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WooCommerce will Own Your Menu System (with no hope of recovery)
By ,

WooCommerce takes over your menu system adding Product, My account, Cart menu items, and a checkout Cart logo. That maybe what you want, but maybe not. Funny thing is you can't turn this stuff off, you can't edit it out of your menu, and this junk still remains even if you uninstall WooCommerce.

To my mind interfering with a webmaster's ability to choose what goes on a menu, and making it infuriatingly difficult to remove, is an utter disgrace.

If I could give WooCommerce a lower rating than 1 star for this disgraceful perversion of my website (I only wanted to install it to take a look, and build something in an experimental zone and now I have to spend hours trying to work out how to remove it)... then I would.

Install this at your own risk and if you are fully aware and decided that it is WooCommerce that you want for your online ordering system.


PS if anyone else has experience removing this WooCommerce virus... my site includes members only areas and, after installing WC these unmovable menu links only appear to a user who has not logged in to the site. Tricky, because if you have logged in to your site to manage it, and view your homepage, you won't see these virus-like links on your menu. But after logging out (and therefore accessing your site as a new visitor) the links as described are visible (even after I deleted WooCommerce). Anyone got any suggestions about totally eradicating WooCommerce from my system?

By , for WP 4.1.1

I've been using and developing web with WooCommerce many years.
After many online stores I discover that the development is lousy. Between updates there are things that fail, attributes disappear and thus overall economic loss in my clients.
I understand the difficulty of developing something, but do not share the instability of the updates for this reason from today I will not use WooCommerce anymore. Your support is lousy and there is no one answer for any bug

Horrible Paid Extension
By , for WP 4.1.1

- they canceled a key-feature without a warning (the "none product" option for WooCommerce Composite Products)
- the support is incompetent ("I believe this was an unintended featureā€¦")

Can't update
By , for WP 4.1.1

Can't update the plugin version 2.0.20.
If upgrading, it is on the website does everything wrong.
My website: http://mebel-postavka.ru/

Decent plugin. Horrible support for Paid Extensions.
By , for WP 4.1

Decent Plugin, Nice API with iOs App, poor support.

Woo Commerce has a big name and boasts high percentage of solved support tickets. I have had numerous tickets closed as solved that were not solved and had to reopen new ones that get closed as well.

Simple support questions are always replied within two days to a week or so, but the first response is always that they can do nothing unless they have an admin login for the active site. Need to know where a certain setting is in the admin menu for WooCommerce, simple right? No, they need an admin login to your site to help with that. If you send the info it is another 2 days or so for another response. Lots of canned answers.

I would pay for better support but that is not an option. Many of the low ranked reviews here are for the lack of support. Please be aware of this.

The public support forum at Woo has every question and response pending approval. You will consistently see the newest support topics in the community are 4 days old because it takes so long for approval. Seems responses also wait about that long too. So if you look to the public WooCommerce community you might not get any reply until 8 days later, if both your topic and the reply are approved. Not a very smooth moving system. People figure this out and basically there are not many people supplying advice in the community because it is such a long wait just to help others.

Jigoshop has extremely good support but not as fully featured. Might be time to look at WP-Ecommerce.

Be careful...
By , for WP 4.1.1

WooCommerce engine is not so bad. But if you need additional plugins, stay away from WooCommerce. Official WooThemes support does not respond, or respond after a few days. They can not solve the problems of their own commercial plugins for WooCommerce. For me, the worst support ever. I would not recommend to anyone. Your shop is off, you will not sell, and they are not interested in that at all...

Excellent plugin but with big bugs and bad support
By , for WP 4.1.1

I left prestashop to install woocommerce and integrate the shop in my wordpress website, it worked well for a few months, but a bug appeared, and it messed everything. A huge load time throughout the site linked to an admin-ajax.php file slows back-office for several seconds to each page load, and the site of a few seconds too, so I decided to stop WooCommerce for another plugin, since few months the bug is not resolved, the support team does nothing to solve this problem ...
Bye WooCommerce ...

Products not adding to cart
By , for WP 4.1.1

I backed up the website and updated WooCommerce and the add the cart wasn't working on my variable products. So I reverted back to Woocommerce 2.4.5 and its still not working .Any suggestions? http://theweaveaddiction.com I'll pay for support for this to work.

Love woocommerce but...
By , for WP 4.1

Love woocommerce but... lastest update kill my site had lot of trouble reverting.

maybe need to update template too.

Worst Customer Service in the Industry (devs should read this)
By , for WP 4.1

ALERT to working devs - If your working on a project and need technical support, WooCommerce has the most unhelpful support I have ever experienced.

1. They sometimes take a week to get back to you (even when purchasing expensive paid plugins)
2. They use pre-formatted answers that are basically what's available in the support docs
3. They don't answer any questions that are outside of the scope of the support docs even if you complain and ask them many times over. But be prepared to wait up to a week in between answers!

I've had long back and forths with devs trying to get very simple answers. They'll regurgitate basic steps or give vague answers questions that are outside of the scope of their support docs. If I had to guess I would say their tech's are looking at a knowledgebase and are not familiar with the innerworkings of the plugins. Add to this that they seem to try to cover it up by avoiding answering your specific questions.

So really the worst part about their support is that it's just wastes your time. You think your waiting for a week to get the right answer and being diligent. To your surprise it seems they have not even read your question. They just posted an answer to something that resembles what you need. And then I pull my hair out. I would rather them not offer support at all, so I would know right off the bat that I have to find the answer myself.

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