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By , for WP 4.4

So I dutifully--more like stupidly--updated the Yoast plugin to 3.0.6 a few weeks ago, and after years of liking my SEO plugin just fine, I now hate it.

Like many others here I too suddenly noticed my site was no longer being indexed by Google. I did everything the plugin required me to do, but still not luck.

Well screw it, I switched SEO plugins because I realize that I won't get any help from the developers since I'm using the free version, and I refuse to reward them for this shit show by paying for a the premium version.

Although it's going to be more work for me at first, while I re-do a bunch of my meta descriptions on my monsterly big site, I don't f'ing care anymore.

So long Yoast. As I said on a reply to another comment a week or more ago--when I first asked for assistance for my problem with this plugin--this latest update has all the hallmarks of the NGG update a few years ago.

Making money is fine, but screwing around people and causing them hours of extra work--therefore implying that their time is not nearly as valuable as yours--is not. Oh, and for the record, NGG never did get fixed. I'm not holding my breath for Yoast either, since 3.0.7 doesn't seem to fix the problems people are having... Whatever... Bye bye...

Just manage to ruin it!
By , for WP 4.4

Is getting completely useless, not to say annoying since i have to deactivate every time it freezes my edit page.

If I change something in excerpt, permanent link or keywords, it freezes (java script) my edit page. Work around to kill that page, deactivate plugin, go back edit whatever needed in excerpt, keywords, perm. link


Tour never ends and can't deactivate plugin
By , for WP 4.4

Just installed this plugin for the first time and now it's stopping me from using my blog and I can't uninstall it.
I'm stuck with the 'start tour' popup on every admin page. When I try to deactivate the plugin it responds with the usual deactivated message, but the plugin is still active and the tour popup is still there.
Not just annoying, I can't access many of the admin functions because the popup is blocking it.

No way to hide Nag message
By , for WP 4.4

Since "upgrading" to Yoast SEO Version 3.0.7 we are unable to remove the nag message:

We've updated our SEO score algorithm. Click here to recalculate the SEO scores for all posts and pages.

Shame plugin Money honeypot
By , for WP 4.4

Need two licenses to run plugin on local and www website. Support answer : "That's just how it works for single-site licenses. If you don't want to toggle the license every time there's a need for you to work on your testing site, you can upgrade your license so you would be able to activate it simultaneously in your live site and in your testing site."

A max shame on these peoples.

Shameful customer support, arrogant developer attitude
By , for WP 4.3.1

I'm using Yoast + I've bought the Woocommerce SEO add-on, and customer support and developer attitude is frankly horrific.

Confirmed bugs are left unresolved for months and months - and after continuously asking support about the status on a bug they verified themselves, they're offering to (perhaps) fix it.. six months from now!

What sort of attitude is this towards paying customers? Shameful.

junk junk junk
By , for WP 4.4

it was the best plugin a long time ago.. now its junk

Where did all the positive reviews suddenly come from?
By , for WP 4.4.2

So after a tsunami of complaints, all of a sudden there were many positive reviews about this plugin.

Hmmmmm, I'm not sure, but I have a feeling...

(please fill in yourself)

Urgently we need an alternative
By ,

It was a excellent plugin. I encourage everyone to look for another alternative. Each new update is developed to lose features and you pay for the version pro.

There is not intelligent back to previous version. We need a plugin to add features or to stay with the standard features, and not remove them !!

Caution: This is the beginning of a death foretold.

the recent update has caused major problems
By , for WP 4.4

I have no problem with this plugin changing so that you have to pay for some of its better features. The problem, however, is that those of us who have been using the full-featured free version for years updated to the newest version and discovered to our surprise that much of the functionality was missing, and articles which we had worked hard on to achieve decent SEO suddenly lost much of their optimization.

This was most noticeable in the meta description. In the former version, there was a box where one could type in the description, and Yoast told you how many characters you had left. Now, all our meta descriptions have been removed and I believe just the first 156 characters of our articles replaced the metas we had written. To make it worse, to change the meta description now, you have to hover over a blank box which doesn't even have a cursor in it, so you can't see what you're doing.

Also, the keywords have changed. For quite some time, multiple keywords were supported in Yoast. Now it's just one keyword and you have to pay for the functionality for multiple keywords. Sure, that's fine, but it was sprung on us with no notice whatsoever, so now our SEO keywords are broken on all articles, posts and pages.

Not only is it shockingly bad form to undermine all the work users have put into their websites, but if I'd been shown Yoast as it exists now back when I first decided to start using it, I would have skipped it and moved on to another SEO plugin. It's just not very good.

As a stopgap you can download an old version of Yoast, but no matter what, you'll have to get a new SEO plugin soon -- no one wants to risk an outdated plugin -- and you'll have to do all the work again. I'm probably going to get separate plugins for each aspect instead of one do-it-all plugin, so if one plugin becomes useless like Yoast has, I won't lose all my work, just some of it.

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