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Stella plugin

Simple and effective way to build a multi-language website.

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Poor install instructions
By ,

I never could find how to make this work. For example, it seems to depend on a "host" for the translations. What is that? Where to find a "host"? Are there shortcodes? Who knows!

On every page there are buttons for your selected languages in my case ENGLISH SPANISH. Clicking on SPANISH make the page blank. It does no translation of the English.

Sorry I had to uninstall even though write-ups were good.

enabled -> white screen of death
By , for WP 4.0.1

enabled -> white screen of death -> deleted

not even been able to test it

Best off
By , for WP 4.0

I found hundreds of language plugins... but no one was functional... And then I found stella plugin... Best of plugins!!! I am forever yours :)

Want to buy but can't buy!
By ,

I'd really like to buy this plugin but as the previous reviewer said, the payment system is down - does anyone have a copy to sell?!

Please post an update as to what is going on, I'd really like to buy it!

Useful plugin. But can't pay for the full version.
By , for WP 3.9.2


I find the plugin very usefull and trying to buy the full version at http://store.theme.fm/plugins/stella/ buy when redirected to Paypal I'm getting this:


This recipient is currently unable to receive money.

Your purchase couldn't be completed

There's a problem with the merchant's PayPal account. Please try again later.

Is there any other way I could buy the full version?

Please email me at creatus&bcc.im
Replace & with @

Nice and Easy Plug-in
By , for WP 3.9.1

Nice plug-in, but not properly for beginners as you will have to dig into the code a little bit, especially as:
1. If you can nicely localize labels from menus, you can not localize URLs from links item in a menu (-> have to code it)
2. The WordPress + Themes Core are not translated !! Just the content of the posts are.... Sad, again have to code it or am I missing something ? (Need the localized .mo file in the wp-content/languages/ and themes languages folder, of course)
3. I saw that you have support for WPSEO, so I also added support for AMT (Add Meta Tags plugin) which I find light and better than WPSEO for Meta, Open Graph, Twitter cards....
4. Why these ugly letters in the menu instead of flags ?? At least offer a custom field in the admin page to add the Url of a png image for each language (like domain_path/flag-EN, domain_path/flag-DE, domain_path/flag-RU...)
5. The next/previous posts link is broken on category/tags pages as it is updated afterwards by wordpress core

As I love Stella and its price, here are the code to apply in the source files to make Stella the best and most simple WordPress Multi-lingual plugin !

Solution for 1., 2. & 3.

Here are the lines I did add in classes/class-post-localizer.php :
Added in start of Post_localizer :

add_filter('wp_nav_menu_objects', array($this, 'change_menu'), 1, 1);
add_filter( 'locale', array($this, 'wpse_52419_change_language'), 1, 1 );
if ( defined('AMT_DIR') ) {add_filter( 'amt_metadata_head', array($this, 'localize_AMT_metatag'), 1, 1 ); }

The related functions, are after the localize_wpseo_title function :

// Function to localize description Meta Tags from Add Meta Tags plugin (title is finely done by Stella)
// Try to catch excerpt, if empty, shorten the body - Works for Basic Meta, Open Graph, Twitter Card and Dublin Core
function localize_AMT_metatag( $metatags ) {
 global $post;
 $meta_localized = $metatags;
 if( (is_single() || is_page()) && ( STELLA_CURRENT_LANG != STELLA_DEFAULT_LANG ) ){	// Only Post, as Index is Ok (if no specific desc entered in AMT)
 for ($lesmetas=0; $lesmetas < count($metatags); $lesmetas++) {
    if (preg_match('#description"#', $metatags[$lesmetas]))  {
	(is_single()) ? $body_new = get_post_meta( $post->ID, '_excerpt-' . STELLA_CURRENT_LANG, true ) : $body_new = '';
	if ('' == $body_new ) { $body_new = get_post_meta( $post->ID, '_body-' . STELLA_CURRENT_LANG, true ); }
	$body_new = preg_replace('#<a(.+)/a>#', '...', wp_trim_excerpt( $text )); // truncate the obtained text with WP standard function
	$meta_localized[$lesmetas] = preg_replace('#content="(.+)"#isU', 'content="'.$body_new.'"', $meta_localized[$lesmetas]);
   return $meta_localized;
function change_menu($items) {
  foreach($items as $item){
	$zonetest = $item->post_title;
	if ($zonetest == 'The_Label') {
            $item->url = 'The_Localized_Url'; } // Do this for all
  return $items;
function wpse_52419_change_language( $locale ) {
if ( STELLA_CURRENT_LANG != STELLA_DEFAULT_LANG ){ load_textdomain( 'default', WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/languages/fr_FR.mo' ); return 'fr_FR'; } else { return 'en_US'; }

I have hardcoded the language, but you can use the reformated STELLA_CURRENT_LANG

Solution for 4. (flags to choose language)

So I add to modify the classes/class-menu-language-switcher.php to modify the link line :

$html = "<li><a href=$href><img src=\"path_to_your_image-".strtoupper($title).".png\" alt=\"".$title."\" style=\"border:none\" /></a></li>";

Solution for 5. (next/previous posts links)

Code to add in /stella-plugin.php at the end, just after the add_action('after_setup_theme',...)

// function to fix the next/previous postS links (single post work fine already)
add_filter('get_pagenum_link', 'stella_next_previous_fix');

function stella_next_previous_fix($url) {
		if( Url_Changer::is_subfolder() ){ // if single wordpress is in subfolder
			$siteurl = Url_Changer::get_subfolder_name();
			$url = str_replace( $siteurl.'/'.STELLA_CURRENT_LANG, '', $url);
		else { $siteurl = Url_Changer::get_option('siteurl'); }
		$url = Url_Changer::just_add_language_prefix_to_url( $url );
	return $url;

Hope it will be useful to those of you who want a great, but cheap, and easy localization plugin for wordpress.

STELLA DEVELOPERS, It will be a great Idea to implement all these fixes in the next version... It will definitely make STELLA plugin the PERFECT multi language plugin, easy and light, as more easy-to-use for WP beginners who won't have to digg into the codes and modify the sources ! :)

PS: Thanks to tosho for pointing me to the right direction with his version of the wpse_52419_change_language function and to Scott for pointing to the right direction for the next/previous posts link ;)

Not working with WP 4.2.2
By , for WP 4.2.2

Not working with WP 4.2.2

It is making error and white page on admin page.

Please update it,
it is very good plugin

It allows me to add only two languages
By , for WP 3.7

It is written in other reviews that people use even 5 languages with Stella plugin, but it allows me to add only one additional language. After adding the first additional language the button "Add" on plugin options page just doesn't do anything.

Has anyone had a similar problem?

Nearly Perfect
By , for WP 3.9

Works great with WP 3.9, seems simple and light weight and gives me just the right set up to write in both languages I need.
But, there are a lot of improvements that could've been made already, and the lack of updates worries me, because it does seem like the developers have forgotten about Stella.

I wish they could make it easier for developers and people who are not quite there to add custom content that we need translated.
Possibly, expand the default translations to Author Bio (since author boxes are a must-have these days) would be great.

Just minor tweaks, because I don't ever want it to loose the light weight and simple feel Stella has.
It's just a little stuck in the past right now. The last update is from 2012...
I hope they do something to it soon. It's a dream plugin for people with multilingual sites/blogs.

Works great
By , for WP 3.6

After upgrading to WP 3.6 the Stella plugin still works great. My customer has Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and English in her website clearyourmind.eu and it works like a charm. Thank you :)

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