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Slider Huge-IT is an awesome WordPress Slider Plugin with many nice features. Just need to install and build slider in a few minutes.

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Just a "demo" should not be called free version
By , for WP 4.5.3

The plugin offers a demonstration how it can be set up. But the general options can be changed only in pro version. Therefore you cannot "test" various settings.

I removed it due to this limitation

Limited, slow, or pay - you don't know what for tbh
By ,

Limited, slow, or pay - you don't know what for tbh

The paid version is throwing money
By , for WP 4.5.3

I paid the premium version thinking it would be basic options, like start the slide manually or it stops at the end. There are none. That is: I paid $15 just to activate the video autoplay button.

I feel cheated.

Poor features & unstable plugin on 4.2 WP
By ,

Poor features on the Pro version ragarding the free one.
Unstable plugin on 4.2 WP. After 2 weeks using it, a great nomber of my media were impossible to be displayed by the plugin (errors)

Definitely not the best option
By , for WP 4.4.2

I installed the Pro version before trying out this plugin - that was my first mistake. There was a conflict that meant I was unable to add or edit images.

Let me set the scene for you .. I have 40 plugins - yep 40 - all working in unison, no conflicts and fully functional. So I contact the support address given for this plugin and described the problem.

I was asked to provide temporary admin login details so the the problem can be resolved (This type of request always concerns me). I went ahead and gave them temp login and got an email back which in part said

"Dear Rowan, we are able to fix everything "

12 hours later I received this..

"You have plugin called XXXXXXXX
This plugin case problems and affect on us.
the plugin use old javascript function

You may contact that plugin support and tell them about using old js function"

So their attitude is that it's not them it's someone else. That's all well and good, so as their plugin wont work I asked for a refund and the response was .....

"I am really sorry the refund may not be done, as the reason doesn't relate to our plugin
Our plugin has no problems , if something external affects on it this is not our plugin problem but the other plugin, and the case may not be refunded. "

I argued back and forth via email .... until I got this ....

And if XXXXXX answers late that also doesn't mean that we are who to blame
In any case again right now our plugin is fully working and doesn't have any kind of problems.
But I will talk to manager we will break our company rules and make exclusion for you and will make your refund. But may you also make a small favor to us? May I ask to rate one of our plugin with 5 stars?

And so I now I have my refund and have given a rating of 1 star (not 5 as requested) - And having been asked to give a 5 star rating makes me wonder how many of their reviews are true and accurate.

So my advice is to take any review of this providers plugins with a grain of salt and steer clear of them. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. I uninstalled this plugin and tried another that worked straight out of the box.

NOT Responsive
By , for WP 4.4.2

NOT Responsive

Slider letting my home page turn blank
By , for WP 4.4.2

Hi, after problems with Nextgen Nivo slider i've installed Huge IT slider because the reviews where good, ... I thought. But after installation, configuration and implementing it on my home page (only) the home page did not load at all except only the menu bar and page title.
removing the short code, displyed my page again.
What is happening?
So far my rating for this plugin is no star at all, but that's not possible. So 1 star is the least

Buggy, look elsewhere.
By , for WP 4.4.1

Say you visit the page with the Huge IT Slider active, then change to a different tab to do something else or get a snack, you return and the slider has exploded and it doing all sorts of nutty stuff.

It appears to me that the slider jQuery effect calls are getting stacked in the effect queue, and once that happens, everything breaks. It is *real simple* to fix this, use .stop() or .clearQueue() in the effect chain anytime you add a new effect. If a plugin developer fails to do this, everything will explode as this plugin does.

In looking, I found that this uses (in part) code taken from a copyrighted source that is released under MIT license, which does not use the .stop() or .clearQueue() functions:

jQuery Simple Slider
Copyright (c) 2012 James Smith (http://loopj.com)

It is not that challenging to code your own jQuery slider, so I'm not sure why this plugin relies on borrowing code for something so integral.

Anyway, what is apparent it the push to make some money. The huge red banner just begs you to pay for an expanded version. I get trying to make some coin from your work, but no need to scream. Also, making a worthwhile initial free product might help or hurt sales, but this plugin is a poor refection on the developer.

The code is filled with nonsense that does nothing like: echo '';

The coding style is wildly varied and a bit sloppy. Worse, the plugin functions are loaded even when the plugin isn't in use. Guys, wrap your functions that are only needed by the plugin in conditional includes - load them only if the shortcode is being used! Not doing slow adds to slowing down websites, by this mark alone, you lose multiple stars!

As for the effects, just trying a simple horizontal slider came up with issues. First, the effect is different than standard, only the topmost image slides to the left, while the next image revealed is waiting underneath - like taking a card of a deck of cards. It gets weird, though, if you hit the end or the beginning. The slider effect changes directions to the opposite direction when looping around the beginning or end. It just looks bad and is visually confusing when you click right and all the other frames slide right, but suddenly the last slides left.

This ultimately looks slapped together, although the UX/UI is done nice enough. It's just sad that the internals are such a mess and the problems you take on by installing this not worth it.

By , for WP 4.4.1

I cannot upload images to the slider.
It doesn't display anything when I click change image.

Don't bother asking for support. Its terrible too!

Still waiting for my response.

Slow support
By ,

Take ages to get an answer to solve issues.

Finally we just selfsolved a multiple pictures issue.

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