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Not recommended - Slows website - Imossible to deinstall!
By , for WP 4.2.2

I would not recommended this plugin to anyone!

They claim to be fast but I only used Sumome to check heating maps for clicks and it took on my website an average of 0.75 seconds to load! It doubles my website loading time..

I wanted to delete the plugin but the batch and the slow loading time are still even after I removed the plugin!!

Time consuming and not worth all the trouble!!

Don't just walk away, run away at top speed from this plugin
By ,

Most annoying plugin I've ever installed, blatant banners all over the back side wanting you to do crap that will give them your monthly fee.

Since installing this plugin my site has been under constant bombardment from foreign countries.

If I could give it a minus five stars that was it would get!!

Can't get rid of this mess
By , for WP 4.2.2

eI havde spent hours trying to gt rid of this plugin that slows down my site. Uninstalled the plugin and it is still there. I hate it.

What is this?
By , for WP 4.2.2

There just an annyoing bage for this on multiple pages I maintain and I don't know where it comes from.

Way too much going on and not intuitive at all!
By ,

I installed this plugin in response to a Tweet I sent to Aweber begging for them to update their features to include horizontal forms. They recommended this plugin which I installed. Oh boy! Waaay too time consuming to arrive at wahat should apparently take "a few seconds". Way to intrusive and after on hour I have still not figured out how to actually install a horizontal form... and I'm really not tech, WordPress nor Aweber challenged!!! What am I missing people.

Great functionality, customer experience needs work
By , for WP 4.2.2

SumoMe—List Builder in particular—has grown my list by about 50% in a year. I don't undertake any special content upgrades or testing that is recommended by SumoMe, but I still get really good growth.

All the functionality is great but I have some issues. I will say that I understand businesses need to make money and I have no issue over that.

Some things that irk me are:

1. The SumoMe banner/tab USED to cost $10 once off to remove, now there is a monthly fee. Annoying.

2. List Builder used to allow you to have a name (and other fields) to send to your mailing list software. This was turned off, with only email remaining. You then had to pay whatever it costs for LB Pro to get those fields. That sh$t is wack as there was no warning, no opportunity for grandfathering.

3. Code Bloat.

4. The SumoMe Banner is ridiculous.

I get this was initially a free product, with some paid upgrades, but when you have free functionality, you build an expectation around that. Fair enough if you want to charge for it, but it's accepted practice that you give users a warning and grandfather existing accounts. This is what Mailchimp did with automations, it's what 37Signals did with Basecamp Classic, it's what Active Campaign did with their free plans, it's what Thesis did and it's what loads of other companies do.

I also get companies need to make money, but the constant imposition of feature locks so you upgrade to premium is just odious and tiresome, and it's actually a disincentive to pay. I don't think you ever want customers to pay for something out of chagrin, or with a sense of resentment, but this is what I feel. It's not a case of hey, the free version is rad but the paid version gives me all this goodness. It's a case of "hey the free version is SO FREAKING SH%TTY that I must upgrade. I have no choice."

Again, I am a big Noah fan, but the approach needs a rethink because it just seems greedy.

Sorry Noah but you need to refactor the model judging by the poor reviews.

Great free tool to star build your email list
By ,

I've been using the free version since the very beginning, and it is impressive how quick the team evolved the product. I'm especially thankful for the pop up functionality.

Have fun and keep going!

annoying "SET UP SUMOME" message over site dashoard won't go away
By , for WP 4.2.2

I'm not ready to dink with this yet, but there's no way, short of uninstalling, to work on the site without this scribbled popup thing being in the way.
Nice features otherwise, but I'm going to set things up on this site in the order I'd prefer, not when Sumome demand that I do.

SumoMe is okay
By ,

I can only review the free version, which seems okay.

The heat map, content analytics and smart bar (mailing list popups) are interesting. While I do generate new mailing list signups now and again (a very low 0.06% conversion rate), the heat maps are 'set and forget'. There isn't any email reporting to advise you of what is happening, ditto with the content analytics. As a result, I don't find it as useful as it could be.

The downside of this includes bloated coding slowing your site, and the wish for you to spend money to make the blue badge disappear and gain access to other features.

With a bit more attention to making the features more useful, and updating the code to minimise the bloat, SumoMe could really become something helpful for those webmasters with personal websites.

Annoying Deal Breaker
By , for WP 4.2.2

Straight off - it's a free plugin so I can't really complain about something that I haven't paid for.#

The problem with this is the annoying blue badge which doesn't need to be there and cannot be removed without upgrading to a monthly fee.

SumoMe say this is to allow us to login, but in actual fact it only really serves to advertise SumoMe, and potentially trick our visitors into signing up for their service when they probably think they are signing up to our sites.

Because of this, I immediately removed the plugin and will not take a second look at it, and as a result have to award it a one-star review, because this meant I couldn't test things out, or have any intensive to upgrade (bar removing a very annoying blue badge from my site).

I think they are shooting themselves in the foot with this, as is evident by the amount of one-star reviews that are being left.

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