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By , for WP 4.1.1

Too much tracking code. Uninstalled.

Hidden code and very slow load
By , for WP 4.1.1

I fully agree with what he says eloylb
the website takes 20 seconds longer to load
load javascripts and unreliable pages codes.
I cannot understand why WordPress allows this plugin

Hidden code to monetize behind your back
By , for WP 4.1.1

This plugin has a hidden code to monetize your blog behind your back and get the money to their creators. It invites you to shorten links which will give them money.
It also "crippled" my blog. it made it so slow. It has a fishy code that works in the background. I removed it instantly. I hope it didn't leave any spyware behind.
Stay away from it.

Exactly what I needed all in one plugin!
By ,

I've been wanting to update my share buttons but didn't know how to do it exactly. I stumbled across the Shareaholic plugin for WordPress when I was looking for an easier way to share sites from my toolbar. I realized it was what I'd seen on a lot of other blogs I visit but didn't know how they got the share bar on the sides of their pages and such. Then come to find out Shareaholic also has a You May Also Like feature...I'm SO psyched! It was also very easy to install and set up and has just about any social sharing site to choose from if you want to add it on. I'm super excited about this great plugin. THANK YOU to the developers who created this and made it SO user-friendly for an only minimally technical person like myself.

Your pagespeed gonna suck
By , for WP 4.1.1

Took me a while to figure out which of my plugins managed to sneak in a Google Analytics tracking script. No direct calls for it in my page's HTML. Nothing in the theme. What the?...

Then I've noticed that under "Advanced" settings of Shareaholic there's a line that reads:

Disable Analytics (it is recommended NOT to disable analytics

Who would've thought that this is not Shareaholic's analytics, but the old (prehistoric!) synchronous ga.js?!

In short: ticked that "NOT recommended" option, got rid of redundant script, got an instant +7 on Google Pagespeed.

Plus freakin' seven!

PS: Just found out that this plugin also loads Jquery from Google servers. Again, silently, without printing any extra HTML code. Sneaky bastard.

+12 on Pagespeed.

Lost buttons + Adblock
By , for WP 4.1.1

Do me a favor and try turning the Adblocker off, and then reloading the page. Buttons will show back up! It's a known issue, so you will likely need to add an exception to the AdBlocker+ software so it does not block the buttons. But the good news is that it's local to your instance of the browser... other users are seeing the buttons!

Works like champ!
By , for WP 4.1.1

It's really cool plugin. It's really easy to modify for beginner like me. Just reading articles at http://support.shareaholic.com/, I can modify several thing. Great plugin and thank to the author!

Impossible to delete
By ,

It's loading without an end and after that it's still in my plugin folder.

Not ready for the most current WP
By , for WP 4.1.1

I love everything about this plugin but the one thing I cannot get past. The plugin's template takes too much control, and once I have accessed either admin screen, I cannot scroll to see the rest of the form. I cannot scroll up and down or side to side, at all. Which means that I cannot access options and the ability to commit changes.

And after reading the other reviews, my only intelligent option was to remove the plugin and find another. Bye-bye!

Rev. Barry Willie Black

Beautiful Icons, Slow Page Speeds
By , for WP 4.1

I really love this app. I had it installed on my site for over a year. The icons are beautiful and I was able to customize them to fit my sites theme. But, I've been running into a few issues over the last few weeks.

The related content feature has been showing pages that don't exist on my site for quite some time. They were part of an installed plugin that existed for 1 day before I uninstalled it yet they are still showing in the related list which redirected to a 404 page. The support team was unable to address this issue after 2 cases were opened with them.

I also noticed that my site speed was awful. After doing some research and playing with plugins, I realized that this one plugin was accounting for 100% of my redirects and was causing the page to load super slow. After uninstalling the app and making a few other site adjustments, my site is now performing super fast.

Proceed with caution. I really wanted to continue using them but these two issues, I just couldn't continue to have this app installed on my site.

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