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New User Approve

New User Approve allows a site administrator to approve a user before they are able to login to the site.

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3.5 out of 5 stars
By , for WP 4.5.3

When in pending status, user can log in!

Bypasses Registration Error Checks, Preventing Anti-spam Plugins from Working
By , for WP 4.2.1

I really hate to post a 1 star review, but unfortunately in this case it's necessary.

I posted a support request here 5 days ago, and emailed the author through his website, but with no response.

This plugin will prevent any other registration anti-spam plugin from working (CAPTCHA or otherwise) because there is some code in the plugin that needs a bit of fixing. Until this is fixed, this plugin actually causes more spam registrations (even though they still have to be approved).

Line 51 of version 1.7.2:

add_action( 'register_post', array( $this, 'create_new_user' ), 10, 3 );

Please see the documentation for the register_post hook.

From the documentation:

This action hook can be used to handle post data from a user registration before the registration_errors filter is called or errors are returned.

Please note that this hook should never be used for custom validation. Any custom validation rules should be performed using the registration_errors filter.

The effect of doing this is that it will end up bypassing any other registration anti-spam plugins, and add a new user into WordPress even if the user registration is blocked by another plugin.

This plugin creates a new user before errors can be processed by WordPress, thereby negating any error processing. (See above.)

So, as it stands, this plugin is actually increasing the amount of registration spam people are getting.

This isn't the right place to be hooking into the code, and I would recommend not adding a new user manually, and instead letting WordPress do it.

I hope this info will help the author fix the issue, and help improve the plugin to make it better for its users.

Tricky but it works
By , for WP 4.2.2

I previously had an awful experience with this - BUT I decided to give it another shot, as there's no other good alternative out there. It works!

I'm using this with WooCommerce and with a few custom snippets of code, and some tweaking, it works like a charm. Thank you, and thanks for making it free. You genius.

works fine, but too limited for my needs
By , for WP 4.1.1

The plugin works fine, but I was a bit disappointed by the fact that it's not possible to edit the content of the notification mails.

Pending Users are able to logged in
By , for WP 4.1.1

Hello Admin

I found this plugin to be good but one error which is driving me crazy.
When a user registers without approving he may able to login to website.When i checked the status is still in pending state.

Please help me out, as my client is waiting to get this resolved

Fascinating! Good Bye SPAM !
By , for WP 4.1

I have always suffered from new spam users registrations. they keep attacking my site since it is a community forum, and eat up my CPU resources and I finish by having trouble with my host.
Now, with this awesome plugin ON, no more fear.
Thank You Josh

Use to like it
By , for WP 4.1

Liked it but you cannot integrate it with recaptcha.

Plenty of problems
By ,

Users 'disappear' from user manager. Client was complaining that it didn't work for them. Freezes Chrome when you go to 'approved users'.

By , for WP 4.0.1

Email notifications don't work,

So easy!
By ,

Exactly what I needed.

Thank you so much!

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