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Creates exams and quizzes with unlimited number of questions and answers. Assigns grade after the quiz is taken. Moible / touch - friendly.

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4.7 out of 5 stars
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Best free quiz plugin ... and more
By , for WP 4.3.1

I needed a powerful plugin for quizzes used at a top level event. Tried a lot, but Watu was immediately the most easy to use, with a lot of functionalities and perfectly operational on smartphones (an important requirement for the project). Free version almost suits my need, but to go further, I bought Pro version and it worths every penny. Support is awesome, very effective and very kind. Desserves its five stars, even for the free version.

Responsive developer
By , for WP 4.3

Using the plugin to create quizzes and have them sent to an email address. The developer was very helpful in adding a feature so that each quiz can go to a separate email address.

WOW! I'm excited about all the features!
By , for WP 4.3

I'm a teacher and I was very happy with my first experiences with Watu. So I bought WatuPRO for professional usage: I love WatuPRO not only for his abundant functionality but also for two educational reasons:

  1. You can design quizzes with all the power WordPress offer. (Watu uses the WYSIWYG-editor, text for qeustions, answers, feedback etc. may be as long as you want; you can include links, pictures, videos etc.)
  2. The Plugin is educationally sound and features modern educational theory. Some examples: You can elaborate special feedback for each given answer. You can provide quizzes for unregistered users in practice mode. You can set up dependencies and chained logic in order to present the most adequate quiz for the learner automatically and much more.

The only thing I'm missing: A systematic written manual where all the huge functionality with their shortcodes, free add-ons, free bridges etc., can be looked up. (For the beginner some screencast to start with Watu(PRO) would be also very helpful.)

2 Years Building Custom Quiz Replaced in 2 Weeks
By , for WP 4.2.1

I was building a custom quiz in ASP before switching over to WordPress. I needed the ability to assign points to quizzes with multiple answers where I could give partial credit to certain questions. I also wanted to randomly assign question order and the order the answers appeared. While I am using the PRO version, I think for a basic quiz I would still give this app 5 stars. In a few hours I had the framework of a pretty advanced quiz. Support is phenomenal. Whether using basic or PRO the UI is easy to follow after 15 minutes of exploring how things are setup.

Best free quiz/exam plugin
By , for WP 4.1

Thanks for a well-coded plugin. Watu works as stated in its description. Very little learning curve, even for the novice. This plugin does what it says and does it well.

I had two exams up and running in no time. Seems like you can even add media which is usually reserved for paid exam plugins. It's also easily translated and if you're not sure how to, the documentation is well written and easy to understand.

Reading through the support section you see that the developer offers quick and concise support for free users. Does he ever sleep?

I'll try this out for a bit longer and if all goes well, I'll surely upgrade even if it's just to support the developer for such an awesome free plugin. A hat tip to you!

Nice and easy
By ,

It allows for nice combinations of tests/exams, all with extreme simplicity. I would like a better integration with Namaste and h5p, but this is a free plugin thus the 5 well deserved stars.

Absolutely great and fantastic fast support!!
By ,

I had a problem with the plugin that had nothing to do with the plugin at the end, but was something my hosting company had done wrong.

Not only this plugin´s author responded to my query in an incredibly fast way, but was able to also quickly determine the cause, providing me thus with the information I needed to solve the issue within minutes.

Congratulations on a great plugin and an oustanding support!

Nice, intuitive and simple plugin and good service
By ,

I use this plugin for a test, and it works well. My question was answered quickly and they even improved something that was missing (the option of being able to arrange the questions in a specific order).

My opinion
By , for WP 4.0

I´d like to express my opinion about this plugin. First, I´m a teacher and I wanted a plugin that could deliver interactive exercises for languages in my blog (drag and drop, fill in, etc.). Second, i wanted something easy to use and manageable in just one place (WP). Third, inexpensive and four, visually interesting enough.
I bought the WatuPro plugin after spending a lot of research on many other plug ins. So, I went for it. I have only used the open quizzes and exams and I haven´t used all the features, but this is my opinion:
- Inexpensive. I wish I had known about WAPro before I paid for an expensive website in the past. 120 euros is a reasonable price.
- It has all the interactive exercises that I want and easy to use.
- It has a lot of great features for teachers: grading, notes, feedback, temporizer, etc.
- You can add another plugin to make it look a bit better (Simple Designer).
- You can add images, videos, audio files. Great.
- Great support service, all question resolved almost immediately.
- Even though you can add a plugin to translate the instructions, notices, etc., the recommended plugin is very complicated to use (to me). It has instructions but I still hasn´t figure it out. Probably in the future. If your blog is in English for English students, then you´re fine, it is all in English.
- I just gave up on the examples given in the site on how to use it, I found then a bit confusing. My advice is to create a quiz or exam and try out all the features. I wish it has videos to explain step by step how to use it.
- If you plan to monetize your blog, don´t think you can easily add a banner script into each page (exercise), I was told I could, but I can´t. You will have to be imaginative and add the script into the image slot, I guess. But I´m a newbie, so if you can, please give me a hand :)
- Again, if you think each page (question) is gonna be a pageview, you´re wrong, its not. In a 20 questions quiz Google Analytics shows sometimes 5 or 6 pageviews (given the quiz is completed of course). I hope I can get some feedback on this in the future.
So, my final review is very positive. Simple, interactive exercises that do their job. As a teacher, I´m very happy and my students like the blog. So far I haven´t encountered any incompatibilities and works fine with the rest of the blog.
I recommended it with my honest teachers heart. I will come back if this opinion changes, but so far, so good.
I will give it a four star now and once I can add the banner scripts I´ll change it to 5 stars because it deserves it.

great, easy, flexible and cool quiz end results
By , for WP 4.0

This plugin keeps improving.

I have tried super simple and heavy duty quiz plugins.

This is easy to figure out and fast to use - not complex or cumbersome. Not tedious at all to create questions, or get back to edit them.

Support is timely and stellar.

Thank you for a well done quiz plugin

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