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WP Project Manager

A WordPress Project Management plugin. Project Management with WordPress has never been this easy!

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Good idea but
By ,

This plugin is a terrific idea.

Just too many conflicts with other plugins, such as: Updraftplus, Events, etc. to be considered seriously.

Support: They do answer your emails. However, no solutions are offered. You basically get back a terse email with "not our problem."

Pass on this plugin until support improves and the authors deal with multiple plugin conflicts.

By ,

So glad I read the comments and researched this guy before buying. close one. I mean seriously? The fact that he got his degree in Bangladesh should have been a red flag on it's own. Sure... try sending them some money and expect it back if something goes wrong. I don't know who's dumber. Him or the one who pays him.

Here's another 1 star for your dead-beat attempts to steal from people ...and a failed attempt to steal from me.

(and no, I am not getting follow-up posts via email on this. I've seen enough.)

Terrible plugin and support, beware refund policy scam
By , for WP 4.3.1

This is the worst wordpress plugin experience I've ever had.

The plugin is buggy, basic, doesn't add any technical advantage to project management. The 14 day trial/refund policy is misleading and the company will find every excuse to not give you your money back.

I paid for the full version as described on their slick looking website. The website completely oversells the functionality.

Don't do it! Keep looking! There are much better project management tools out there.


Extremely buggy and incomplete product
By , for WP 4.3.1

The website has totally oversold the pro version of the product as well as the add-ons all of which was paid for.

Incomplete features, not user-friendly and way too many bugs.

If you look at the comments, they do ask users to submit issues that they face so that they can be solved. The point is, there should not be so many issues with basic functionality in the first place! When you install this plugin you will see that this is a alpha-beta version at best, and many of the add-ons, which you have to pay for, are at version 0.1......which I only got to know after paying money.

The first plugin which I totally regret paying for.

Software doesn't work as described, company does not issue refunds
By , for WP 4.2.2

I purchased the WP Project Manager after testing it extensively on their demo website, reading reviews and online documentation. I was reassured by WeDevs company's 14-day full refund promise.

However, after purchasing the plugin and installing it, the software did not work as described.

I asked the company for a refund and they refused. WeDevs has terrible customer service. Their product is subpar. I would not recommend this plugin. Do not waste your money.

Pro version waste of money - Tech support seriously questionable
By , for WP 4.1.1

With the latest round of major updates, including a database update, several sections of the Pro version stopped working correctly.

At first, their tech support blew me off, continued to display childish observation skills, let alone communication skills, then kept asking for more and more permissions to my back-end which I felt was compromising my security, despite the fact it was becoming clear that the issue lay in the updated code.

Did not leave me with warm and fuzzy feelings.

Am now looking for alternatives.

By , for WP 4.1


3. FRONT END ADD ON DOES NOT WORK, this is why we bought it

THIS IS A RIP OFF, AFTER SPENDING 54.00 on the pro version, we found it does not work.

Does the job....currently
By , for WP 4.0.1

The plugin works. Has yet to be updated to WP4+ yet but it does seem reasonably functionaly.

Some odd issues, like the date on newly created to-do lists randomly gets set to Jan 1, 1970 and may or may not be changed by editing the date. Usually deleting and re-creating solves but that's a pain.

Otherwise it does exactly what most people need with some basic functionality. There has been lots of comments in the support forum but pretty few replies from the author.

No word on if the pro version gets more attention or not.

Beware : they don't want to refund in case of problem !
By , for WP 4.0

I bought the pro version and after the install & test, the config page do not display under Chrome (last version). There some conflicts with my template in frontend also, the devteam said I had to check this with someone else. Ok... I began to realize that I had made the wrong choice. I asked to be refund : no answer.

After all, as the dev said on their forum for someone else who had problem with date & hour formats :
"I am sorry to say, We do not have a refund policy.".
Seriously, are you a professional ? Take the money and run ?
What a policy !

I can understand a plugin have some problems, especially when it's almost a new one. But you can't be considered as a beta-tester for 59+29 $ ! And when customer want to be refunded because you make them wasting their time & money, the least you can do, is to refund them by return of mail.

For the moment, I'm just trying to complete the install (an addon I bought is missing, translation not available) to see if I can use the plugin daily or if I need to find something else to work.

To be honest : the dev team seems to be available and ready to help by mail & forums. But what a waste of time !

Advise : Try another plugin !

By , for WP 4.0

I consider it a good tool to work after having tested many options . The designe is not yet beautiful and elegant . I'm curious to see the next versions .

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