experience trying to get customer service and left a bad review, which I guess got their attention because at that point WPMU were very helpful in sorting everything out over email), This review is for my experience with WPMU in general, which was confusing. I'm a total beginner, so if I had more experience I guess I would have known what I was getting into. I feel like they need to be more clear upfront exactly what levels of customer service you are buying with what product. There is a lot of energy on their part trying to get people to upgrade and buy more plugins, you can't tell what you really need or not. Frankly, its super confusing for a WP beginner.

I upgraded to the Pro Version
By ,

The wiki works ok, however, wmpmudev, will not support their own premium content. They will require you to buy very expensive support and then proceed to give you poor advice. They could not figure out how to have thier BuddyPress answer off the root of the public directory. The answer install all of WordPress in the root. Of course there are much better answers. I had a theme from them, they bungled the css, I suggested a fix, they came back with a !imporatant hack.

This service contract is required in order to continue to receive updates to the product you buy.

Of course they constantly update the product trigger the WP updates screen. When this happens they hi-jack the banner or error area at the top of the dashboard with advertising for their service. After this I did not renew my subscription.

I did like the WIKI, which is the only functional product they have, so I went back and purchased (a second time, recall I had the epic failure of a service subscription) Just the wiki premium plugin.

Well once again it started messing with the dashboards. I recently went to update it. But since I did not buy the plug in but a short term subscription for just the plug in they will not allow me to update it. To top it off, they offered to allow me to pay for more subscriptions to the poor advice for 60% off.

Stay away ...stay very very very far away from WPMUdev

Does not match the documentation
By , for WP 3.8.1

In this version, the plugin Settings do not provide the options listed in the step by step installation instruction. They are mainly replaced by a huge ad for extra (expensive) support for many other (to me irrelevant) services. I cannot state how disastrous such a policy - and user bad engineering - is. Too bad, the plugin seemed quite nice.

Ads to buy other stuff
By , for WP 3.8.1

A lot of ads to buy other stuff from WPMU.

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