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This plugin allows you to do the following: 1. Change the order that your plugins are loaded. 2. Selectively disable plugins by any post type or wordp

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4.8 out of 5 stars
Solved a plugin conflict
By , for WP 4.5.3

I was having a plugin conflict where one plugin was not working when another was loaded. I changed the loading order with this plugin and now everything plays nicely together!


Developer of this plugin is a God
By , for WP 4.5.3

Very smart and more useful then most people think. Great job sir, you are a legend, truly underrated.

Works Great
By , for WP 4.5.3

A little bit tricky to understand the configuration, but great!

Great Plugin. It improves page speed. It works
By , for WP 4.5.2

This plugin cuts all the need for extra code to selectively disable plugins on some pages. You can also improve site speed by disabling plugins that unnecessarily load their js and css on all pages.

The author Jeff Sterup is patient and helpful. He help me resolve an issue with some custom functions I wrote for third party plugins that conflicted with plugin organizer.

Thanks for the plugin @foomagoo or should I just say thank you Jeff!

Where have you been all my life?
By , for WP 4.5.2

I had no clue such a plugin existed. Been wanting something like this forever and didn't even realize it already existed. I've spent considerable time getting my site lightning fast (dedicated server, cloudflare with rocket loader, async of scripts, minification of everything, and caching, etc.) and this shaved off even more from my load time. According to my latest Pingdom test my site is now faster than 90% of all tested websites! Crazy considering I have 69 plugins running including Buddypress. My other site is also much faster using the aforementioned combo along with this plugin. Within a week my Google organic traffic even went up an additional 400 visitors a day! Apparently site speed matters a lot more than I initially realized. Thanks for creating this!!! A must have plugin.

Very useful for web performance!
By , for WP 4.5

Very useful for web performance!

By , for WP 4.4.2

I've been studying how to speed up a WP site all day and have been running page speed insight tests after installing various plugins. Not a lot of joy with a couple of plugins perhaps increasing the site speed by 8%. I have WooComm on a Divi theme (yep a recipe for slow page loads on content pages - and my site is very content rich) and I installed Plugin Organizer. Wow the page speed load went up massively by about 18% and still tinkering but this plugin is by far the best I've come across because let's face it plugins are terrible for slowing sites down so the ability to turn of unneeded plugins (WooComm in my content pages) is simply fantastic! Great stuff and will definitely be donating. Thanks so much to the author.

Great speed booster!
By , for WP 4.4.2

Great! I for days trying to optimize and speed up website. This plugin is like Red Bull. It gives you wings.

Just what I wanted. Use on one single page only plugins that are essential to that page. And it works fantastically.

5 stars from me, It makes my site and my admin light
By , for WP 4.4.2

5 stars from me, It makes my site and my admin light

Almost Perfect!
By , for WP 4.4.2

When you're using WooCommerce with a Support Plugin, not to mention other plugins that are heavy usage - this plugin is a godsend!

I sure hope the developer keeps updating the plugin. More than happy to donate etc. if that is what it takes. :)

Unfortunately, the Groups function doesn't make any sense to me, and I can't figure out how it works at all - not great documentation on that. If the groups functionality was much better and well integrated, this would easily be 5-stars!

Other than the Groups, Good job!


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