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Organize Series

A plugin for managing the article series you write.

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4.3 out of 5 stars
Seems like a good plug-in if I could figure out how to use it
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Basic usage documentation will cost you at least $49.

love love love
By , for WP 4.5.2

works. done.

By , for WP 4.5

Overall, this plugin "works" in that it does what it says: it adds the taxonomy and lets you group your posts by series. Out of the box, the series post box and what not are not exactly pretty, but they are functional enough and it was easy to customize it to fix it up.

It is a little clunky in places though and it certainly has some bugs. When you are making a new post and safe the draft, it loses the series position and the Post title for the widget. The quick edit shows a series box and the series name on the right side, but there is a second series drop box and position on the left at the bottom of the quick edit box. Those two never fill in with the current info, so if you quick edit a series post you may accidentally remove it from the series.

In terms of the clunkiness. When creating/editing a post, the series selector is a set of radios...which is cumbersome once you have more than 5 series. A select box would be much more useful.

Reordering series posts is a complete pain if they get numbered wrong (which they generally do if you mistakenly use bulk edit to add a bunch of posts to a series). Just renumbering them fails because it won't let you renumber a post to say, position 3, if something else is there but it also won't let you move the rest of the posts up one first. *sigh*

I ended up having to just go into the database and manually fix the numbers on a longer series, while a short one I just removed everything from the series and redid it.

Still, it does the main thing I needed without going overboard on clutter and extra stuff that wasn't needed.

Great plugin but unfriendly for beginner
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I previously left a somewhat cutting 1-star review for this plugin and I have to say that I now regret doing that.

Although the plugin was not all that easy to get to grips with initially, once it was in place and I'd learned how to use it, it is great. It does what I want it to do.

The only criticism I have is that it would be better having a 'getting started' guide - just a short one - which would make things so much easier.

Having said that, to Darren (the writer), I apologise for my previous review and I will go on using this plugin. It was definitely worth persevering with!

Good idea but poor coding
By , for WP 4.2.2

Too much error, conflict with other plugin, bad css. Uninstalled.

Easily customized, perfect for offering free courses
By , for WP 4.0.1

I plan to offer free courses, with no sign up - almost impossible to find plugins. I have been searching and trying education course plugins for weeks. I have even installed and wrestled with an ed software generated sub-site. I realized all I need is a post series plugin (and quiz plugin shortcodes). That was disappointing too. Until I found this one.

This one is perfect for courses. It has 2 widgets, TOC, post nav, series index box on each post, and id posts as part of a series. These are all I need. And I need all of them.

Easy to assign posts to a series, and to order them.

CSS is crazy simple to customize. I did so for the first time in my 2 yr. WP experience. And CSS is totally customizable in settings. Awesome.

The plugin does not add awkward looking elements. They integrate well, look great and are logically placed.

Thank you for a maintained, highly useful, plugin. I have a MultiSite sub-site dedicated to its use.

By , for WP 4.0

...for writers.

By , for WP 3.8.1

A good plugin, could do with some more 'advanced' features to get 5 stars.

When series is long then the index widget is stupidly long, perhaps an ajax pagination of some sort would fix this?

Good work though. Thanks

Really good and easy to set up
By , for WP 3.8

Really good plugin.
Many ++
One - no free solid documentation, you have to pay for that. Fair enough I guess.

By , for WP 3.8

I have used Organize Series for quite a while now and it's only improved with age. It's flexible, powerful, well-documented, and supported. I haven't seen a better plug-in for writing serial fiction.

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