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W3 Total Cache

Easy Web Performance Optimization (WPO) using caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.


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Pop Up for supporta nd causing problems with other plugins
By , for WP 4.1

It's nice that you want support. But stop beating me over the head every time I try to resolve the multitude of errors with your "Untested with your version of WP) plugin.

I'd LOVE to use this plugin. LOVE TO. But it's caused issues with my ability to even create new blog posts. I'm unfortunately happy to add to your 1 star reviews. Thanks for breaking WP and stalling my work and progress efforts.

irritating pop up
By ,

cudnt be bothered with the plugin - purposely irritating me is not going to make my do anything other than remove the plugin. maybe if i was prepared to get pass the popup and actually experience the plugin I'd give a good rating but as it is - there are other plugins available doing the same thing.

Crashed admin screen on installation
By , for WP 4.0.1

Having read the reviews of this product I was really keen to load it and get it up and running.

Unfortunately when I installed and activated the plugin I immediately lost all access to my wordpress admin panel - the dreaded white screen - so I couldn't even uninstall it. It had to be removed via cpanel. Fortunately it didn't affect the running of the website in terms of website visitors.

I won't be installing this again.

By ,

I've had to remove this plugin, while i do like the features it offers, the non-stop harassment in the dashboard from this plugin is a nuisance at best.

Once you actually GO to the minify settings (the button in the dashboard spam doesn't function) You are immediately greeted with a popup that harasses you to submit your email address, and like on facebook, and send a tweet..
The issue is compounded by the fact that the pop-up not only takes over the ENTIRE page.. but cancel button is greyed out, and save-settings when blank means the harassment pop-up simply reloads.

SO... unless you send a tweet, like them on facebook, come here and leave a review, send them your e-mail address, and link to them in your WP, you'll constantly be hounded to do so.

Frederick Townes

Asking politely is one thing. DEMANDING acquiescence through borderline hostile code is another, and the crap done here is over the line for acceptable behavior.

How would you like it if every time you sat on the toilet, you would have to complete invasive, and privacy defeating measures simply to use the toilet paper? That's essentially what you've done here.. you've turned a well liked, and often used plugin into ransomeware.


It is not supported in 4.1
By , for WP 4.1

Child theme's layout is broken because of the W3 Total Cache.
I spent three days for fixing it.
It is a terrible plugin.

breaks site
By , for WP 4.1

using premium theme, slider images do not show up unless W3 is deactivated.

Terrible mess
By , for WP 4.1

This plugin didn't really speed up the site a lot. It wasn't def. worth all the effort. It also did some terrible problems on our hosting, probably because of all the disc processes running all the time. A gazillion of files and directories was added in the wp-content directory. The plugin uninstall routine is really really poor - all the cached data remained in the directory - waste of space. Now I'm deleting them through FTP like 2 hours and I'm still far from ending, because it's thousands of thousands of thousands of ... files and directories. I had even quite some problems with my job because of this sloppy plugin.
The site was quite large, with a lot of photos etc., but that's no excuse. The plugin really SHOULD clean all the ?!#$^$% MESS after uninstall. There should also be some warning with this many of dirs and files - this is really not only a few files - which can cause some serious troubles for some people.

Overall - very poor practice for WP plugins. There should be more effort on the plugin itself than on marketing and self-propagation.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
By , for WP 4.1

The Good Although it takes some time to fully set up - and sometimes some trial and error with the minify settings, I don't think there is a better solution out there for minify-ing your javascript, html and css. Using other WP plugins for Gzip Compression, Minify, and Database caching never produced the same results for speed as the W3 Total Cache solution has - as measured by Google Page Speed Insights and Gmetrix.

The Bad Minify-ing the JavaScript and CSS correctly without "breaking" the site can take a couple of runs. If you are looking for a plugin that will "just do it" without you having to work at it then don't install this one, you will be disappointed. However, if you are willing to take some time to test, test, and then test some more, the payback in end user experience makes that time worthwhile.

Certain features require some additional server side installs (such as New Relic) which I haven't explored yet, mainly due to the need to add backend server processes which freaks me out a little. While the plugin will work just fine without using this service, having the option there intrigues me to see what it will do. Just disappointed that I can't just press a button and make it work (instant gratification syndrome).

As stated in "The Good" there is a lot of setup involved. It will take some time, especially on your first couple of runs at it. Documentation on their site is limited, so plan on doing some in-depth searches both on their site and for tutorial vids, etc to get it done just right.

The Ugly The annoying pop-up asking for a review does, as listed in other comments (some of which aren't so nice), bite great-big, giant donkey dongs. The biggest reason for this is some of this takes some time and concentration to work through. By forcing the pop-up, the developers are forcing you to either waste time closing the pop-up or breaking your train of thought to come here to write, "I like it'. I could tolerate the pop-up, which would have resulted in a 5-star rating instead of 4-star, if the pop-up was a "once-per-day" situation or anything other than every time I tried to do anything on any section of the plug-in. For a company specializing in a product that is designed to help improve the end-user experience on a site, they completely botched the end-user experience with this pop-up. Not only does it make the whole experience annoying, I think it cheapens their product moving them from a "Cadillac" plugin to a "Ford Pinto". They should be better than this.

I dropped this down to one star, because of the incessant pop up. I'm working on a second site with this plug-in, and have already reviewed, but now, EVERY SINGLE time I make a change, I have to close the Fricking popup. BAD End User Experience. The plug in works fine, but if you are using it on more than one site, you will have to come back here for every site you use it on and "re-review" it.

Not impressed
By ,

As I posted on my hosting providers site, as recommended, I did a page load test with Pingdom before and after installing the plugin and configuring as recommended by a couple of sites. Page Load time actually INCREASED after implementation.

Obviously I'm the dumbest human on the planet because I don't see what the big deal is. The warnings about JS minification are alarming and I read report after report of sites crashing because of it, so I didn't even bother to implement it.


Enter in your site URL and Google will tell you EXACTLY what to fix to make your site run faster. No pop-ups, it's free, and it's by Google who, according to the last email I got, now run the planet.

Good luck!

Pop Up is Annoying
By , for WP 4.0.1

We just installed this plugin. We have a message we've been using it for a while and we haven't. It's pretty difficult to configure and even know if we like it when the pop up to share your product, buy it or rate it keeps popping up. I uncheck the box for newsletter and it won't save. So is it MANDATORY that in order to use your product that we MUST do these things BEFORE we can configure it? I am removing it for now.

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