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Media File Manager

You can make sub-directories in the upload directory, and move files into them.

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Just what I needed
By , for WP 4.5.2

I forgot to set "Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders".

I was able to move thousands of files to more appropriate locations without issue.

Not working Error is coming after installation
By , for WP 4.4.2

After installation once you enable the plugin it gives an error and does not start.
Not worth installing and using till bug gets fixes. Request the developers to fix the problem. However, i am using the same plugin but an older version in the latest WordPress 4.4.2 and it is still working good.

Moved files but didn't update paths
By , for WP 4.3.1

I'm on a shared server and realized too late that, due to server limitations, I can only see 1998 files per folder. This also means that my backup routines, done via FTP, are only able to save 1998 files per folder as well, so I had to break my large folders down to smaller chunks.

This plugin will move the files, but unfortunately did not update all the paths, so I used the "Better Search and Replace" plugin to fix the filepaths.

However, I just realized that all I need is my FTP program and "Better Search and Replace", I can skip this plugin entirely to do the job. Thus, my return to update this review.

Not a Real File Manager
By , for WP 4.3.1

I've been looking for a real file manager for WordPress ever since starting to use it for two sites about two years ago. I was surprised that WordPress core does not have one. I quickly found the Media File Manager Advanced plugin but had to abandon it as it was not really a file manager.

I have since occasionally looked for real file manager plugins that were new or that I might have missed. I recently found Media File Manager and it looked as if it might fill the bill.

Having four documents to upload and link to, as I do every week, I installed and activated this plugin. When I opened Media File Manager, I saw all of the sub-folders of the Uploads folder as expected, and was able to navigate to the desired folder and see all of the files. But then I found it was impossible to upload my new files. Thinking I had to use the editor to do the uploading I next went there. But when I clicked on the Media Selector button, my folders didn't even show. The only sub-folders that appeared were the year and month folders that WordPress insists on generating whether you want them or not. And I rarely use or want them.

So I had to revert to my usual procedure of logging on to the host server and using its file manager to upload the files.

And then I had to continue typing in the url of each file to the editor's create link window - the Select Media button doesn't even appear there. This is an serious omission - I do much more linking to pdf and mp3 files than I do picture inserting.

I moved to WordPress because the programs I had been using were either obsolete or becoming so. But both had excellent file managers which allowed me to upload and then link to or insert, by pointing and clicking.

Why WordPress lacks a file manager puzzles me. If a plugin exists, I have not been able to find it. I gave this Media File Manager plugin one star hoping this is just a premature look at a work in progress. What it does do, it doesn't do very conveniently. I rarely have a need to move files. And why would I use this plugin to create a new folder when I then have to go to the server's file manager to upload files into it?

I'll keep looking for plugin I can use. Fortunately I have workarounds.

Does much more than other plugins
By , for WP 4.3

OK, first off, this plugin takes it time running, but it is doing a lot of things in that time. This plugin actually moves the files, AND it makes the changes to the WordPress database so that any references to the file are also changed (<- IMPORTANT!). If you look at other plugins like this, they don't actually move the files, they just create a different way of indexing them.

I didn't have the option for organizing the uploads in to the Month-Year structure turned on, so after two or three years, my uploads folder was overflowing with too many files for most FTP programs to handle. This became a problem for our site. Needing to navigate those folders on the site with an FTP program, I needed something to fix the issue.

MEDIA FILE MANAGER was the answer. I have been able to create a new parent folder, then a number of child folders to organize the huge mess of files in the uploads folder. It takes a while to do it, but it is actually doing something with the files and fixing the database too.

EXACTLY what I needed.

At first great! But when you have LOTS of images, mmm!!
By , for WP 4.2.4

I have about 20,000 images and it's now got to the point it takes half-an-hour to move 10 images.

Absolutely a must have plugin!
By ,

I have been searching for such plugin all day today. I really have to vouch for this plugin, made my website a whole lot better! With all the custom upload folders, I love it.

I hope future support will be available?!

Worked for me for the most part.
By ,

Even moving a couple images at a time seemed to take quite a while. But it usually worked. Once my folders started containing a thousand images it slowed down even more, even when only moving an image or two. Then it would crash and the page would need to be reloaded.

Cute plugin - nonfunctional in the real world
By , for WP 4.1.1

Ok. I can create folders and move media hither and yon - but the folders offer no functionality unless you are wanting to select one image, or you want to select multiple images to move about on a page.

Can't delete images from this plugin. While I am able to delete empty folders (left over from testing other gallery plugins - [why are they still there?]), this plugin does not let you delete images from within those folders. You have to do that from the Media Library, which kind of makes this plugin useless if the point is to organize (reorganize) a lot of images. I suppose I could create a "trash" folder, move images to that and find a way to delete that through my web host control panel.

Media Library gallery creator does not work inside folders. If you want to create a gallery, you have to do it through the Media Library, you can't use this plugin. Again, the point of this plugin is to organize (reorganize) a lot of images? But then what? To create a gallery, you have to go through the whole Media Library selecting the images you want. If you've organized those images into a sub-folder, they're not available to select to create a gallery.

So - a nonfunctional plugin.

How add media selector to Aqua Page Builder
By ,

How add media selector to Aqua Page Builder (Availabels blocks)?

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