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s2Member Framework (Member Roles, Capabilities, Membership, PayPal Members)

s2Member®—a powerful (free) membership plugin for WordPress®. Protect members only content with roles/capabilities.


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4.1 out of 5 stars
quality product, quality people
By , for WP 3.9.2

I have nothing but good things to say about s2member and the team behind it. This is definitely a 5 star rating.

I've been working seriously with WordPress for about 4 months now and PHP for less than that (but have been a s/w developer for a few more years than I care to mention and I've seen the spectrum of ugly through to excellent software, developers and support).

The more I study all the s2member functionality the more I know I made the right choice to use it versus other membership solutions.
Every time I read more of the docs I discover something that I am able to do easily that I thought was going to be tedious.
As you would expect with a product this deep it takes a while to get your head around it and put all the pieces together. That's not a criticism but rather a fact (and a good thing IMHO).

So the product and it's depth are just fantasic.

Also my support experience has been great.

For example I had some issues on my host server that took some digging to find the root cause (mod security stuff).

Cristián worked with me as I dug into the issue. Then Jason pointed me in the direction of getting detailed log data from the hosting company.

The easy path would have been just to disable mod security but inquiring minds need to know and the guys kept working with me.

Once I had Apache logs detail from the host company Jason was able to pinpoint the issue which was an invalid rule at the host to do with login redirection. His explanation of the issue was concise and authoritative which explained clearly why the host company's mod sec rule was in fact incorrect. Perfect! All I had to do was pass that on verbatim.

Bottom Line: The rule was disabled and all is well (and the detail has been sent to the host "system team" for their education - and I hope action for all customers).

What can I say other than excellent work, excellent code, thorough documentation.... and "don't give up" support!

Couldn't ask for more from a software vendor.

Thanks again to Jason and Cristián and I look forward to using s2member on many new sites.


S2 Members Product & Support Are Fantastic!
By , for WP 3.9.1

When I bought S2 Member almost a year ago I knew that one day I would use it. It's comforting to know the support is as great as the product. Thanks Cristian! Thanks S2 Member Team!


Fantastic plugin! Highly recommended
By , for WP 3.9.1

I spent a long time trying to find a plugin to create website pages with restricted access. This plugin does the job and a whole lot more. The Pro version was well worth upgrading for what i needed. Great plugin and tutorials - would definitely recommend.

s2Member: one of the best membership plugins out there!
By , for WP 3.9.1

s2 its a very powerful and complex software, I made the website I wish, with multiples levels, content dripping and much more, in less than 3 weeks with it! With no compromises and a lot of complexity in structuring levels and accesses to content. And even more: it has a fast and super-efficient support!
Thanks to all who made it possible and to those who maintains it!

Great plugin with fantastic customer support!
By , for WP 3.8.2

Really impressed with this plugin, but more so with Websharks' customer service - questions are answered quickly, with their responses being extremely helpful and to the point. Thanks!

Great work!
By ,

This is a great plugin.
Easy to use, very informative, simple processing, though it covers all bases.

I can't speak highly enough of it.

Bad view
By , for WP 3.9.1

It's to big and don't have a good view, I don't want to test anymore this plugin, but I think it's interesting in its conception.

All these features! Very awesome.
By , for WP 3.9.1

The pro version is simply amazing. I have never seen a WordPress plugin with so many features. All very well documented inside the plugin itself.

Yesterday ClickBank changed a JSON request, made a support ticket not knowing where to look, 6 hours later the problem was fixed.

If you run a site with memberships, this is the thing (I have tried other pale immitations).

High five WebSharks!

This is a great plugin
By ,

Thanks for the great plugin!

Satisfied for 2 years
By , for WP 3.9.1

Just wanted to finally leave a review for S2Member. I've used this plugin for 2 years and I've been very happy with its functionality and professional front-end appearance that it gives to my clients.

I was a real newbie when I started 2 years ago - I knew what I wanted but didn't know how to get the functionality. S2Member gave it to me so simply and it has grown with me as my business has grown.

The support has also been fantastic. I can't even imagine having to figure everything out by myself - I just send an email and my question is answered promptly and respectfully. The support team's patience is wonderful.

I have no hesitations recommending this plugin. It's high quality, good coding and works very well with other well-coded plugins.

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