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Optimus Image Optimizer

Effective image compression and optimization during the upload process. Automatic and without loss of quality.

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4.4 out of 5 stars
Works as advertised
By ,

I tested a file which was compressed to 98.4 kB by the GIMP. I ran it through the Optimus plugin and it shrank to 82.5 kB with no visible loss in quality. I tried the same file with TinyPNG.com and obtained a 71.8 kB file, but it had a noticeable drop in quality.

I'm now trying to become a customer by buying one of the paid services, but it keeps serving an error :/ The free product does work well though, so hopefully the paid one will be just as good ... once I manage to actually pay for it.

Does awesome!
By , for WP 4.2.2

I have always been an image optimizer guru! I knew it really mattered if your images were smashed or not for your website speed. I have tried different plugins, and even some that would use my own server resources to optimize the images. The problem with that is, it cause lag for your visitors when you make a new post, upload new media, or do a bulk optimize on all your images.

Thanks to Optimus.io; I now don't have to use my server resources to optimize my images, which is really, really good! I highly suggest you give them one try, and you won't want to even bother looking for a different plugin to optimize that images on your blog :) Trust me

By , for WP 4.2.2

Optimiert völlig selbstständig hoch geladene Bilder und reduziert viele Datenbytes! Die Komprimierung ist dabei so ausgewogen, dass keine Artefakte oder andere unschöne Effekte zu sehen sind! Google wird es danken!

An awesome plugin
By , for WP 4.2.2

The plugin works great and does exactly what it's supposed to. The setup was easy and I'm really happy with it. I didn't have any conflicts with other plugins.

Highly recommended if you're looking for a plugin of that kind.

One of my standard plugins
By , for WP 4.2.2

This plugin is really convenient. Once installed and uploaded already all images are optimized


Fast image optimization
By Plugin Author, for WP 4.2.2

Excellent plugin that works right away. There are no conflicts with other plugins and the optimization happens in the background during the image upload process. The recommended image optimization plugin - optimus.io

Hardly any effect. DELETED!
By ,

This plugin reduced my picture from 68 kb to 61 kb ... :(
This is hardly any help therefore I will look for a better plugin.
This one here was a waste of time! I will now delete it.

must have
By , for WP 4.0.1

eigentlich ein must have. jedes kb zählt, gerade als gesamtes. bin sehr zufrieden. holt wirklich immer noch etwas raus.

sehr happy macht mich die pro version – als bonus webp unterstützung (chrome/android).

die jahresgebühr finde ich sehr fair. gerade weil man sie für alle projekte einsetzten kann und damit gegenfinanzieren kann.

guter support.

Super! Aber nur als Premium-Version
By ,

Optimiert automatisch, schnell und zuverlässig Bilder direkt beim Upload. Ist aber auch nur als Premium-Version mit Jahresgebühr zu gebrauchen, die Free-Version bringt eigentlich nicht viel. Trotzdem tolles Plugin.

Was fehlt ist die Bulk-Optimierung, um auch alte Bilder im Blog noch zu optimieren. Das können die Alternativen besser.

Ansonsten klares Muss, um die Performance im Blog effektiv und sehr einfach zu verbessern. Einfach aktivieren und schon erledigt das Plugin die Optimierung quasi stillschweigend im Hintergrund.

as god as no effect, fast kein Effekt
By ,

I've loaded up a picture (94kb)one time with and one time without Optimus. This is the result:

Without Optimus
157x157 size 12,5kb
300x66 size 10,7kb

With Optimus
157x157 from 12,5kb to 11,4kb
300x66 from 10,7kb to 9,8kb

All other picturesizes are exactly the same - with and without Optimus.

This plugin is not useful for me.

Habe je einmal das gleiche Bild 94kb mit und ohne Optimus hochgeladen. Hier das Ergebnis:

Ohne Optimus
157x157 Größe 12,5kb
300x66 Größe 10,7kb

Mit Optimus
157x157 von 12,5kb auf 11,4kb
300x66 von 10,7kb auf 9,8kb

Alle anderen Bildgrößen sind exakt genau so groß, ob mit oder ohne Optimus. Dafür brauche ich kein plugin.

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