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Ultimate TinyMCE

Description: Beef up the WordPress TinyMCE content editor with a plethora of advanced options.

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After 4.0 0 stars
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not worked.

Doesn't work & no customer service
By , for WP 4.0

So I installed this on all my blogs & when I went to check off the features I wanted upto 4 rows, they wouldn't show up.

So I wrote on Josh's forum & he responded asking me if I clicked on the Toggle Toolbar button. I told him I did & that didn't help.

He ignored me.

I wrote him again a few days later, he ignored me again.

It's been almost 10 days since I posted & Josh Lobe has just disappeared.

By , for WP 4.0

Before the 4.0 update I would have given UTMCE 5 stars, now, ever since the 4.0 version update of wordpress, Ultimate Tiny MCE plugin does not work properly. I have many of the buttons selected in settings, but many don't show up on the edit page. There are some that don't show up till you mouse over and my tables icon is missing so I am unable to add new lines or change fonts in my tables. Plus, the previous version the icons were in color, now they are all a light shade of grey.

They say it is compatible with 4.0 but it isn't.
There is an alternative. Download TinyMCE Advanced plugin. It seems to work.

2 stars.

By , for WP 3.9

Ultimate TinyMCE used to be good, and a must-have plug-in for WordPress. As of WordPress 3.9, Ultimate TinyMCE no longer works. The author recommends one of his other projects, WP Edit, but this is barely worth installing. Recommend TinyMCE Advanced for WordPress 3.9 and newer.

The king is dead. Who's the new king?
By , for WP 3.9

As of WP 3.9, TinyMCE Ultimate no longer works. In fact it's very, very broken. The only choice for similar functionality (especially embedding) seems to be Josh Lobe's new WP Edit Pro for US$35.

Anyone found an alternative?

Where have you been TinyMCE
By , for WP 3.8.1

One of the best or even the best editor to use in place of the original one in WordPress. Although there is nothing wrong in using the WordPress editor, TinyMCE just makes using the editor so much enjoyable. So many options to choose from to spruce up your blog/website.Double thumbs up.

Worst security breach ever.
By ,

The plugin offers a widget where users can enter PHP code that gets executed instantly in the frontend.
Every user with the the privilege 'edit_theme_options' (and at least every blog admin) will be able to execute arbitrary PHP code on your server. In a multisite environmelt this may apply to some hunded persons.
With this plugin you're not going to be hacked, you ARE already hacked.

By , for WP 3.8.2

Default new WP installation, for myself or a client, after installing the core: Suffusion theme, ultimate TinyMCE editor, a few other bits and pieces.

The client might not need all the bells and whistles - but at least they can turn the ones they don't need off with this.

This took work, effort, and labor to create. ++

Poor quality
By , for WP 3.8.1

When opening plugin settings page gives PHP undefined variable notice about every option plugin has. If such simple things can't be sorted, I imagine what else lays deeper in the code. Certainly will avoid using this plugin.

Good but be careful with magic html code button
By , for WP 3.8.1

The magic html code button was the one interesting me the most but it seems the changes to html code are not correctly saved this way.
Other buttons are great.
Edit : I have to apologize. I end up to understand that this HTML problem comes from WP iself.

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