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Nelio AB Testing

A/B Testing, conversion rate optimization, and beautiful Heatmaps specifically designed for WordPress.

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Easy to use, incredible customer support!
By , for WP 4.2.2

I rarely take the time to write reviews, but I felt compelled to say something nice about this plugin and the company who developed it. I am not a split-testing guru, but I know that it's an incredibly powerful way to increase conversions, so I wanted a simple WordPress plugin that could tell me what I needed to know at a glance. I looked at a number of different options, then set up Nelio. I was sold the first day! The process for creating the competing versions of pages was straightforward, and the results were clearly graphed and explained all on a single page. When I did have a question about integrating it with my shopping cart (Shopify), they came back with a great solution instantly. If you're diving into A/B Split Testing on WordPress, use this tool!!!

Great product and incredible customer support
By ,

We've been using Nelio for a few months now, and it just keeps on adding value. In my monthly client reports, I'm able to use the results to provide convincing demonstrations of why we do what we do, the clients absolutely love it, and we;ve been able to show real conversion improvements as a result (My newest catchphrase has become "Great Idea. let's test it to see how it affects your sales")

We've spoken to David and his team frequently about our needs as the end user, and they've adapted the tool accordingly, to provide even more value to us. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend it. Invaluable!

Very effective tool
By , for WP 4.2.2

Nelio A/B testing is incredibly user-friendly and integrated extremely well into my WooComerce powered store. I used it to test questions such as:

  • Should I include shipping in the cost of the product or separate it out?"
  • What's a better homepage design that gets people clicking through to my product detail page?

The analytics included in the tool are very helpful, and I really appreciated their inclusion of a calculated statistical level of confidence in which version of a test was performing better.

Nelio was far easier to integrate into WP than any other tool I found out there, and I would highly recommend any WP user to use it.

The best wordpress A/B testing plugin
By , for WP 4.2.1

After researching and testing several different A/B testing plugins and software, Nelio was by far the best and easiest to use. Sure it's a premium service, but still works out much cheaper than other premium A/B testing services like Visual Website Optimizer. Plus it has the huge advantage of being fully integrated with wordpress so you can test out different themes, menus, widgets etc, and do it all from within the wordpress dashboard.

The support is fast and the developers are friendly and engaging and receptive to new ideas and feature requests. Highly recommended.

Excellent Product, Amazing Customer Support
By , for WP 4.1.1

Nelio A/B Testing is intuitive, powerful, and an excellent fit for any WordPress website - especially if you use that website for a business like I do.

It has a wide variety of experiments, everything from Heatmaps to A/B Testing of Content, Styling, and even Page Structures. And it's not going to cost you an arm and a leg like some other services.

Also, the customer service is phenomenal. Nelio actually worked personally with us to develop a new version of the plugin that increased it's compatibility with another plugin we were using. They are continually updating and improving their product.

Highly Recommended product.

- Richard

Extraordinary customer support!
By ,

We use a dozen different tools to improve our site's (YouQueen.com) performance. I was thrilled when I found Nelio to split test our headlines and craft better article titles. We had a very specific request and Nelio's Co-Founder personally helped us out, they installed a special feature just for us , all their responses were quick and helpful, detailed... to be honest I was shocked to receive such great service as it's not common to get such personal help and have someone get out of their way to help you out... at least we didn't get that from any of the other subscription sites we use.

We started with the testing and Nelio already helped us make some good conclusions about our site and improvements we can make in our site's layout and the headlines themselves. Nelio's a perfect tool to help you understand your audience better and tailor your content and site overall to your visitors's interests.

We'll add a more detailed review of all the other features once we test them. Overall, great service, and we already made some useful conclusions even tough we just started using the plugin, I'm sure there'll be more soon.

Easy A/B testing, great support
By , for WP 4.1

A/B testing is such a critical method of improving your website. This plugin makes it easy to run these tests. I've done small tests on our homepage (minor text differences, button color changes) and an entirely different page to see what better drives free trial registrations. I had one problem, emailed their tech support and they got right back to me with a solution. Great plugin, great team.

Great Experience
By , for WP 4.1

I enjoyed the user experience of this plugin. The step by step interface and process was very clean, easy to navigate and I liked how I didn't have to manually type in the pages I wanted to add for my goals because you can search for them and select them from the drop-down, very well-thought out. I used a couple of different A/B testing plugins, and this was the best overall experience. Seems very robust and I just did a A/B test based off of the home page against an alternative page I had already created. One of the co-founders, David, was incredibly fast and helpful in his response time.

A few ideas that could make it even better:
It would be helpful to add a clarifying note about how the percentage of people participating in the experiment is not the same thing as a split percentage of who sees the alternative. Though this could be understood upon close examination of the verbiage in the settings, it would just be an extra helpful note because some of the other plugins do have the ability to change the percentage and this could be easily confused. Perhaps putting this in a "?" mark next to the slider? I had my slider scaled to 50% and the experiment didn't appear to be working at first, just one little thing that would make it an even better experience.

Also, it is worth noting that the project I working on was with WP Engine as the host and had some difficulty with another plugin on WP Engine (Simple Page Tester), Nelio worked out of the gate. I noticed Nelio wasn't working correctly when I was setting it up on my local installation with DesktopServer, that may be worth putting in your documentation as well that local installations don't work with the plugin, but since the experiment needs to be started, it doesn't really matter as I set the plugin up on the live installation.

Having a duplicate or clone feature for the experiments would be great as well.

Overall though, I will be coming back to this plugin again for other clients!

Highly recommended
By , for WP 4.0.1

The plugin is very easy to use, and the fact that you can set up experiments through the WP dashboard is a big plus.

By far the best thing, though, and the reason I would really recommend Nelio, is the support. The plugin is being aggressively developed, with new features being added all the time. Also, if you have any problems, they are really, really helpful. When I had problems with the plugin at the beginning (due to a plugin conflict, as it turned out), they spent the best part of a day on my site finding the problem, and then released an updated version of the plugin the same day!

Great Service, great plugin
By , for WP 3.8

A very well thought out response to AB Testing for wordpress.
However, the support is even better! We had a problem implementing the plugin with our specific theme and the support team worked swiftly and closely with us to find a solution and roll out a bug fix.

The team seems very dedicated to their product and are working to add features and make the service even better.
Would recommend this plugin for sure. Thanks!

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