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Selfie: Native in-post text ads that your readers can purchase themselves.

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3.8 out of 5 stars
Awesome Plugin & Suggetion
By , for WP 4.4

Hey mate, loving your plugin, working fine.. may I suggest you put something to not only go back but close the box so it goes back to its original state within a post? I say this as when I tried it and then went back, it stayed in the same box area place where you put your details and no way to get back out, the only way was to refresh. Could you also make it possible to change the $ to any other currency ie in my situation it would be the Pound.

Thanks :)

Unresponsive support
By , for WP 4.0

EDIT: Well, I must take back some of my negative comments that I entered below. The folks at Broadstreet did get back to me and gave me a link to a site that uses it.

After viewing the story one can hit the 'selfie' explanation that was below.

They further explained another issue of mine:

"The messages are only allowed on the site if they are approved. The advertiser gets an email first, so that one piece of data is legit. Secondly, the publisher gets an email before anything goes live, or anyone gets charged." Program still needs tweeking so the plug in does not install a generic post at the TOP of you main website, before you even have time to edit the settings as one does in with weather sites etc.

The following was my original complaint.

I contacted them regarding a few issues. Ex. lack of control over the ad content. Say I am homophobic (NOT) and get gay advertizing. Say I am an atheist, and get Jehovite or Born Again Christian ads. Anti-women rights. Am progressive in politics and get T-Party ads. NO CONTROL! Worse yet I cannot delete or eliminate such ads. (ANSWERED)

I also asked them to send me ONE website that uses it so I could see how a non-graphic (TEXT only) ad might work. Having been in advertizing, this is a no win game and simply opens your website to God knows what, when it comes to texting anything to your site. (I STILL QUESTION TEXT ADS.)

I finally got some feedback on this and a comment I took to heart. I will give this program a chance to answer some of these issues and I will revise (if I can the rating I gave it.) As a person who did a lot of marketing my cautions are still there and the fact that by just activating the sucker put it on my front pages without having the time to edit the content or message left me screaming "Get me out of here! Not having 'Content control' remains very worrisome! (THIS ISSUE STILL NEEDS TWEAKING!)

By ,

not good

Awesome Plugin
By , for WP 3.9.1

This plugin is awesome - and a great way to earn extra revenue as a publisher

Looks awesome!
By , for WP 3.9

This looks really neat!

Well, I made it (at least I'm being honest)
By Plugin Author, for WP 3.9

Newspaper subscriptions are drying up — you cant rely on end-readers to bankroll your site, until now.

Selfie is a classified-like self-serve ad tool. You're readers can book text-only ads right on your site — no leaving the page, not uploading banners, just simple, attractive text.

Just place the [selfie] shortcode in a post, and boom, a buyable slot.

Think — you'll never know which of your readers are potential advertisers. You can't reach out to everyone and pitch them an ad for your header or sidebar.

Why not give them a chance to pimp their on cause while supporting your site?

Give it a try. Many of our publishers are already having success with it.

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