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WooCommerce - APG Weight and Postcode/State/Country Shipping

Añade a WooCommerce el cálculo de los gastos de envío según el peso, dimensiones y el código postal, provincia (estado) y/o país del cliente.

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4.5 out of 5 stars
By , for WP 4.1.1

I did have struggles in the beginning trying to understand how this works, but once I figured it out, I just LOVE how beautifully it worked!
Thank you for providing this plugin for free.
Was totally worth the struggle

Soluciona la escasez de opciones para envíos en woocommerce
By , for WP 4.1.1

Lo utilizo para poner diferentes precios a los envíos dependiendo de la cantidad de productos y a donde se mandan.
Funciona perfecto.

one of the best
By ,

one of the best !
easy for multiple zones and postal code.
little bit buggy.

work fine
By , for WP 4.0.1


Great plugin... except for shipping to Canada, UK or alphanumeric postcodes
By , for WP 4.0.1

Great plugin...but I cannot give it a better rate because of three major flaws in the design:

1) It does not understand alphanumeric postcodes which makes it useless if you want to ship based on postcodes in countries such as Canada, UK, Netherlands... (see a complete list below). It is impossible to use postcode or province rates for US based shops planning to ship to Canada, for example.

2) You can only work with states in the country you are shipping from. In other words, if you plan to ship from the US to Canada, you are in trouble: you have to define a single rate for the entire country of Canada, even though most shipping companies would have different prices and types of services for different regions (postcodes/provinces). I believe you will hit the same problem if you want to ship to the UK from Europe, based on destination postcode/county.

3) The interval mechanism used (for example, to define postcodes from 33150-33179) will replace the original string by every single numeric individual postcode in the interval! This is not ideal since the interval may contain hundreds or thousands of individual postcodes. The string limit will be reached and it will make it impossible to use it. For example, the string "33150-35035" will be replaced with "33150; 33151; ... 35035". In other words, it replaces the 11-character string by a 13.200 long string!!! Obviously this will never work! Thank God, they did not try to do the same thing with the wildcards! Imagine the result of "33*" ;-)

I have found one major bug in the plugin and the team behind it was very fast to fix it. Great work!

My conclusion is that... if you are shipping from any of the countries listed below (or plan to ship to these countries based on postcodes or states/provinces/county), you should not use this plugin because you will not be able to configure it, either because of item 1) or item 2) above.

I consider the fact that the plugin cannot cope with alphanumeric postcodes, a major design overlook. Numbers are nothing more than a special case of alphanumeric values... why not treat postcodes as alphanumeric since this would work for every single country in the world?

Because of this design decision, this plugin cannot be used for postcode shipping to/within the following countries, among others:

British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Falkland Islands
Isle of Man
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
United Kingdom
half works
By ,

I have dedicated two whole days on this, however without the success I was hoping for. Unfortunately i can only conclude it is not fully developed and tested. I have followed instructions religiously and read all the forum posts and reviews, triple checked all parameters and so on. Latest versions all installed. I found things that are needed but not mentioned in the poorly written instructions, typical of most stuff on the web as your know!
The problem is with the product weight/price/postcode group selection. I created post code groups for the entire UK (from TR to KW), and 1 country group for the UK which has to be done. I create an order with a delivery address in group 1 (P1) yet for no logical reason this plugin selects the price from the last group which is P5. To test this failure, I removed the entire P5 group and as anticipated APG then chose from group P4. Madness! So as I say, it half works! No good for me or my clients though, so I'm not continuing with this plugin. Sorry :-C
If someone figures this out I'd be interested to know...

Works but the docs are not in english

The plugin works without problems after understand how works.

The problem is the documentation that are not in english (for a good internalization it's better).
Also the description tab it's not in english.
If the plugin have an english title why the docs it's only in spanish?

Absolutely brilliant shipping plugin
By , for WP 3.9

After much searching and testing I found this shipping Woocommerce plugin that does exactly what I need. Enough options to accommodate even the complicated shipping cost system my client has devised. Able to itemise cost on a per postcode basis, which is an ideal system for our needs. Great work, and keep up the good work.


Just what I needed
By , for WP 3.9.1

This plugin allows you to implement a shipping rates system which quite honestly should be in WooCommerce by default. Works as it should.

broken with WP3.9+WC2.1.7?
By , for WP 3.9.1

I only need shipping table based on states and countries,setting this plugin, the checkout page shipping method table does NOT display this shipping method.my test cunstomer infomation is correct with the states and country setting.
I think there may be something wrong.

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