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A feature-packed eCommerce plugin built upon WordPress core functionality ensuring excellent performance and customizability.

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Was Sold Outdated Plugin and Can't Get Refund
By , for WP 4.1.1

Bad experience with this cart. Purchased Affiliates Pro plugin and received an outdated plugin. Have been trying for more than a week to get refund and all I get are apologies for the delay.

First it was the person who could process refund was out until 30 March. Now, 3 April, still no refund.

"Let me buy a glowing review from you." Wow - really ?
By , for WP 4.0

I was a Jigoshop user, but as the name suggests, am not anymore.

Going through my email, I see a newsletter about the latest happenings from JigoShop. I open it, hoping to find some exciting news. Instead, I see this from the classy crew at Jigoshop:

"...we would like to signal our appreciation by rewarding all of you who have given us a five-star review with a free plugin. Thank you again for your continued support, and click through to enjoy your free plugin on us!*
* Free plugin to be claimed by 31st December 2014"

Wow - really? This is not a 5 star review on their website, but rather a 5 star review here - w.org. Instead of actually encouraging people to leave comments about their true experience with your plugin, you're trying to buy them. Yes - this is a new profile, and I will admit it. I set this up solely to respond to the inflammatory email I received from jigoshop.com.

Are you really so desperate for positive press, that you have to stoop so low as to pay for it? Is there really so much negative talk about your plugin that you feel the need to bury it under trash that you purchased from people who can be bought? This statement in no way speaks to the accuracy of any of the individual, previous reviews or their experiences, but it rather meant to call out the author for dubious tactics.

Like I said, I've used your plugin for a couple of years. I made money using your plugin for a couple of years. I bought extensions from you to help me make money over the last couple of years. In that time, here's what I've noticed:
1. You had a solid plugin, albeit a few kinks, nothing that stopped me from running my website. It ran well, though it seemed little thought was given to making the UI in the admin more productive to shop owners. Did I sell stuff? - yes. Did it take more time than it should've for me to sell some stuff? - sometimes.

2. Your engagement up to this point with the WP community at large has been fairly positive albeit sometimes lacking. You don't seem to have anyone but a couple contributing to your plugin, which tells me all of the WP evangelists have given up on you. As for as bug reports here, you started strong, but now all we see is "email support@jigoshop.com". Perhaps you're trying to hide all of the bugs people are reporting? I don't know, so I can only come to my own conclusion about your intentions. It would be nice to know the answer to something someone else experienced. Clearly your only goal now is to dupe unsuspecting rubes and the WP community into giving you money.

3. It seems the only thing development wise that you produced recently are a flurry of constant updates to fix problems from your constant updates. While I always new it, I just overlooked it, because I was using your plugin, but your product is stale. Simple things like variations break with updates. You're issuing fixes for tax calculations years after the plugins initial release. That stuff should be solid by now, but it's not. The core is old and dying - in my opinion, a few custom post types and reaching out to 3rd party apis. Others have surpassed you with a superior product and based on this latest campaign of deception and review bating on a website / forum not even your own, I can only summise you know this as well.

For all who have read this far, in fairness, I would probably give the plugin's usefullness a 3 to 3.5. However, WordPress is a community, so I think it only fair that the practices of plugin authors should be a consideration in the plugin review / rating, particularly when the practices of the plugin author are aimed at deceiving the WordPress community with potentially inflated / exaggerated reviews of their plugin geared solely at marketshare and profiteering.

Abysmal support from a formerly great developer
By , for WP 3.9.2

These guys take over a month to respond to paying customers about extremely pressing concerns.

Not to mention their "lifetime membership" isn't worth the virtual paper it's virtually printed on, as mine just expired without any warning or reason. Jigoshop can't be trusted. You've been warned.

big problems with extensions
By , for WP 3.9.1

i have purchased from the jigoshop website the "SEO Deluxe Plugin" but it does not work - it does not work at all with the latest version of wordpress and jigoshop.

the producer of that extension does not answer to my e-mails and jigoshop also provides only payed support - at least if there was a forum or something.

i would not ever recommend jigoshop as simple things are almost impossible to do, like implmenting on my own schema.org or other simple stuff.

community is also NON EXISTENT so run as fast as you can from this extension.

No support for potential customers, bad implementation
By , for WP 3.9.1

In comparison, woocommerce has a free support stuff for those who are new and are struggling with the plugin. Sure, they are slow and not so effective but a newbie can search topics, add new ones, receive answer.

I wanted to try jigoshop but run in many complications. To my surprise free forum was closed, old threads were not helpful. The only solution was to buy premium support... Great... Plugin isn't working correctly in free version already so how could I be certain that after paying for support it will do what I expect it to do? Sorry, I don't buy with eyes closed.

