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s2Member Framework (Member Roles, Capabilities, Membership, PayPal Members)

s2Member®—a powerful (free) membership plugin for WordPress®. Protect members only content with roles/capabilities.

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Not worth the pain
By , for WP 4.4.1

- Hard to use (many non-sense pages/tabs of settings)
- Updates my .htaccess after each update (each time bringing the site down to a 500)
- Members Paypal payments are not recorded consistently (for some members the data is just missing)
- Slows down the site more than any of my other plugins (according to the report from the P3 monitoring plugin)

I paid for it, but I'm now removing it after 2 years and feeling very good about that.
I would actually pay for it to be removed cleanly.

Pro? No!!!!
By , for WP 4.4.1

I warn you not to buy this

Unfortunately I am stuck with it, aside from poor support the plug in boasts flexibility and security that is quite not there.

I asked a simple question about log in security and Pat Dumond (is this the maker of the thing?) sent a lovely scripted reply. I asked for a better a response and guess what? SILENCE.

I thought this being a long lasting plugin it would be worth using, unless you're beyond basic technical skills (i.e. a php coder, a proper one) I would recommend NOT buying this. Ditch it for something else.

Pathetic, sick of these silly premium plugins that take your money and run.

Ugly space in my footer
By , for WP 4.3.1

Ugly space in my footer with s2member!
Everytime i activate the plugin there are an ugly space in the bottom of my page i have been using it in the past and no problem of that kind before.

The theme is modality free theme i have no intention to start redesign or change the theme.

Verry bad, dont trust them!
By , for WP 4.3.1

Have buy the plugin but its not working with wpml.

They promised a lot but doing nothing, no answer on email anymore.

Lost money for nothing

Terrible Support -- not worth hassle -- find alternative
By , for WP 4.3.1

I highly suggest you find an alternative piece of software.

I wasn't going to write this, i wanted to give them a chance to keep to their end of the deal and give me the support i need.

I have gone through each loop they have thrown at me to "hopefully" have them find out what the problem is, i have sent them the debug logs, sent them videos explaining the problem, each time they say its something else i have installed, such as a plugin, or a premium wp theme i paid for, when its not anything to do with those, its their software and they deny it all the time.

I'm a patient guy, but they guys have pushed me to the limit. I have a BIG site to build out 400+ pages, with a very complex membership structure due to the many services involved...

I've uninstalled the software, ive removed WP from my server, re-installed WP, then S2Member, with no themes except the ugly default one WP provides, no plugins, a raw install all the way...

the re-direct to a welcome page does NOT work. it keeps sending me to the members options page, time and time again even using the default wp theme.

2 months of my time has been wasted. I paid for the $189 unlimited site version... and im getting half effort replies like as if i paid 89 cents...

its unacceptable... they need to swallow their pride and listen to the customers...

Ive google searched high and low for solutions, lots of people are in the same boat as me with no help from Jason or anyone in the team... its appalling -- why put so much effort into a big project like this when you're not going to support it or live up to the terms they set; to give you 12 months of support -- its ridiculous...

they wont admit the problem is their end...

i suggest that if you want a good piece of software to use, is to google Sam's software: DLGuard --- i should of used this software instead, but I was looking for something that would accept stripe payment gateway.

Sam's support for DLGuard is AWESOME, that guys attention to detail is out of this world, he's always listening to the customers to make his software better... S2Member could learn a few things from Sam, that's for sure.

So I highly suggest to give this software a miss.

Don't Get Ripped Off
By , for WP 4.3

This is not a free plugin it's $89. Raamdev your response is exactly why no one should do business with you. Simply put, your plugin did not work for me, live with it and refund my $89 and move on. Is your business so bad you cannot afford to refund
$89. Don't rip people off.
S2Member displays a refund guarantee that is bogus and they will rip you off. My Web Developer was not able to install application without making complicated adaptations that were not acceptable. Upon notifying them of that they refused the refund. DO NOT USE S2 MEMBER. There are much better modern customer service oriented applications other than this bogus outfit.

Good plugin let down by dreadful documentation and support
By , for WP 4.2.3

s2Member is an amazingly powerful plugin, but it is held back by the dreadful support and utter lack of documentation. To figure out how to do pretty much anything, you have to go into the source code to see how it works, or - obviously - buy the Pro version.

When you offer a free version as a taster to a 'pro' version, it would be better to make the free version usable. Crippling it by withdrawing support (like closing down your support forum) and pulling documentation reduces sales.

What a nightmare!!
By , for WP 4.2.2

We have been having issues since the beginning with this plugin.

The latest one was most significant. After many weeks of weird income reports, we figured out that s2member allows users to update their Credit Card information to nonsense, but never validates that the information is correct. As a result, people were getting access to our membership without paying anything since they could enter bs info!! We probably lost $5,000 in revenue and several weeks debugging.

Other issues include horrible integration with Aweber. Also, support is the worst in the world.

If you have a choice, please don't touch this plugin and prevent yourself from countless nightmares.

Is a good plugin - But forget the support
By , for WP 4.2.2

Forget the support, the worst i ever had. Don´t help at nothing.

Always trying to pass the problem to other people.

If you buy this product to hide pages and content, forge it.
On search and fielter of the site, the private content will show.

And what they say to me, is that is the theme foult. And don´t help me. No even an information or guide line. And take 1 or 2 days to respond.

The worst support i ever had.

Sorry for my bad english.

Shocking, Goes against the whole ethos of WordPress
By , for WP 4.2.2

Shocking bit of kit, If you use wordpress to avoid learning code THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!

Im having to edit php files to do the simplest of things, for example, you want more user levels . . .do you type in how many levels you want . . . no, you have to go recode the wp-config ?!?! I paid for a pro-license to be told that gem!!!!

Want to tell members when their account ends . . . is there a short code . . NO . . directions to install a 3rd party plug to allow php in WordPress control then a lesson on PHP coding!

This plug is not user friendly, you have to be a proficient php coder to get the basics to work. Not what you expect when you pay for a 'pro licence' word-press based plug-in. If I wanted to learn how to code php I could of bought a manual on that, not paid for a license that directs me on how to rehack itself using php coding.

But hang on a minute . . . .when you BUY a pro version of a product your really paying for support aren't you . . . . think again with this product. Be prepared to be deterred by about 6 pages of text to submit a question, with many hurdles to trip you up and claim that the kind of support you need (Probably very basic) isn't provided.

Want your members to have a choice on payment methods like they do everywhere else, want paypal and stripe?? Whats this plugs answer . . . NO, you cant, really simple . . . just no, pick ONE , we cant handle both.

Least user friendly WP-plug Ive ever seen. . . If you can code PHP from scratch this plug might 'amuse you', but then again if you can code from raw php why are you paying for a plug like this, if you want to build sites using php code why are you using wordpress??

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