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OpenGraph NOT fixed
By , for WP 4.3.1

In the features it is stated that bugs etc referring to OpenGraph have been fixed.
On the contrary, I find that it is now that i get thousands of crawling errors in Search Console. Not sure if the bug is in WP SEO or in Google Analytics by Yoast, but it seems the experts agree this bug comes from one of these two plugins. Please do fix it

Love your old plugin, issues with new one
By , for WP 4.3.1

Like the others, I installed the 3.0.6 but each time I tried to add my focus keyword I got an "unresponsive script" notice. It only happened when I was in the working inside the updated plugin. I tried fixes within Firefox but nothing worked.

I read others responses and went back to the 2.3.5 version and all is well again.

I appreciate all you do for the free plugin, but thought you'd like to know what's happening from my site.

Found the user interface on posts a bit too much in 3.06
By , for WP 4.3.1

The user interface for description in 2.3.5 and earlier was much more friendly to use. The tabbed layout below the post area was easier.

I switched back to 2.3.5.

Still a great plugin but for now I will stick with the old!

Now Incompatable with ACF plugin
By , for WP 4.4.2

As the hundreds of reviewers attest - the update at version 3.0 pretty much rendered this plugin useless for a substantial number of people. I usually wait for at least a few days to let programmers scramble and find errors on their own; but, the next 'update' in a week still did nothing so I tried to find a place to let Yoast know. They seem to protect themselves from the public and want the 'forums' to do all their troubleshooting; so, I posted there. I then received an 'upset' email from Yoast stating that I had to use 'git' to report issues and that it must be something with my system because 'nobody else has problems.'

I waited yet another cycle of 'updates' which still didn't solve the problem that the Yoast SEO fails to understand that a previously rated good post with 2000 words, appropriate alt tags and plenty of subheadings now has more than 1 word, no alt tags and no subheading tags! So, I began going through all the other plugins that I've got installed (only a few). Turning them off one by one made no difference until I got to "advanced custom fields." Turning it off made Yoast SEO recognize all the words and thus judge posts as 'good' again.

The problem repeats itself when ACF is turned back on then off then on then off... etc.

Therefore, even though not being a programmer, I judge the Yoast SEO to be incompatible with ACF. (I've notified them over a week ago still no correction or response - hence this post, so others will know). Don't know what other plugins it may conflict with.

To me it seems that some Yoast SEO programmer forgot to 'localize' a function or something which clashes with a name that ACF uses or reset a flag/pointer/counter or something?? Both programs seem to work by themselves but not together. Yoast SEO was the only one that changed so in my book it's the culprit. ACF seems to work with Yoast SEO but not the other way around. Yoast SEO does at least partially work (i.e. doesn't completely hang) with ACF but borks on any analysis - i.e. nearly all the time.

My life is ruined
By ,

Worst update ever, lacks UX and proper UI, cannot disable features. God, whyyy?? why are you doing this???

Still good, and getting better
By , for WP 4.3.1

I use this plugin on most of my websites. The single stars given on this plugin is just not correct. The tool is free, and works excellent. Lots of documentation and best practices are explained on their homepage. The recent updates were to roll out a newer and better version, and sometimes you only find out that some things are not compatible with other plugins after you rolled out a new version (I did not have ANY problem by the way on my 20 or so websites...). There have been update fixes published very quickly, these guys work really fast and correct once a fault is identified.
Feel free to look for an alternative, I stick with the best I know.

Yoast SEO 3.x.x - Worst Update Of 2015
By ,

The 3.x.x update is by far the worst update of 2015. Look at the support section and reviews for more details.....

An excellent plugin throughout the years
By , for WP 4.3.1

I've used this plugin on multiple sites for several years and have always found it to be comprehensive yet easy to use. It's an incredible value at $0.00. They really don't have to offer anything for free, but they do. And not only that, they actively maintain the free version to my benefit and the benefit of more than 1,000,000 others.

Thank you, Yoast.

PS. If you're seeing 1 star reviews about issues with the initial 3.0 release, consider that Yoast released several updates in quick succession. It's very troubling to see impatient and ungrateful reviews like "it worked fine for years until this one update, so I give the whole thing 1 star". Yoast is committed to their product. If something goes wrong, they fix it.


Thank you, thank you. thank you
By , for WP 4.3.1

Along with the reading I've been doing about SEO, this plugin makes tons of sense and looking at my source code I can see what it is doing. The cues are really helpful. Latest update was a little weird with the new interface but I'm getting used to it. Thank you!

3.x are Broken
By , for WP 4.3.1

I use Yoast Plugin since few years and all run fine. But 3.x broke all in my web site. My theme (DtTh7), my plugin (Visual Composer) and WordPress's posts !!
Please Yoast, roll back !

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