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Stream is the easiest and safest way to track content changes happening to your WordPress site and then view them in beautifully organized detail.


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Loved plugin but now won't connect.
By ,

I loved this product. Then there were a series of updates, now I can't connect to any data... let alone the data from the last 30 days. I keep getting "insufficient permission" errors and "cannot connect with Stream" errors. Nothing working... even though I have the same username/email for stream and WordPress.com.

Great pre-2.0 release, but worthless since.
By , for WP 4.0

Only install this now if you want your logs stored in the cloud on a third-party service (and want to pay for it). I can see the 2.0 update as a nice option, for those who want it, but I wouldn't require users to sign up for accounts like this. Seems to be subscription grabbing. Was this the strategy from the get-go? To monetize the plugin like this? A roadmap would have been nice.

Beware Of This "NEW" version of Stream Plugin
By , for WP 2.0.1

I am so disgusted w/ the version 2.0.1. Wrong move - PERIOD.
I have now lost all & entire trust w/ the brand name of this company.

I was never warned about the ramifications of this latest update.
I was never polled, I never sent in any information about doing what they did.

I went from having a working, honest to good plugin, whereas, the words "we put all our resources into this new update" - whereas, the older version was working 100% fine. Collosal mistake.

I write this review today, given that I had to log in to find status reports on my site. However, I get for the 1st time of EVER using this plugin -- after the uninformed update, that I have an ERROR CONNECTING. WTF!!!

UNACCEPTABLE. PERIOD. I'm so mad, I honestly don't know what to do. But all I want to do is totally RIP the plugin OUT OF MY SITE with my bare hands.
But all i can do, is press delete. That will suffice.

I'm going back to the old version. and it's even worse where it's difficult to even find & access the older versions.

Disgusted beyond belief.

Technically an awesome plugin. Very useful!
By , for WP 4.0

I was a long time user of this plugin, even before it hit its version 1.0. I loved it from the beginning - and still do so now!

However, I have a few issues with this plugin since its version 2.0+, but I believe, those issues don't belong in this review section here, as I have already contacted the devs and also posted/ commented elsewhere. (These issues for example regard more aspects like pricing of pro plans and other handling around this plugin...)

Back the feature set itself: it is just plain awesome, laid out in a top-notch product which is a VERY USEFUL helper tool! Thanks for creating it!

The developers care for efficient and beautiful code and their responding to technical issues or other questions is beyond amazing. Yes, I mean it! Not all developers are open for concerns about internationalization or even business strategy.

Also, the team was kind enough to offer me bonus as an existing customer (of their former 1.x premium add-ons), so I will evaluate their newest offerings for some time to come, regardless a few personal concerns or concerns from my clients.

With my review here, I will send a signal to the dev team and other users that it is not an easy thing to handle as a developing company and also as a freelancer who handles stuff for his clients.

I mean this review here as I wrote it. Five stars from the bottom of my heart, regardless of some (current?) issues!

Keep up the good work! (And all other things don't mean the end of this world...! :-))

Thanks, Dave from Germany :)

Was awesome until latest update
By ,

Like with everyone else, I should have checked the Changelog before making the update, however as I manage multiple sites I use management software making it one click to update all my sites without checking.

Thankfully I have backups of said sites, so I can go and extract the old version since the developers "kindly" removed all the previous versions of their software to stop people going back to the useful working version.

New version breaks our Dashboard widget
By , for WP 4.0

We serve clients who have compliance requirements, like Attorneys, Doctors and financial clients. Now that their data is no longer within our purview, there's not much we can do.

We added functionality based on this plugin that no longer works. Instead of upgrading, we'll lick our wounds and move on -without stream.

Anyone try this plugin:

Wonderful until the 2.0 update
By , for WP 4.0

I loved this plugin and installed it on clients websites. Lo and behold, I was surprised to discover that upgrading the plugin shut me out of ALL my past data. Yep, no warning, just gone (well, its there in the database and I could get to it via a MySQL client, but that's not the point).

It seems that without warning they have moved to a "cloud" solution, which means all your logging is moved to their servers. And you gotta sign up for a WordPress.com account to get access (provided it works, as their registration system seems effed up right now, leaving me without access).

So now I have a bunch of client sites with a worthless plugin that needs uninstalling because the developers of this once great plugin didn't have the foresight to predict that may, just maybe, we wouldn't want, nor can we use a cloud based solution to storing our logs. Did it ever occur to you that there are a lot of corporate clients out there that will not allow their logs to be transmitted to another company? Despite it using SSL, that isn't the point. I have corporate clients with security policies in place that forbid this.

So now I have to uninstall this app because of your decision. I would gladly pay for a fine plugin like this, but not for a remote logging service. And not for a plugin that made such a critical change in its service model that has now become of a headache and HOURS of lost time.

You guys really messed up.

This was an amazing plugin until Stream 2.0
By , for WP 4.0

It's completely my fault that I have a stream standing between my data and myself.

My fault for not reading the support forum and details before pushing the update button to bring one of my critical installs up to 2.0. I'm now isolated from days of important information —and no way to get back to it without going directly to the db.

I would have gladly gone with a Stream 2.0 free service offering a paid premium option, assuming that account creation and login to reach the updated services works.

I have tried completing the update. Stream says it's sending a password to my new account on their system. It hasn't arrived, and I requested it yesterday.

Logging in with my WordPress account was futile, resulting in repeated warnings that I don't exist.

Stream's previous revision was brilliant, and a lifesaver for my clients. I recommended it without hesitation. Now? Not so much.

bad update
By , for WP 4.0

Was a great product until the most recent update required a WordPress account association to activate... useless to me now... uninstalling...

bad update
By , for WP 4.0

the laste update dont work anymore
you need to connect your standalone to a wordpress blog account.
so the latest version is useless now

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