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Magic Fields 2 Toolkit

A toolkit for the Magic Fields 2 plugin for media oriented CMS web design by non programmers.

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End of Active Development
By Plugin Author,

The home page of this plugin is hosted at wordpress.com. Some time after Aug 23, 2015 wordpress.com changed the post processing that it applies to sanitize the HTML before saving. The new algorithm began ignoring some of my HTML escape characters and saving escaped HTML as valid HTML. This has broken many of my examples which by necessity contain HTML. I cannot even restore to an earlier good version since the new post processing is still applied and again ignores the same HTML escape characters and re-mangles the earlier good version into the same mess. For the present it seems it is impossible to restore that site. If you need any help at all please contact me at https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/magic-fields-2-toolkit. I absolutely respond to every request in reasonable time so it will not be a waste of your time.

Since, I only have access to the mangled good earlier versions it seems the whole site may need to be rewritten and moved to another web host. As this plugin only has 30+ users according to wordpress.org I think it is easier to support those users individually than to rewrite and move this entire site. Of course this means I will have to stop development of this plugin as there will be no way to document new features but there were only a small number of additional features I had planned anyway.

Fatal error when activating
By , for WP 3.7.1

I just think this plugin is neccesary, actual must-have, BUT:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_SL in /home4/azproduc/public_html/infinitelevels.info/wp-content/plugins/magic-fields-2-toolkit/magic-fields-2-toolkit.php on line 69

This is what I get when trying to activate it :S

Any solution?
Thanks in advance

Awesome Toolkit! Shortcodes are Great!
By , for WP 3.5.1

I really gotta say, this is by far the best plugin's plugin I have ever found in WP. It made me finally register in this website (but honestly, because I needed to to write this ;).

I have been working with WP for a while now, using several different plugins.
I was seeking for a plugin that would allow me to place custom blocks inside frontend pages.
The thing is, sometimes the frontend pages need to be HTML code and in those cases, guys that don't even bother to check the code, turn on the WP Visual editor and screw up everything (imagine carousels and all other Twitter Bootstrap stuff being wiped out by a single edit).
So the goal is that when these guys click the edit page through the wp-admin, they actually only edit text/images parts without touching the page itself.

So that led me to Magic Fields... Pure Magic really, I still am astonished. But it also led me to the great disappointment that it was only intended for backend templates usage... Until I did a search inside the WP search.... MMmmm what's this toolkit all about?!..... HOLY...... BINGO! JACKPOT! HELL YEAH!

So I'm happy :)


  • You used PHP 5.4 arrays' syntax: [] and since I'm working with WAMP (that uses PHP 5.3 - array() ) several syntax errors appeared in the files when I tried to activate the plugin. I replaced all the occurrences with 5.3 syntax and it works fine. I was wondering why no one has voted/commented in this yet... Maybe more people had the same issue.
  • I suggest mentioning on your plugin's page that you need to access the settings page through the dashboard menu in order to activate all the features, I found it through the WP page FAQ (because when you activate the plugin, the settings link doesn't appear in the plugins page).
  • About the shortcode syntax, if I want to build something like carousel(image slider) items repeatedly:
    <div class="item">
      <img src="img.jpg"  alt="Img Alt" title="Img Title">
      <div class="carousel-caption">
        <h2>Img Title</h2>
        <p>Img Description</p>

    I need to copy and paste all these 5 shortcodes times the number of images the carousel has, like this:

    [show_custom_field field=carousel_image<1,1> before="<div class='item'><img src='" post_id=468]
    [show_custom_field field=carousel_title<1,1> before="' alt='" post_id=468]
    [show_custom_field field=carousel_title<1,1> before="' title='" after="'><div class='carousel-caption'><h2>" post_id=468]
    [show_custom_field field=carousel_title<1,1> after="</h2>" post_id=468]
    [show_custom_field field=carousel_description<1,1> before=<p> after=</p></div></div> post_id=468]
    [show_custom_field field=carousel_image<1,2> before="<div class='item'><img src='" post_id=468]
    [show_custom_field field=carousel_title<1,2> before="' alt='" post_id=468]
    [show_custom_field field=carousel_title<1,2> before="' title='" after="'><div class='carousel-caption'><h2>" post_id=468]
    [show_custom_field field=carousel_title<1,2> after="</h2>" post_id=468]
    [show_custom_field field=carousel_description<1,2> before=<p> after=</p></div></div> post_id=468]

    I'm using the post_id because it's outside the_loop. But it would be SPECTACULAR if I could use just one shortcode like this:

     before="<div class='item'><img src='" field=carousel_image<1,*>
     before="' alt='<!--$content-->' title='<!--$content-->'><div class='carousel-caption'><h2>" field=carousel_title<1,*> after=</h2>
     before=<p> field=carousel_description<1,*> after=</p></div></div> post_id=468]

    Do you get it? Since you support invoking all group fields with GROUPNAME_*<i,*> why not supporting specific fields in specific positions inside one shortcode? And last but not least, reusing the field's content (<!--$content--> similar to your <!--$F/field--> label/slug) for images titles and alts. It generates an awesome loop.

  • I haven't found where the search feature was placed in the dashboard (from your documentation), can you detail where to access this?
  • The remove feature is fundamental IMO, but I noticed the thumbnails in the cache folder still remain in there after removing the image through the delete checked button. Also it would be a good reminder to mention in the documentation that the "image_media" field type does not place the files in the files_mf folder, so the only that affects it is "image" field type. For the interface itself of the remover, maybe http://jqueryui.com/accordion/ may help!
  • Have you considered talking to the MF guys in order to work directly on the plugin? I believe you all could boost up the plugin to an unsurpassable level. And you made your point clear, documentation is essential for this and they need documentation, specially in English. It would also be very helpful to understand your code better (commenting helps ;)

Great Job! Really! Thank you for this awesome work! :D

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