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User problems with latest update
By , for WP 4.3.1

I will admit I'm not impressed with version 3 of Yoast SEO. And, I think I've pinpointed what is disturbing me the most.

Many of my client sites use Yoast for SEO. And, many of my clients take awhile to understand the benefit of spending extra time writing content. Once they get past that and actually begin to use the plugin input fields, they seem to have a rough time figuring out exactly how to add content to those fields. This makes it pretty clear to me that Yoast has always had a problem with UI. They've gotten around it by using the colored dots as visual feedback. But, there has been a problem.

Well, version 3 seems to make that problem much bigger. I even found myself, a UI/UX developer, wondering what happened to the meta description field the first time I used version 3. Until you hover over the input, it may as well not exist. I will say, there are some pretty cool new features, and lots of nifty eye candy. But that doesn't help users actually use your plugin. The UI devs have completely missed the mark, in regards to guiding the user through the process of adding content. Currently, the plugin guides the user to a better understanding of how SEO works on a page. But if users can't add the appropriate content easily, that understanding is somewhat useless.

Until these problems are resolved, I'll be either sticking to an older version of Yoast SEO or utilizing a different SEO plugin for new sites.

I hope the team can focus on these glaring issues and provide an appropriate response to them.


Latest update is absolutely nonsense!
By , for WP 4.3.1

After I updated the Yoast plugin to its latest version, google won't pick up the correct page title. The snippet in google is combining the title with the copy of the page!

I have reverted back to 2.3.5 using the WP rollback. This update was very disappointing.

Yoast SEO is in my Must-have plugins list
By ,

I use Yoast SEO for some years now and they still surprise me! Last update was great, with new features and even a partnership with onpage.org. What was great is now even better.

No respect for end users
By ,

Team Yoast have broken countless sites using child themes based on twentyeleven, which is bad enough.
But, they also arbitrarily decided that your website should share data with an external service, something you can't opt out of. (onPage)

What next?

Sorry Team Yoast, you've lost a lot of goodwill - I don't blame you for looking how to monetise the incredible following that the SEO plugin has built up. But abusing the trust of your users is not going to help.

desenvelvedores spoiled the plugin
By , for WP 4.3.1

After the last update, desenvelvedores spoiled the plugin is more work to configure description and word chace , instead of mellhorar unfortunately blew it.

A total disaster and nightmare
By , for WP 4.3.1

The update to 3.0 just screwed me and many others over. The least you guys should do is roll back to the old last working version and release it again when you fix all the problems. It is a nightmare I am still going through :(

Absolutely worthless! Have to rollback or remove!
By , for WP 4.3.1

If there was less than one I would use it! I have used SEO Yoast since I started my blog and always been happy. I am right now trying to download WP Rollback. If that doesn't work SEO Yoast has to go. Somehow it made it so that my permalinks would not use the post title no matter what I did. I would go change the setting and it would work once and revert. It got so hung up I couldn't even copy and paste. This is not a usable plugin now. And they don't have a choice to go back to the previous version.

I tried WP Rollback and it wouldn't go back for me. I have removed Yoast SEO. If someone has the link to download the previous version or even a couple back that would be great. Please send it to me. Otherwise I am trying ALL IN ONE which doesn't look too impressive but Yoast SEO gave me no choice.

Otro plugin imprescindible
By , for WP 4.3.1

Hay otras opciones para controlar el SEO, pero para mí este es uno de los primeros plugins que instalo.

Makes my admin page sluggish
By , for WP 4.3.1

I cannot give 1 star because it's a great plugin that helps a lot but I cannot give 5 stars either because of this last update which made my admin interface sluggish to the point I have to disable the plugin to work.

Version 3.0.3
By , for WP 4.3.1

Just in case you haven't read all the other posts here is TL;DR of what people feel is going on with Yoast latest version of this plugin!

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