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WP Project Manager

The best WordPress Project Management plugin. Project Management with WordPress has never been this easy!


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Beware : they don't want to refund in case of problem !
By , for WP 4.0

I bought the pro version and after the install & test, the config page do not display under Chrome (last version). There some conflicts with my template in frontend also, the devteam said I had to check this with someone else. Ok... I began to realize that I had made the wrong choice. I asked to be refund : no answer.

After all, as the dev said on their forum for someone else who had problem with date & hour formats :
"I am sorry to say, We do not have a refund policy.".
Seriously, are you a professional ? Take the money and run ?
What a policy !

I can understand a plugin have some problems, especially when it's almost a new one. But you can't be considered as a beta-tester for 59+29 $ ! And when customer want to be refunded because you make them wasting their time & money, the least you can do, is to refund them by return of mail.

For the moment, I'm just trying to complete the install (an addon I bought is missing, translation not available) to see if I can use the plugin daily or if I need to find something else to work.

To be honest : the dev team seems to be available and ready to help by mail & forums. But what a waste of time !

Advise : Try another plugin !

By , for WP 4.0

I consider it a good tool to work after having tested many options . The designe is not yet beautiful and elegant . I'm curious to see the next versions .

amazing robust plugin and great support
By ,

I got the pro version of the plugin because I liked it on the backend so much and didn't want my clients having to dig into the wordpress dashboard. the pro version with the frontend shortcode looks amazing with any theme.

also the support you get with the pro version is top notch. I get responses back quickly and they are extremely patient with my lack of tech background.

Support is horrible!
By , for WP 3.9.1

Save your money. Plugin is BUGGY and support is horrible!

Bad responce from Support
By , for WP 3.8.2


If you are thinking of using this plugin, forget it. I installed and bought the front end addon. It never worked properly. And even if ithe back end worked properly you need to buy 5 of 6 addon at US$19 each one, making it quite expensive.

The front end addon did'nt work at all with WPML and they said the won't even bother trying to see why it does'nt.

Last night I tried to put a new ticket in their support forum and their site was hacked, taking me into quite unsafe sites.

So if you plan to buy something from them, think it twice.

I went for a stand alone program for managing my projects wich cost me US$45 not the 100 or 120 that would need to expend to reach almost the same functionalities.

By the way asked for a refund an haveĀ“nt received a answer yet.


Is very helpful plugin
By , for WP 3.8.1

Is very helpful plugin,Thanks!

By , for WP 3.6.1

I bought the frontend license because I am working with some folks who are intimidated by doing anything on the Internet. This plugin works well and does the job.

Adding new users to projects could be a bit easier, but other than that, this is a fantastic plugin that can be used for any kind of project. Very glad it was developed.

Best i've seen yet
By ,

But there isn't any great competition. But it seems to work well enough.

Great Plugin! Room for Improvements..
By , for WP 3.5.2

WP Project Manager is arguably one of the best plugins for WordPress when looking for something to handle an abundance of client data, while not wanting to pay the premium prices of some larger systems to do so.

With a "Basecamp" inspired UI you can create & manage powerful client areas and with a couple other nifty plugins you can create a nice looking client area with WP Project Manager functionality.

Some more features would be nice, like a Dropbox file sync for client files per project, but these are luxurious features that for an out of the box plugin for free, would be icing on the cake so overall, keep up the great work!

Awesome, a few feature requests
By , for WP 3.5.1

This is a great plugin, and who cares if this rips off basecamps ui....the only thing that matters is that it works for project management. Basecamp lacks a ton of needed project management features, but with this one, the capability allows us to build it even more.

Here are my feature requests, I beg you to implement them to be the perfect PM system!

1) As Berri222 said, please add user and project calendars. As we manage projects, we need to see overviews of what is coming up in order to determine timelines.

2) Timetracking. Many times we have hourly based projects with remote employees. Basecamp doesnt even have this feature. I would love to have an extra field by each task to input the time for the user. An even better timetracking system, would allow time to be automated, by allowing the user to "start work" on a task, and then "end work" on a task. Perhaps adding in alerts as well, so that the admin can enter "estimated times for each task". And then upon the user hitting that estimated time, it would alert them that they have to contact the manager to be able to insert more time.

3) Reporting. Allow managers and clients the ability to access reports on progress, employee times, and actual cost.

4) Employee hourly cost (goes with timetracking). This allows us to track how much our projects had cost us, and also where we can input the project budget. If we could determine the profit/losses of the project, we can all make more money!

Thats my 2 cents....really 1 and 2 are the ones I urgently want! Let me know if you are open to freelance too if you do not have any of these planned!

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