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W3 Total Cache

Easy Web Performance Optimization (WPO) using caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.


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Crashes Sites
By , for WP 4.0

No plugin should EVER crash a WordPress site on deactivation. But this plugin does. And if for any reason you don't have FTP access to the server to manually delete object-cache file(s), you're screwed.

I'm really surprised that this plugin has been around this long, and still does this type of stuff. For me this isn't suitable for any business or production site.

It broke my site.
By , for WP 4.0

Was very excited initially, now totally disappointed. After installation and activation it took a very very long time to load!!

Use at own risk! But if you ask me, dont use at all!

Loved but not so much any more.
By , for WP 4.0

I once loved this plugin but not so much any more. My site scores are not what they once were and I struggle with how slow it makes my admin panel run.

I also get this error: " Unfortunately, an error occurred while creating the minify cache. Please check your settings to ensure your site is working as intended." I've tried everything, including turning off the Minify option but still get this error.

The last thing I'll mention is that when I test my site on "Page Speed" it tells me I should use browser caching. However, the browser caching feature is turned on in W3TC so it's clearly not working.

Totaly Useless After Latest Update
By , for WP 4.0

Totally useless and could potentiality harm you rankings. After the September update google bot couldn't access some of my pages. I wasn't aware of this issues until got a message in WM tools regarding soft 404 errors. To make a long story short, after hours of investigating I deactivated the plugin and fetched the pages in question, and I could see in 'live activity view' using another plugin that google was crawling those pages in question. When I made it active again, no matter how many times I fetched those pages, no sign of google bot.
Those pages used to rank very well for number of keywords, and now all the hard work is gone. Courtesy of W3 Total Cache. Thanks for ruining it.
On the surface it may look like everything is fine. But if you start to lose rankings and traffic you know where to look.
*** Use it at your own risk***

Clashes with WooCommerce
By , for WP 4.0

Thought it would be good, but mistaken. Caused my WooCommerce shop to only have MASSIVE images and over-write the settings about how many columns to have per page, or what size the product images should be and where.

Also, for a non-programmer like me it is not intuitive.

Don't Pay for Support
By , for WP 3.9.2

I've used W3 Total Cache on my site for a couple of years with no problem. I picked it because of it's high ratings and widespread good press. It is surely a complex product, but sticking with the basics just worked.

Then, when I converted my site to SSL/HTTPS because Google announced they will start using this in ranking, I immediately ran into a problem with pages getting a gzip decode error on first load from an empty cache; subsequent loads worked fine. In Chrome, the error is Error 330 (net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED).

I decided to seek W3's support with their $75 email support offering. Despite my careful documentation of the issue, Mr. Willie Jackson immediately copped an attitude with me. My site is on a shared server, as I think most small businesses must be, and of course the host doesn't provide root access, but I offered to obtain from the host whatever files Mr. Jackson needed. I gave him WordPress administrative access to my site. But Mr. Jackson took the stance that they have never had this problem (hmmm, Google Search turns up a number of old reports of it), it must be my server (my host found no errors logged), if I couldn't provide root server access he couldn't help me, and if my host wouldn't provide root access then I should change hosts.

This is not support. This is especially not paid support. I have since switched to the WP Super Cache plugin, by Automattic, the WordPress.com people.

Moral of my review: Don't pay W3 for support.

Strange behaviours
By , for WP 4.0

To many strange behaviours.
To many spam after 30 days using it.
Trying to satisfy every need results with errors like in w3 total cache.

The Plugin is Awesome, The "Professional Configuration" is a Grift
By , for WP 3.9.2

I'm a little embarrassed I've waited this long to write this review, but better late than never. The plugin itself is great. 5 stars. We have used it for years.

That said, search and ye will find: The W3 Edge services associated with W3TC are a scam. A racket. A swindle. A rip off. You get the idea.

Pro tip: just learn the plugin yourself or hire a WP optimization service that will not only configure W3TC properly for you, but will optimize tens of other things as well, all for the same basic price these shysters charge to pretend to have put any effort at all into giving you your money's worth.

Do it not, and you'll go through a 60 - 90 day gauntlet of rage-inducing wait, only to have Willie tick a couple of boxes that you did not because they break your site, soon followed by an email from same asking, "how's that look?"

The scam has three legs:
1.) waiting one out until one can no longer open a PayPal dispute;
2.) frustrating one into just wanting to forget about the whole experience; and,
3.) relying on a.) the good reputation of the plugin, itself; and b.) the probability that the overwhelming majority of W3 Edge's W3TC services customer base isn't going to have the faintest clue whether or not much of anything was done.

And that's the truth, Ruth. You've been warned. But by all means, do use the plugin.

Popup windows
By ,

This product is coming off my website right away. I have popup windows all over the place asking for money. I am done with this.

Internal Server Error!
By , for WP 3.9.2

Installed in Network Admin on Multisite, can't access testing site anymore. I recommend the authors to something to capture failures.

This plugin is quite an over kill to be honest, some basic optimization and browser caching headers is good enough for small scale websites. Big websites who really need caching use big caching solutions, perhaps.

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