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WooCommerce is a powerful, extendable eCommerce plugin that helps you sell anything. Beautifully.


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Stay Away
By , for WP 4.4.1

Impossible to use for small business. NO timely support. Facebook (no response there) Woocommerce (no response there,) WPforum and no response either. NO answers to properly solve problems and continue working normally as a small business.

Is not friendly for custom themes.
By , for WP 4.4.1

WooCommerce doesn't work very good with your own design/custom themes. Each product creates it's own product/name page that has very bad styling and this can't be edited.

WooCommerce-Not so great
By , for WP 4.4.1

With all the hype around how good it would be to use this tool, i have been throughly disappointed.

First: The response times for the support team is beyond pathetic, which wouldnt be so bad if they had a forum that i could easily post into and search around... however, every time i try and use the support tab, i end up getting logged out. So i cannot actually post any comments.

Second: When i finally got in touch with someone about my issues, i responded that their customer support was 'pathetic'. I was later told that that type of aggressive language will not be tolerated and they would not hesitate to end our 'relationship'...

So, after being threatened and receiving the absolute worst customer support since comcast, i would avoid this tool unless you have the following:
Ability to hire a developer to solve the bugs for your
Ability to solve the bugs on your own... because there are a SHIT load of bugs.

good luck.

WooCommerce Bookings
By , for WP 4.4

Couldn't find a place to review the WooCommerce Bookings extension, so I'm doing it here. Be very wary of this plug in, especially if you're needing to do more than just basic reservations. For what they charge, it is extremely lacking in functionality. Trying to get support or help from them is a joke.

A few examples of lacking features: no daily report / booking printout. Shopping cart price must be manually updated after coupons are applied. Google Calendars integration only pushes the order ID number (no reservation names, contact info, nothing.).

Who in the name of Jesus made this???
By , for WP 4.3.1

If I could give minus 10million stars I would...never, in the 10 years of making websites and blogs and working with PHP, HTML5, CSS3, XML, etc. have I had such trouble getting product images to display correctly, adding attributes, which after 2 hours trying, I still can't figure out how to do even after checking videos & plugin documents, and, I'm sure, once I finally figure this out, there will be a slew of other "issues" I come across (hopefully right at the end, when I'm just about finished & ready to go live)....30million websites use WooCommerce?? On what planet? HAS to be aliens or some other way-more-intelligent life form using this, because I for one can't figure this out. Then the addons are ridiculously-priced...and from what I read don't work and there's no support...there's "confusing", "aggravating" and "disgustingly retarded"...this is a combination of all three.
Damn am I glad I didn't buy any plugins.

Almost Every Update Breaks Something
By , for WP 4.3.1

And the developer simply refuses to shoulder any responsibility. I've used Woo for years, and this has always been the case. I have no alternative, but I can at least tell new people to stay clear.

I'm not Even Gonna Begin To Rant
By ,

But I am gonna Rant... Woocommerce has gone downhill. After spending almost 1000 on premium addons, the most simplistic features don't work. I know I'm not the only one. Thank God I bought the plugins before they quadrupled in price. I loved wordpress and it's ability to harness the power of e-commerce but at this point, there isn't a single solution that makes e-commerce fun or even the most simplistic features available. I'm going back to ebay. Can't add images without having to go back and re-edit the product... No variable subscription based time frame billing on anything, they claim to have this functionality only after you buy one addon, then are told to actually buy this addon. I'm really pissed, I don't know how woo-commerce has such a high rating, but I now have disabled automatic upgrades on all plugins because of losing functionality. Lastly, clean up after yourself and get rid of the transient crap you leave, when you are removed from sites. Go back to the olden days, scale back a few versions, and things will be fine.

Technical Support Has Been A Nightmare
By , for WP 4.3

WooCommerce worked great for the first few months we had it installed. However, as monthly traffic grew with our company, WooCommerce began crashing our site - and now doesn't work at all. The technical support has been a nightmare.

It seems that with each new update, WooCommerce wrecks itself. WooCommerce was leaving thousands of lines of transients and session data, ultimately maxing our CPU resources and crashing our site. After manually clearing out the lines myself every day while waiting for their staff to figure out a solution via support ticket, I managed to fix the problem myself.

Now, after the most recent update, my shopping cart won't transfer items to the checkout process. The new support ticket I have submitted has gone 3 days without a response, and I've now lost THOUSANDS of dollars in sales over the course of the month WooCommerce has been functioning.

I'm currently looking for an alternative.

Money make you Devil !!!! No Soul
By ,

I am using (must) using wordpress for our project with include buddypress. And we gonna sell some products.

My theme using woocomerce, i cant see any cancel order, returns or etc. Maybe i cant find.

But when i using OPENCART everything was FULL and FREE, whatever you want. I am going to visit woocomerce theme page, just they are talking about money... If i want like Opencart, woocommerce pluging i should pay minimum 500 - 1000 USD, such as product compare 79 USD, table rate shipping 179 USD... Can you believe this just fucking product compare 79 USD, do you think people stupid.

You are going to people SLAVE.... Where is the wordpress soul?

Now i will use wordpress for buddypress but shopping will be opencart maybe under subdomain or on other domain....

бока с обновлением
By ,

После обновления перестал работать коректно плагин Woo Radio Buttons!

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