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UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

Backup and restoration made easy. Complete backups; manual or scheduled (backup to S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, FTP, SFTP, email + others).

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Time waster. Doesn't actually backup full WP install
By , for WP 4.4.2

Very disappointed to see doesn't actually backup all WP files, only content, plugins and themes. You have to pay extra to backup the full folder, despite this making bugger all difference to the developers.

They say they exclude other folders because can re-download WP - but files may have been customised, the version may have been old (and no record kept of which), etc. It also means you can't easily restore a clone to a new server, because backup is incomplete. It should be up to the user whether to exclude WP core.

Rest of feature set sounds very promising, but this aspect pretty clearly points to this being a trailware plugin, not production ready. The plugin page fails to make this limitation clear.

Sorry, backup is not complete! 4.5 not complete!
By , for WP 4.5

Sorry to wirte this:
When updating to WP 4.5, I found a problem with a plugin, so I had to return to 4.4.2. And I learned, that Updraft makes not a complete backup. I had to downgade manually!
There was no information about this!
I learned also, that Updraft works, bit the window asking how I want to make the backup is noch readable! With WP 4.4.2 it was readable. An update ist necessary to work properly with WP 4.5.

Won't update and posts nagging messages
By , for WP 4.4.2

I suddenly start getting a couple of warnings that my license has expired and no updates will be done.
I paid for the upgrade to migrate sites about a year ago. I guess Updraft now wants more money or they won't even update the base platform which is free.
OK to not update the migrate utility, but this is really just a scam for more money.
The plugin no longer works from my point of view, because it is no longer compatible or update-able and posts warnings which can't be cleared or dismissed without paying the extortion fee.

Stay away from Updraft Plus. There are other options which do as well or better.

It might be great but.....
By , for WP 3.9.8

I wanted something to back up using SCP and saw this plugin which superficially looks like it did what I wanted.

Installed, activated, and then went to set a job, only to find out that SCP costs.

Now, I don't mind paying - I have a number of paid for plugins. What I mind is not being TOLD I had to pay before I started. And by the time your realise, they have your data.

That's disgusting and WordPress should be penalising companies like this for false advertising. They should NOT be allowed to imply something is free when it is not (see the authors No Ads extension here for instance : https://updraftplus.com/shop/).

Uninstalled immediately and will not be touching it again. Make sure you check EXACTLY was is free, and what is paid for before installing.

Not Reliable -
By , for WP 4.2.2

it works and it doesnt.
I was able to restore one file but another not.
I checked the files it was backing up to dropbox and there is so much variability!
some backups are 5 files, another time 2.
So whats the go?

Appears good but are all these raters trying a restore?

Sorry, but not satistied
By , for WP 4.2.2

I was expecting much from this plugin, I installed it, it worked, but then I noticed it splits backups into "plugins", "themes" and "others" folders, I don't know if that's reliable enough, but I don't want to risk my production site. Right now I found out that Akeeba backup core is on WordPress, going to give it a try because I already use it on Joomla and it works flawless. Sorry guys, the idea of using add-ons to select other folders won't get in my mind. I just need something that can compact all files and folders along with database and allow me to save it to local disk.

cannot schedule time in the free version
By ,

moreover you can have just one backup istance

Both the plugin and the attitude need some work.
By ,

Sorry, it doesn't work for me. I was backing up to Google Drive and I requested UDP delete backups that were 20 days old or older. Unfortunately, it did not delete the old backups. So in order for me to use it, I had to go into Google Drive every week or so and delete my old backups. I decided to use something more automated.

Also, I don't like the way this Author tenaciously tries to get negative reviews removed. That may be why he has so many 5-star ratings. More importantly, it tells me this Author has no respect for his customers' opinions. Unfortunately, I believe the author's attitude is also part of the customer experience--and I don't like it.

Frustration at its finest
By , for WP 3.8.1

Disclaimer: Things happen to me that do not seem to happen to other people.

WP recommended that I back-up my blog and use Updraft so I did.

I followed the instructions to back-up my blog to Google Drive using Updraft. I followed the instructions as written. Then I got message after message of errors.

I googled the problems and found that this problem happened to some people -- of course I would be one. Murphy's Law in action. Solution? Set up the Google API client and so on. Once again I did exactly as instructed. I cut and posted the client info as instructed. What happened? Errors and it said the client did not exist. What?!?

Then I got an e-mail regarding the activity of my blog and how it affected the number of errors with Updraft. I still don't understand but supposedly a blog that is not active can result in more errors when backing up. WHAT?!?!

Next thing I know Updraft recommends that I use an automated Cron or something like that to automatically go to my blog to increase activity. Sigh! WHy do I need one more thing? WHy cannot this just do the job it was supposed to do and save the data?

If I make an effort to do all that and bang my head on a brick wall a few more times amidst the resulting errors, I am sure that it will then be suggested that I use something else to prevent whatever problem from happening. Seriously, how did this program get so highly rated in the first place? What happened to blogs being easy things to manage?

All of these frustrations are drivin' me crazy and making me NOT want to post on my blog which leads me to a Catch-22 supposedly. See what I mean?

Great plugin, loved it...until I could NOT restore
By ,

I really like UpdraftPlus, except for one crucial thing: it did not warn me ever that I could restore all files EXCEPT my uploads folder.

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