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Authors have disabled the free version to render it useless
By , for WP 4.4.2

Used to be good now it's just a spud steer clear of this plugin, it doesn't set a focus keyword or phrase and it will leave you on the backpage of google it's basically now just spam which will force you to upgrade. I now have a load of work to do stripping it from my site.

Very Disappointed In Yoast SEO Plugin Updates; Slows Sites Down
By ,

WE have the basic Yoast SEO plugin on our 53 sites which all use a premium theme, Canvas by Woothemes. Yoast SEO used to be a great plugin which worked so well.It was easy to use, easy to add titles, site decryption and the page jump to the bottom function was outstanding!

Now we are finding on every site Yoast cannot see the keyword in the first paragraph, does not see the keyword in alt images, incorrectly calculates % of keywords used although it reads the correct amount of keywords used.

On many sites it's impossible to add a title, no matter how often you click and try to edit/ add a title, and having to scroll down on long posts of 4,000 words is a pain on what used to be a user friendly plugin

Even worse, the new version slows down our sites considerably!!!!It is impossible to add/ edit posts as we constantly get the "white screen of death" and have to wait up to 10 seconds, sometimes more for WP to work again.

Sites which were fast loading are now in the "B" bracket in Google page speed checks.

We use Firefox.

How do we know Yoast is the issue? Deactivate Yoast and the site is fast, no "white screen of death" and we can instantly edit and update our sites without having to wait.

This is very disappointing as the Michael Torbert All In One SEO is not as good, but we will be forced to delete Yoast SEO because the performance aspect is now so poor.

Their "improvement" for us has been a disaster to date, and if they can't get the basic plugin working smoothly, I have zero confidence in paying high dollars for the premium version.

One has to ask what is their thinking going to ask us to pay the premium dollars for the premium plugin when the basic plugin doesn't function well?

I would very much appreciate a reply on why the updated performance is so poor...

Chriss & Mark Smith

Really the best SEO plugin
By , for WP 4.4.2

Really the best SEO plugin for WordPress. I love it

Good and Easy
By ,

Easier to set up than anticipated. Works fine. A good plugin that engages aspects of SEO.

Gone Rogue
By , for WP 4.4.2

Not only did these guys strip the free version of it's usefulness and basic functionality, they have also gone rogue with their recent upgrades. They fix your site homepage permalink to http://www.yoursite/example-post and you cannot change that. I guess just to force you to upgrade. So it's not just useless but dangerous! This plugin used to be indispensable, but I suspended this would happen as it gets more popular because the developers have a long record of not rendering support or even responding to questions, premium or free

Used to be good
By , for WP 4.4.2

This SEO plug in used to be simple and work flawless for all the basic SEO adjustments.

With the new "UI" interface it is ridicoules stupid, i.e. when you try to edit something like title... there is no text field to add the title, it disappears.

PLz roll back to the good old interface with a simple text field to edit instead of this "fancy c..p" that does not work.

Great plugin
By , for WP 4.4.2

This is cut above the rest of the SEO plugins, but I feel the interface has taken a step back recently.

It has all the great features you will need to manage a lot of your onsite SEO, but the interface could do with some work. It used to be really simple and intuitive to use but a few recent updates have messed it up a bit.

Still a good plugin though.

Once a must have, now a must avoid
By , for WP 4.4.2

I used to love this plugin, and have used it for years. Since version 3.x, however, things have gone downhill. The UI is totally messed up. The 'snippet editor' is one of the worst innovations I've ever come across in a plugin. The old 'meta description' was simple to edit and easy to understand.

The real-time analysis is a huge drain on resources, buggy (try using it on a long post - it will likely freeze your whole screen), and just unnecessary. A case of overengineering if there ever was one.

There is also no free support. None. So if you have a problem and aren't willing to upgrade to the expensive and frankly not worth it premium version, you're stuck. Yoast is apparently a multimullion dollar company. You're telling me then they can't hire a couple of people to offer free support? Another questionable management decision.

I am in the process of looking for an alternative to Yoast, one with less bloat and nags and a UI that makes sense. So far The SEO Framework looks like the best bet.

It's a shame, but after a decent run, it seems Yoast has lost its way.

The Best
By , for WP 4.4.2

Great plugin loved it!

what's happened?
By , for WP 4.4.2

For many years it was must have plugin but right now is a total garbage, it freezes site and admin panel. DEVELOPERS PLEASE WAKE UP!!!

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