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Networks for WordPress

Adds a Networks panel for network admins to create and manage multiple Networks from one WordPress installation.

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3.4 out of 5 stars
Has worked exactly as described since 2011
By , for WP 4.2.1

This plugin is unbelievably great as many has suggested and has worked flawless for us since we first used it and still in the original installation plus new ones since the 2011/2012 era.

We found that the biggest issue is that folks do not get it that once the plugin is setup one administers the addition of domains and networks in Network Administration --> Sites --> Networks adding domains there.

This plugin is indeed fantastic serving us well for the past several years

By ,

A powerful plugin that does exactly what it is supposed to do. I am very appreciative David!

By ,

Simple, excellent, powerfull.
Works for my networks on WordPress 3.5.1 and 3.8.1.

Can be very frustrating to get to work
By , for WP 3.6.1

I've seen this plugin work on other installs. The documentation seems to me to be incomplete. For example, I get red errors when I verify one of my network sites. But there is no where that tells you how to find and resolve the proper setting associated with the error.

The doc is quite brief in terms of install, setup and management. Yet there seems to be a wealth of settings necessary in order top get a network site to work and to be able to assign a theme to it, etc.

Bottom-line winds up causing grief & frustration.

umm.. what?
By , for WP 3.6

so this isnt very descriptive... i have my network running, installed this addon commented out the line... even disable every other plugin but im not seeing anything different from vanilla networks and this =/ am i missing something? are there settings somewhere

EDIT* scratch that, cant believe i didnt see the link lol, figured it out, and this is BA, but one question, is this making it so the sub network i create i can give some one else rights to that and they can have there own mini network under mine? where i still have the boss permissions to control my network, plus theres? i mean im still toying with it, but thats what im kind of gettin at.

Has numerous problems and screwed up my WordPress configuration
By , for WP 3.5.2

This appears to be just another buggy tool that fails to measure up. I didn't expect much, since I didn't pay for it. I just wish I had known it was not safe to use.

At first, this tool appeared to be more promising than WP Multi Network, which is broken as of WordPress 3.5. However, one frustrated day later I realize that Networks for WordPress (this tool) has gotten my WordPress configuration out of wack. And, it happened just as I was about to give up and remove it.

I spent most of one day trying to get this tool to facilitate just one extra network. Like WP Multi Network, a lack in instructions for how to use it made this a frustrating and drawn-out chore to say the least.

I was able to create a separate network. And, I had only little trouble figuring out how to assign a site to it. "Okay", I thought. "This appears to be going fine after all", or so I thought. Now that I have it, what do I do with it? When I list all sites, the one I assigned to the secondary network isn't there. So, I don't have access to change the site anymore. I tried multiple approaches to get around this. But, there just does not seem to be a way to do anything using the secondary network.

As I began to realize the futility of my efforts using this tool, I began to reverse the assignment to the secondary network and any other changes so I could deactivate and get rid of it. But, I keep getting a vague message, "No sites selected". I keep trying using different approaches, but still no-go. Then, I realized that the site I had assigned is now linked to what appears to be some random domain from out of the blue, "holding.blogs.local/mysite".

I have no idea what other kinds of damage this tool has done. But, I have seen enough to stop tinkering with it.

As the Lorax said, "You have been warned."

By , for WP 3.5.1

This is a great plugin. Just don't forget to read everything and uncomment your DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE in your config. Unreal...thank you.

By , for WP 3.5.1

installed it setup the sites in the networks
and it broke my database and would not log in anymore

this plugin sucks

Works perfectly
By , for WP 3.5

Switched to this after years of futzing with WP-Multi-Network plugin. This one fills in the blanks the other one leaves.

In a world of near misses
By , for WP 3.5

this one hits the mark

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