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Duda Mobile Website Builder

The simplest mobile website builder on WordPress. Over 5 million sites have already been made mobile with DudaMobile.

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By , for WP 4.2.2

This plugin is so bad and poorly written. Seriously, open up the plugin and read the code: it's disgusting in there.

Horrible Product
By , for WP 4.2.2

Spent four days working with this product. While the mobile builder is fine on a pc with the exception of their "location" feature, their wordpress plugin and redirects that they provide do not work! I contacted customer support and they did respond but said, "ok, so our wordpress plugin isn't working (I think it doesn't work for most based on the reviews I see here), put this code in your header.php file and change your CNAME records." I did both correctly and the redirect code that customer support provided didn't work and now my website has been inaccessible for days via mobile or tablet. Also, my website being down has affected my rankings. I had paid for the premium account - they don't have a number to call! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME. I don't trust toptenreviews.com reviews anymore based on this experience.

Terrible Terribble Terrible Terrible Terrible App
By , for WP 4.1.1

Somehow this thing installed itself on one of my domains and caused that domain to redirect to another of my domains when I made some changes at GoDaddy. Since then I have been trying to get correct whatever this piece of junk has done to my websites. Since I never installed it, I couldn't just deactivate it. I contacted Duda, they said they corrected the problem on their end, but the problem still existed, so I called GoDaddy, they said everything was okay there. I checked my htacess files and my index files, but I found no references to Duda or any mobile redirect. So, I installed Duda (I know, really, really stupid). Then instead of one site redirecting to the other, the problem changed. Now the site that redirected goes to a page that says pageok and the other site, that does not have Duda on it now redirects to a Duda version of it. This App should be outlawed by WordPress !!

Not FREE!!!! $7.20 annual fee or $10.99 Monthly
By , for WP 4.1

I spend over around 4-5 hours creating my mobile side and then when I went to publish the site it offered 10 pages free!!! MY TIME is non-refundable. Tell me from clearly show me from the beginning that I would have to pay that much!!!! SAVE EVERYONE TIME AND FRUSTRATION!!!! VERY ANGRY!!!!

Not Free ...
By ,

A really brilliantly designed plugin, but after spending 4 hours customising my mobile website, it only then told me that I would need to pay a monthly subscription fee if I wanted it to be add free and have more than 10 pages ... It would be helpful to know this upfront!

By , for WP 3.9.2

It's not free.

"Free" by their terms is much different than mine
By , for WP 3.9.2

I must admit the mobile product version for my site looked nice, but then I started seeing that you had to pay for for many of the options. It's turns out their "Free" version is basically a stripped down version of a product they are selling. To me, this comes across more as a demo to me than actually "Free." Since they did show me a nice looking mobile version site they developed through their main product, I decided to see how much it would be for the full version. I thought that it might be offered as a single priced product. No, it wasn't. It turns out that you must pay them each month. If I recall correctly, it was about $8 a month.

Our group website is basically a non-revenue site, so we can't afford paying this amount over the future years to come.Anyway, as soon as I saw that never ending payment, I knew that I might as well stop messing with this plugin, so I immediately deactivated and uninstalled it... I'm currently looking for something else that is actually free, or at a more reasonable price. I look at having a mobile version of a site as a nicety, but a necessity. I think the developer might not see that. Perhaps this mobile plugin developer may be aiming more towards the high end WordPress website owners, and not towards the majority of people that can't afford to continuously pay a monthly fee, and that's a shame. I feel that if they want to charge for their product, that they might gain even more by having a small flat price and having more users of their product. Sort like making more money through volume, than having a smaller group of users that pay all of the time. That's just my opinion.

Being a demo product caused it to lose one or two stars. When I saw how much that it would cost over the years it dropped all of the stars. The only reason that it has one star is because it did actually look nice.

Borderline scam
By , for WP 3.9.1

If you are looking for a FREE mobile plugin for WordPress this is NOT it! There is also a major issue here because this is the first plugin I've ever used that actually redirected me to the company's website and from there tried to proffer more things at me for $$$ while offering to build my mobile site.

This "plugin" is one hair short of a scam and shame on WordPress for not filtering this kind of thing out of their list of available plugins.

Usine à gaz
By , for WP 3.9.1

usine á gaz

Free? Yeah Right
By , for WP 3.9.1

I guess you could call it free, if you want all the ads to junk up your blog theme and run your visitors off. They might as well do away with the "Free" version. As a matter of fact they should be suspended from here for false claims.

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