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The Ultimate Solution For Amazon Affiliates

Prosociate makes it easy to earn commissions with Amazon's associate program by posting products into WooCommerce.

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I don't think so they are professional. They are irresponsible....
By , for WP 4.5.3

I brought Prosociate 3 yesterday. but it's not working. This plugin will not work without SOAP server, but SOAP server is so costly. And there most shameless thing is there Customer Support. Last 7/9 days i have sent many email to Mark Ketzler to know about there product but he didn't replied he just replied 1st email. This is the worst customer service I ever had. Now i want my money back.

Broken plugin with poor VIP support
By , for WP 4.4.2

I've been using the paid version of Prosociate for a couple of years now. What once started out ok has turned to pure bad. Many bugs in paid version and basically no support. Documentation is very thin even though there are several advanced settings that require server-side manipulation.

Too bad, because they were onto a pretty good idea. The new update to version 3 makes things even worse.

Sorry, not recommended.

Failed Software, failed support
By , for WP 4.1.1

Software no where near comes to doing what it says it does. I honestly believe the images advertising the software are doctored. There is zero support either from the forums or there email. If you manage to get some one to reply in the forum, your in turn ridiculed. April 25 I requested a refund. I received a email back requesting a opportunity to fix the issue. Me believing in opportunity to correct issues request in turn that they teach me how to do there "fix" so I can run there software on my other stores. (Also they offered to help with my setup). 6 days and 3 email later I get a response telling me they don't offer help. So I again requested the refund. April 1st they asked for the email address I used to pay to which I responded accordingly. Then no response. April 4th I requested again if I am getting a refund to which I was responded with it will be processed over the weekend. As of this morning I still haven't received a refund so I started emailing "the so called support" and of course more running around from the support asking what email I used to pay for the software. Yes 4 days ago I told them what the email address was. I have had nothing but a rough time with the software and the support. Stay away from this software unless you have a extended amount of time to waste and don't want to make any money from amazon.

Doesn't do what it says, non-existent support
By , for WP 3.9.2

1. It takes NUMEROUS tries to post products to a category.

2. The shortcodes don't work properly so it's almost impossible to tailor the display to your theme. (But, hey, they'll sell you a WooTheme.)

3. It is a resource hog.

4. There is NO SUPPORT. You can email, but you'll get ignored. You can try posting on the forums -- if you can actually figure out how to register -- but you won't get a reply.

The only thing this really does well is take money out of your wallet. It was a complete and total waste of money. I'm disgusted.

Works As Stated
By , for WP 3.9.1

The plugin works great when I tested it I imported products played around with the editor, it all works just fine from what I can tell. Little technical bugs here and there but they can be worked out just fine. Great plugin highly recommended.

Sounds Good - Looks Good
By , for WP 3.8.2

Prosociate looks good, sounds good. Bottom line however is: The plugin doesn't do what it is advertised to do. Programmer claims it works on all WordPress themes since WooThemes works on all WordPress Themes. Fact, just not true (Ex: Tempera Theme causes issues). I used a WooTheme and still had problems. When I contacted support I got a fairly quick reply offering to help, however when the issues continued I was side stepped by
the Support team refusing to help even though I provided access to my website. I requested a full refund.

The issue I had was that even though the products loaded the AMAZON BUY NOW button did not load the product into my cart like it was advertised to do. Sometimes a Amazon Button would load in Cart (Button says ADD to CART) and other products that said BUY NOW would bypass the Cart and take visitor to Amazon. So, if you bought 10 procucts you might end up with two Checkouts (one from your website) and (one from Amazon).

Finally, actual support is just 'smoke and mirrors' with no real answers. Don't waste your time or money with this plug in. All hype.

Nice but hit and miss with Amazon UK search
By , for WP 3.8.1

It's a nice plugin but the search is a hit and miss affair for the Amazon UK store.

I tried to add some bat detectors to my store - with WP ZonBuilder I get about 12 detectors with Prosocate I get 1 - the Discovery Channel toy rather than real bat detectors when searching under electronics. I get nothing when searching under Gardens and Outdoors and when searching under all I get 7 items associated with bats including books.

This has happened under a number of other keyword searches where the items returned are substantially less than are picked up by other similar plugins.

I think if you want to run broad range stores then this is an OK plugin but if you want to target specific items - I run wildlife sites and so want to include quite specific products - there are probably better ones around.

That said - this is a new plugin in the early stages so I will certainly be keeping an eye on the development as it offers some excellent options - such as variables - that are not available with other amazon plugins including premium ones.

Update: There's also no option for importing a list of ISBN numbers to build pages that way. I was going to test it on one of my wildlife sites but had to uninstall and go back to WP ZonBuilder because so many products just could not be accessed through this plugin.

There's also no option to use the numeric value of nodes to try and overcome the lack of node listings in the plugin.

Using the keyword search I'm just getting about 5% of the available products being returned and in many cases I'm not getting any product returned.

It's a nice attempt but I think there's still quite a way to go before becoming useful.

Update again: to keep up with developments I bought the Pro version. It appears most of the issues I have above are dealt with in the Pro version but there is little documentation to show the difference between the free and the paid for version.

Lot of Bugs and Errors in Prosociate
By , for WP 3.8

Prosociate is giving lot of errors and
1. Not showing products categories.
2. Not showing product search results

Particularly it’s not working for most of the reputed webhosting providers as well as its completely scrap.

I suggest don't use this and don’t waste your time.

My site URL [Link removed] my contact name Ramesh you can find my contact details at my site.

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