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Put Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more share buttons above/below posts. Plus automate social user growth and revenue with ReadyGraph.

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Avoid this plugin! - it steals your user detaiuls and spams your users
By , for WP 4.2.2

We've used this plugin for a year or two with no issues, until now.

It's gone and installed ReadyGraph, activated pop-ups and logins all over our site, and site users are being emailed from ReadyGraph, asking them to install it as well.

TL;DR: This plugin will spam your users, take their email addresses, and add pop-ups all over your site. All without asking your permission.

scam !!
By , for WP 4.2.2

ATTENTION uninstall this plugin !!

Exit scam?
By , for WP 4.2.2

A client who was a long time user of this called me up today to see if our hacker intrusion software could explain why Google custom search boxes had appeared over his content. An investigation tracked it back to this plugin. It seems the latest update introduced this, presumably to net the developer a few bucks. That's really annoying when rival products like AddThis have developed successful freemium models around the analytics that such products can generate which suggests that the developer isn't looking to the long term as most users will do what ours did and uninstall a plugin that covers their content with traffic diverting cheap tricks they can't control or disable.

To me, looks like a huge scam
By , for WP 4.2.2

I've been using this plugins for years, but recently they secretly added to my website (and all website using it) a Google Search Box directly linked to their Adsense account :
var cx = 'partner-pub-4187249499649652:7077174520';

This search form automatically appears on your website at the end of 'the_content()' tag

So they are just earning money injecting their own ads on your website thanks to their updated plugin

I think a WordPress admin should be informed about that.

plugins hardcoded adsense ads on our website
By , for WP 4.2.2

The newest version of this plugins adds Adsense code without informing at the end of every articles/ footer.

The adsense code is not mine, obviously.

Sad what has happened to this plugin
By ,

I've been a user of this plugin for years, but sadly have decided to turn it off just now due to the odd change of course it has taken. Once upon a time it was a simple but effective plugin to implement social share buttons on your page. It did exactly what it was designed to do quickly and easily and without any issue.

HOWEVER, in the recent months something called Readygraph has been added to it. At first I figured that wasn't a big deal - I don't have a Readygraph account so it shouldn't do anything, right? WRONG. I'm getting some sort of 'review this site' popup showing on my site asking people to rate my site. Looking at the code it's coming from Readygraph. I've never authorized this to be on my site, and since I don't have a Readygraph account I'm not sure how I'd ever be able to view or manage my reputation built there. This is a HUGE change to the user experience on my site that I did not approve.

I did go to the Readygraph website to see what this is all about, and not only does it sound like a horrible product, but it's of course a paid service... BUT they are too cool to post their fee structure up front - they force you to create an account before sharing that 'privileged' information. Sounds shady - just like how this plugin snuck this in to my site...

Further more, I see that a Google search box is a new option of a 'social button' that can be added. Well I should say IS added. This feature was added to the plugin and was auto-checked. Not cool - I didn't approve this change to my site. Yes I did update the plugin, but I assume when I update a plugin I get the new code release, not new features I didn't approve added to my site.

I really don't like leaving negative reviews, but if something rubs me wrong I feel it's my duty to inform others that this once great plugin has pulled the rug out from under me...

Worked perfectly, until..
By ,

a few months ago, when the author probably decided to implement stupid Readygraph, which give a huge pop up over the whole browser windows, making the user experience decline rapidly. Do not download this unless you want your visitors to get frustrated.

By ,

Email subscription broke & no support. Uninstalled.

Solid plugin with a lot of options
By , for WP 4.2.2

I have a content site where sharing is very important. The main reason I like this plugin is that it is very easy to add and performance seems decent. I'm not super technical but it seems like a very solid way to add sharing to my blog or site.

I tried a couple other otpions that did not seem so native to wordpress and they caused problems with my template.

Secondly, it has a ton of options for share buttons. It has all the usuals:


Plus a ton of other options:
tumblr and lots more

I've grown my page views consistently and I think some of it is due to increasing hits fmor people sharing.

this plugin ads banners to your blog
By ,

The last version of this plugin added banners to my blog (in mobile browser). This was not mentioned in the change log. I guess the author wanted to make some extra cash. Promptly uninstalled. Beware.

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