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Quick Cache (Speed Without Compromise)

**NOTICE: This plugin is no longer maintained.** Quick Cache has been renamed to ZenCache.


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4 out of 5 stars
I don't like it
By , for WP 3.7.1

The latest update sucks! You don't have all the free features and breaks sites.

All fixed now
By , for WP 3.7.1

This is an update on a poor review I gave this plugin about two weeks ago.

It seems that all problems with the recent update were related to not having PHP5.3 running on your host's server.

The plugin developers have addressed that problem and apologised for any inconvenience caused so that's good.

When the PHP version problem arose I searched for another caching plugin to use, but no other plugin comes close to the ease of use of Quick Cache.

I've now installed the latest version on 5 local installs without any problems and I'm upgrading my rating to 5 stars.

Useless plugin now, thanks for the update
By , for WP 3.7.1

This used to be a great plugin until someone decided they could make money from it. I don't think you are going to be making much money from it though as it doesn't work. It never updated a cached page, when I tried to disable it, it broke entirely and I had to restore my site from a backup. All of the features like pattern matching were removed. All in all, this thing is useless now and I will find a new caching plugin to use.

Broke my sites - headache to remove
By ,

This was such a great plugin. So sorry to see it go south.

This was a spectacularly bad release.

Update: I've given it another chance as I really was a fan. I'm glad to see most of the issues of the first release was fixed.

Update killed my site!!!!!!
By , for WP 3.7.1

Deactivated Immediately! Never to be used again!

Bad update
By , for WP 3.7.1

this plugin is useless for me because custom exclusion patterns can't use in LITE version.

Bad update
By , for WP 3.7.1

Why cut out all users using php <5.3 ? No good!

URL String Filtering in Pro Only Version
By , for WP 3.7.1

Loved this plug in until the latest update that removed the URL String Filtering to the Pro only version.

Due to the nature of having a shopping cart on my website I need to have strings un-cached. Have had to pay out for the pro version because I don't have the time to find a different chache plugin and this one does work really well.

So 5 Stars for the plugin itself 1 for having to pay $15 for the pro version to have something that is essential, would still have been a 5 star if the cost was closer to $5, and the feature wasn't removed from an already working unpaid version.

User Agents
By , for WP 3.7.1

User Agents only in PRO version?


Version 131121 Breaks Site if Not PHP 3 or Greater
By , for WP 3.7.1

The latest update will break your site if you are not using PHP3 or newer. There is no warning to check the PHP version prior to install, you just find out after the site is broken.

Fixed by: 1. Deleting Quick Cache plugin via ftp. 2. Updating site to PHP 3.

Just deleting the plugin is not enough to fix the site. Got a fatal error until I updated to PHP 3.

Am not brave enough to try re-installing this plug-in, besides, another reviewer says many of the features are gone. I will be avoiding this one in the future.

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