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2.8 out of 5 stars
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I had to subscribe to some outside service to be able to use the plugin and after I found out that I don't need it I cannot find how to stop those spam emails every day from Readygraph. Terrible!

Not "Ready" for prime time
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THis is a plugin which should be very useful and serve a major need for bloggers. But execution leaves much to be desired. After installing it, I received as many as four or five e mail notices for every new post. I continued to receive the e mail messages even after deactivating the plugin.

Plugin doesn't allow you to preview the e mail notice the subscriber will receive notifying them of new posts. The e mail notice also doesn't parse photo display html and cannot display photos in the e mail.

It's come a long way!
By , for WP 3.9

Awesome! This plugin has really improved over time.

That's what I ideally like to see. The developers putting a lots of effort in to add funcitonality, smooth over any issues, etc.

This plugin has helped immensely to add users to my site, and increase our visitors.

I especially like the user referral features which seem difficult to find in other places. I have seen related things, but nothing that is already integrated with email services, facebook, google, etc. to allow users to invite friends.

And I like how it emails users when I update content on my side. Seems like these guys/girls are really thinking about the marketing angle for smaller sites.


Great plugin - highly recommended
By , for WP 4.0

And it's been getting better every month. Very easy to set up. My visitors and signed up users have grown faster than before I used this plugin. Before, it was really hard to get people to sign up for the newsletter and now I get a steady influx. I like how you can change all the settings mostly within the plugin admin itself. All in all this is a good one and makes my site seem more professional and effective.

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This is a cool plugin. Does a bunch of things that i need for my site: signup form, invites, and an option to send email updates instantly when i update my site.

I think they've made a bunch of improvements the last few months and seems to work great for me.

Helpful for growing my site
By , for WP 3.9.2

I've found this quite useful. it's a lot of the marketing features I need in one plugin.

I don't know of another way to have email invites and facebook and google login implemented without having to code.

support has been fast too.

Broke a lot of things
By , for WP 3.9.2

I had some banner in the admin console that suggested I add ReadyGraph, as I'd been using Subscribe2. I don't know how, but it broke the ability of people to leave comments. When I found that out I deleted ReadyGraph and it appears to have deleted all my comments. Five YEARS of comments are all gone, just gone.

Thanks ReadyGraph... what a horrible plugin.

Intrusive and cannot uninstal
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I found this plugin intrusive to the viewers of my site and attempted to uninstall it. Once uninstalled the files remain active and the plugin continues to prompt viewers with the popups.

Plugin authors have provided little support in threads to resolve this problem as seen here where they promised to provide the ability to remove the banners and never delivered.


Only way to remove Readygraph is by deleting the directory's.

Nice design, but not a real plugin...
By , for WP 3.9.1

The plug-in has a really nice & smooth design NICE JOB !!

But is it normal that the pop up window appears on every pages the user is browsing and not only the first time a page/session is open ? Or is it because I am in a developing environment ?

I think that ONE time would be far enough, especially regarding the nice Lower Right Notification... Two much asking is harassing... :(

Another thing is really annoying me :
Despite the FAQ chapter claiming that we have "to go to the admin settings pages within WordPress, and clicking on the “Customize” tab. Then click on “Advance” in the left-hand menu"...
Readygraph is not properly speaking a WordPress plug-in, it is rather a WordPress plugin to access Readygraph website... All settings being stored on your "cloud" and NOT "within" WordPress, including input forms and email setting, is a bit too much....
Especially as the connection to your website is damned slow, and it takes the page a longer time to be displayed...
(It would be more honest to state this fact straight in the description of the plug-in...)

As this is the version 1.0.0, I guess (hope) that there will be improvements done to have Readygraph fully customizable straight inside WordPress, with settings stored in wordpress database....

Moreover, the support is non existent...

Have uninstalled it for now...

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