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Poorly Documented
By , for WP 4.4

That there is absolutely no documentation, not even a guide, to help with using this plugin, it gets 1 star. Basically it's useless. Sure there are some fields that take just a bit of common sense to fill in, but really? This plugin alone is supposed to make more of a difference on a Website than almost all others - it gets your Website seen! Yet the dev decided on a money grab, forcing you to pay almost $300 for a video!

I'm using the Premium version, which is licensed, so I just wanted to warn anyone using the free version and considering upgrading - don't.

The Yoast Website is a mess, shockingly. Whoever they paid robbed them, because the layout is all over the place. My biggest concern is, there is NO documentation. Once you install any version of this plugin, you're basically on your own.

Just one example of the blind data entry forced on users - version 3 has tabs in the Snippet Editor / Keyword / Analysis section. Who knows what new benefits adding another tab creates, because there are no instructions!

The Snippet Editor lost the word count feature, replaced with a dynamic color change when you run out of space. Kind of stupid in my opinion and really adds no value to the Snippet Editor - you don't find out you ran out of space until all the text turns red.

Another part of the Snippet editor that is a mess - when clicking the edit button (a small pencil) for the title you lose what was there - it turns blank - so you start typing. If you mess up or decide to go back to what you had, it's gone.

Also, when you update to version 3+ you lose the suggestion drop down for your keywords! Yoast claims this functionality was removed due to Google shutting down the autocomplete API. Well, I went back to version 2+ and it works!

Anyways, use at your own risk, or at your Website's risk.

New Plugin Update
By , for WP 4.3.1


I want to tell that your new platform is really very bad.

The old one, was much simple and user friendly than this one.

Even the features were much better.

For example in the meta description I had a counter to see how much letters and words I could insert. Now I need to guess.

Worst Update Ever
By , for WP 4.3.1

After updating I'm unable to do the things that I used to do before because now I need to buy the premium plugin with an yearly subscription...Not happy.

Plus they made the whole interface uglier and messy..

Looking for an alternative!

New Yoast Format is Terrible
By , for WP 4.3.1

I think this plugin was fine the way it was. Now version 3.0.6. if you try and go in and change one word in the meta description area...all the verbiage just disappears and you have to start from scratch...That sucks. Its like you have to take a screenshot of your text prior to revising it or you have to rewrite the whole thing. Terrible format...

Question is is this just a Mac issue or are PC's like this too?

Garbage update
By , for WP 4.3.1

Last update made this plug-in garbage. Only cure to all the problems is to disable it. However, disabling it will cause its own set of problems. As it stands, turning off this plug-in makes a good portion of my posts go white. No content whatsoever. Nothing loads but the URL in the box. Re-enabling fixes the posts of course. I'm stuck with this whether I like it or not.

Odds are that the combination of Jetpack and Yoast are the issue. Both seem to want to do their own thing regardless of what the user wants.

By , for WP 4.3.1

All of those are VERY incorrect please fix this now useless plugin:
You have not used your focus keyword in any subheading (such as an H2) in your copy. - Yes i did
Bad SEO score A meta description has been specified, but it does not contain the focus keyword. Yes it does
Bad SEO score The focus keyword doesn't appear in the first paragraph of the copy. Make sure the topic is clear immediately.
Bad SEO score The keyword density is 0%, which is a bit low; the focus keyword was found 0 times. - Sorry but the keyword density is great in my post it was used 8 times
Ok SEO score The images on this page do not have alt tags containing your focus keyword. bull...
Ok SEO score The copy scores 58.9 in the Flesch Reading Ease test, which is considered fairly difficult to read. Try to make shorter sentences to improve readability.

Now Incompatable with ACF plugin
By , for WP 4.4.2

As the hundreds of reviewers attest - the update at version 3.0 pretty much rendered this plugin useless for a substantial number of people. I usually wait for at least a few days to let programmers scramble and find errors on their own; but, the next 'update' in a week still did nothing so I tried to find a place to let Yoast know. They seem to protect themselves from the public and want the 'forums' to do all their troubleshooting; so, I posted there. I then received an 'upset' email from Yoast stating that I had to use 'git' to report issues and that it must be something with my system because 'nobody else has problems.'

I waited yet another cycle of 'updates' which still didn't solve the problem that the Yoast SEO fails to understand that a previously rated good post with 2000 words, appropriate alt tags and plenty of subheadings now has more than 1 word, no alt tags and no subheading tags! So, I began going through all the other plugins that I've got installed (only a few). Turning them off one by one made no difference until I got to "advanced custom fields." Turning it off made Yoast SEO recognize all the words and thus judge posts as 'good' again.

The problem repeats itself when ACF is turned back on then off then on then off... etc.

Therefore, even though not being a programmer, I judge the Yoast SEO to be incompatible with ACF. (I've notified them over a week ago still no correction or response - hence this post, so others will know). Don't know what other plugins it may conflict with.

To me it seems that some Yoast SEO programmer forgot to 'localize' a function or something which clashes with a name that ACF uses or reset a flag/pointer/counter or something?? Both programs seem to work by themselves but not together. Yoast SEO was the only one that changed so in my book it's the culprit. ACF seems to work with Yoast SEO but not the other way around. Yoast SEO does at least partially work (i.e. doesn't completely hang) with ACF but borks on any analysis - i.e. nearly all the time.

My life is ruined
By ,

Worst update ever, lacks UX and proper UI, cannot disable features. God, whyyy?? why are you doing this???

Yoast SEO 3.x.x - Worst Update Of 2015
By ,

The 3.x.x update is by far the worst update of 2015. Look at the support section and reviews for more details.....

3.x are Broken
By , for WP 4.3.1

I use Yoast Plugin since few years and all run fine. But 3.x broke all in my web site. My theme (DtTh7), my plugin (Visual Composer) and WordPress's posts !!
Please Yoast, roll back !

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