During my search I found out that my problems are... NORMAL. What??? Yes, you heard right. This ecommerce plugin don't work flawlessly just like that... You need to buy a dedicated and expensive theme... Without it on the shop page all widgets are shown down, as if they were in footer area... There are few primitive free themes but they are too little choice and have too little functionality to do something with them. So from the beginning we are forced to buy the dedicated theme, but still not knowing if we like the shop. Not nice.

Solutions that I found through Google included manually searching and editing plugin files. Unfortunately files were in different places then mentioned in threads or they were not to find at all... Even if I managed to find them, they didn't have the given code, even the shred of if it. In short, those old advices were not applicable to my situation and my version, my themes, etc. So basically I was left with nothing but the option to buy first overpriced theme... or support.

Then I found out about Tax issues and noticed that I only can show prices with tax or without it but doesn't show on the page which one is it. Sorry, but that burn Jigoshop totally. It is even punishable by law in our country not to have tax price that is clearly described, not mentioning how unpractical is not to have it. The constant doubts is the price includes tax or not? Customer must know it from the first glance.

Additionally calculating of tax in cart was total failure. Instead simple prices with tax and just small info about how much tax is in the overall sum like it is done on woocommerce, jigo subracts tax (incorrectly!) shows taxless prices (different from those on product site) and gives some weird tax on the end. What? There is so much weirdnesses and mistakes here that I can't even began to describe it fully. In short, tax options fails miserably.

And there was the BIG issue with prices... When I put 3.87, for customer it was shown and calculated as 3.00. When I gave the price 0.82, on shop site the price was 0.00... Everything was rounded down to whole numbers, although I did have 2 decimal places set and system was showing it... as double 0, not the rest I put in system.

Of course I wasn't the only one affected with this issue, but once again, with no support I couldn't find any solution...

So many bugs on the beginning and not a bit of help from any side just threw me away from this plugin as far as possible.

Sorry, but Woocommerce sucked at first but I was able to resolved issues, although it lasted long. With Jigoshop I didn't even have a chance to begin.

1 star is too much in my opinion. Someone miscalculated and left newbies, potential customers in the ice...

not good for high traffic
By , for WP 3.8.1

launching 4 days, using this wp + this plugin i got oversell thousands items and alot of fail variation matching. see => "THOUSANDS"!

it was my fault to choose this plugin as ecommerce. i didnt do deep research before.
i give up with this plugin!

f**, my customer will blame me.



Promosing but css doesn't work and there's no support
By , for WP 3.8.1

This plugin looks great and I would like to use it instead of woocommerce but like others say there's no support. I can't get the css to work with my theme, which I just paid 55 for. I understand paying for support when everything is well documented. It's not. Especially when you move helpful threads to the private section of your forum. I'm the type of person that buys plugins and themes. I even tried to see on your site how much it costs to buy it and I don't even know if there's an option for that. I couldn't find the price.

If you had a great wiki of how to set everything up more people would use it and it would become more popular. Instead I tried to get it to work for at least 3 hours and I've moved back to woocommerce. It'll take some special new feature for me to try it again.

full of bugs
By , for WP 3.6

some things that i noticed, the sku field is missing, the short codes don't work and beak up your website, the list goes on and on

By , for WP 3.5.1

These guys have no idea how to run a business or offer anything resembling customer service.

I paid the small fee for monthly support ($39) after the sidebar widgets for the site I designed disappeared on the product pages.

Their claim is that this is a Weaver II issue, and therefore, not their problem. I was also told " the premium Support you signed up to does not guarantee to solve each & every issue."

Their cart had similar problems with standard WordPress themes as well. When confronted with this I was advised to purchase their templates as those are the only themes with a guarantee to work.

Bare in mind that I already have a design, have client approval on the design and only needed to know what I was supposed to do in order to make the cart work. I never asked them to fix it, only to tell me how to get it done.

Will never, ever use this product, and am in fact thinking of moving the whole site to a different CMS even though I've used WordPress and Weaver Pro II for a couple of years now.

Horrible customer service. I want my money back.

Couldn't get out of the gate
By , for WP 3.5.1

I decided to try Jigoshop after running into a whole bunch of bugs with Shopp and reading their caption on the home page, "eCommerce plugin that works." Maybe it works, but I couldn't even set up one product. I watched their instructional video for setting up attributes, but what I saw on my screen was not at all what they demonstrated. I went to their documentation to read how to do it next and the screenshots didn't show what I was seeing. I never could get attributes on my product and decided to run away before I wasted a bunch more time like I did with Shopp. Off to try Cart66 now.

Isn't there any ecommerce plugin that works and that really understands the need out there? Haven't found one yet that has gotten it right. The features in Jigoshop look great. Just hope they make it better.

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