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TheCartPress eCommerce Shopping Cart

Native eCommerce integration & interaction with WordPress. Flexibility & Scalability. Ideal for merchants, themes constructors and developers.

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Used to work fine, now struggles.
By ,

This cart seems like it works okay, but for some reason whenever anyone tries to make a purchase of my downloadable goods. The Item goes to pending then cancels but the payment comes through paypal correctly. Unfortunately the person isn't then able to download the item as it never complete leaving me to email it manually.

It used to work perfectly which is most annoying. I looked on forums and found someone else experiencing the same problem that was never resolved so they installed another cart and had more success. A little worried though that I will have to completely rebuild my website as I have used one of the cartpress themes.

Some help would be really appreciated!

Very powerful
By , for WP 4.2.2

Although you need time to discover how this plugin works if you want to use it to the full extent of its possibilities, once you have done so it’s really powerful and you can adapt it to your needs.
Lots of functionalities are available out of the box, though.

Could be great, but too many problems
By , for WP 4.1

The plugin, when you get it working, is actually fantastic. It's extremely flexible and offers a lot of options. It has some major problems though:

  1. It's not very easy to use. It's vast and unwieldily. I'm quite technically minded, but I struggled to get this working how I wanted it.
  2. Poor documentation. Not enough documentation and the documentation that exists isn't all that helpful or easy to get your head around.
  3. Confusing working / descriptions. I'm aware that the developer isn't a native English speaker. He really needs to get someone to work on the wording within the plugin. It's not at all clear what some things are, or what they do.

I'm having a number of problems with CartPress now and I'm regretting using it. I've discovered that it has broken some Jetpack functionality, it's duplicating, or even triplicating some orders, and some functions of the plugin itself are non-functional.

By , for WP 4.1

Triggers fatal database error.

Have spent all day disabling plugins, deleting previous installs and deleting the old database tables. Disabling custom CSS.

Have performed a fresh WP install, a fresh install of Weaver II Pro theme. Fresh installs of plugins, A fresh install of The Cartpress.

Each time Instant database error at each step

Deleted for good and will rebuild the site with WooCommerce.

The Cartpress community has also been down all day so impossible to search for others with same problem.

works - with some weeknesses
By ,

I like the layout and integration in a multisite network, but in the website where the cardpress is activated, the search function of WP finds only the products, no normal pages or articles.
It should be improved to fully use in a multisite network.

Sukses Install Ecommerce
By , for WP 4.0

This plugin is very helpful for me, and I have successfully installed successfully.
Thank you for all this valuable work just for free only at.

Settings are very easy to store and supports all languages ​​and supports all very advanced payments.
Not too many settings and so the maximum result.

Thank you friend
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By , for WP 3.9.1


1 for adaptability and ease of configuration and use (not everybody is an engineer)

2 for poor and inexistant and condescending customer relationship

STAY AWAY - Your time is precious and they do not care about it

Has great potential, forget support forum
By , for WP 3.9

Not sure what happened here... Probably the creators got overwhelmed with support requests. If you are good in php, check it out, it has great functionality.
If you don't you are on your own and just simple questions in the (horrible to navigate and less and less helpful) support forum will not be answered.
My guess is they lost the battle against the more established carts like woo.


Frustration Unlimited
By , for WP 3.7.1

This is an ambitious effort and has some promising features, which is what attracted me to it. Sadly, there are so many bugs and glitches that I am likely going to try to uninstall it. (I wish I hadn't bought an add-on before I knew how difficult this was going to be.) The check-out section has given me endless grief. Digital downloads aren't functional (gave up on it and downloaded Easy Digital Downloads plugin). Product pages in the catalog sometimes show duplicate content that remains even after you edit the product. I could go on, but you get the point. This plugin (actually, a suite of plugins) is a litany of unintended consequences. The developers are evidently non-English speakers with the result they sometimes don't seem to understand support questions or give answers that are so imprecise that they aren't helpful. Some documentation is available (finally) but it is incomplete. The support community is difficult to navigate and did not have an operational search function. I spent an hour scrolling page by page to look for discussion on an issue only to see the issue come up several times without satisfactory resolution. I really wish the team well--this could be a game changing ecommerce system---but I can't devote any more hours to sorting things out.

Don't bother using this, unless you have to and then prepare for frustration!
By , for WP 3.7.1

HAs bugs, from text translations being weird/wrong for english, to things just not working right and to top that off, their forums for trying to get help on http://community.thecartpress.com/ are about the worst setup forums I have ever seen, they are so hard to use it is like they are trying to make them not work right. I used to recommend this plugin, never again. It is a mediocre plugin, only use it if you really need a cart badly, but pretty terrible overall.

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