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You need to invest to earn
By , for WP 4.1.1

IgnitionDeck is definitely not the most simplistic plugin. If you're looking for a one-click install of a complete crowdfunding system and platform with integrated e-commerce functionality you're out of luck.

Yes, it's complicated. So is learning Chinese. But you can't blame the Chinese for that. There are things that are more complicated than others. You can avoid them, but you loose a lot along the way. Choice is yours.

If you decide to run a crowdfunding platform or e-commerce shop, you're already more ambitious. You need to configure IgnitionDeck, and because it's more software package/system than 'plugin' there's much to configure.

Granted the documentation and the terminology in it is not always the most intuitive. I would subtract half a star for that if others had not deliberately low-rated it out of pure frustration. It doesn't claim to be a one-click and you're done thing. And if you think, it cannot otherwise you're having a mediocre shop solution.

I found all, ALL of the issues I had were due to not reading the documentation. And yes, you need to re-read sections and dig into it to make it yours. If you don't have that endurance, how can you run a shop or business?

To recap: IgnitionDeck is a software package for building a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter in a few days. For that it’s unbeatable! It does exactly what it claims to do and more. Engage with it and make it yours.

Great potential and with very good support
By ,

I purchased ignition deck commercial as more of an experiment to see if I could build a property crowdfunding platform on WordPress.

The flow of such a platform is not your conventional crowdfunding platform but what appealed about the product was that the foundations were there.

The journey so far has required significant work but without the support of the ignition deck team, this would not be possible. They have answered all my questions in good time and pointed me the right direction. You do need to be tech savvy but for the price this product represents good value.

As the product matures, it will be great for many different scenarios and i believe they will get there as there is a good team behind it. As users we can also help them as they have been kind enough to accept my feedback.

best platform with fantastic support
By ,

After a mixed experience using Indiegogo we were in search of a better crowdfunding platform. The first reason we chose Ignitiondeck was to maintain as much control as possible, and to know the fixed cost, vs differing percentages of final raised funds.

Once working with the plugin we were thrilled with the ease of the back end, and the prompt input from support as we learned the ins and outs.

Complete satisfaction, I can't recommend it enough to anyone considering crowdfunding.

Excellent Crowdfunding Platform!
By , for WP 4.0.1

I had such an excellent experience using IgnitionDeck. I am definitely not savvy about setting up plugins and so I opted to use the support of the crew at Virtuous Giant. And I cannot say enough for how clear, supportive and quick their assistance was.

It's not a cheap platform upfront but once we did the math, it made sense since we had a fundraising goal of $25k, it was actually far cheaper to pay a one-time fee to use IgnitionDeck than it would have been to use Indiegogo or Kickstarter with their percentage per payment structure. And then there's the added bonus of getting to format the campaign or site yourself.

We used IgnitionDeck with the 500 Maximus theme and once we were oriented, it worked like a charm and was very easy to function within. I loved how flexible the 500 Maximus theme was and it integrated seamlessly with IgnitionDeck.

We had a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign and never had one issue with payment processing or functionality. We asked a lot of questions and asked for a lot of assistance at the beginning while setting up our site and testing the functionality. I felt like we were pretty demanded and definitely very green but we were only ever met with the utmost courtesy and instructions in "laymen's" terms that allowed us to work through any confusion and be very successful.

I recommend IgnitionDeck and the creative and support team at Virtuous Giant without hesitation.

IgnitionDeck: Awesome Bang For Your Buck!
By , for WP 4.1

Reviews are always enlightening! From the get go I am probably one of the most inept technically challenged headaches a developer could hope to deal with, especially from a support point of view.

We looked for a while at all the options available, and considered using the free plugin as a means of gauging whether IgnitionDeck would be a suitable partner and provider for what we wanted to accomplish in the crowd-funding arena. In 2013 we took the plunge and purchased IgnitionDeck Enterprise, we used the 500 Framework theme and had a third party developer create a Child theme.

I knew where we wanted to take our business model, and to that end, spent many nights and weekends in solitude scouring through the forum, posting questions and at times adding emotion to no less than 67 topics and 286 replies – that’s part of my inept skills at work right there.

One quality that continues to stand out for us, is that the IgnitionDeck community is always at the ready to help, offer advice and to share ideas, tips and tricks toward solving some of the complex posts asking for help.

We knew what we were getting into, and for the commitment and investment we have made, cannot fault IgnitionDeck, try as we may, if truth be told, 98% of the issues that have been a source of frustration are incumbent on us as a whole for our lack of understanding, having practically no knowledge of coding, CSS, PHP, FTP, cPanel etc., let alone sitting in the driver seat of a WordPress Dashboard trying to figure out what’s going on – add to that list setting up Stripe, PayPal, and every other “bell and whistle” – the patience and long suffering that the IgnitionDeck team have endured on my part far surpasses any reasonable sanity. We did not and still don’t have the luxury of a full team to market, develop and scale our platform, however, IgnitionDeck is doing exactly what we want it to do, and along with Nathan, Shawn and the rest of the team – continue to provide support that in our books is second to none, taking the time to relentlessly explain even the most basic fundamentals for a novice hacker like me, is a testament to a job well done.

Several months will go by where there is absolutely no need for me to reach out to support for assistance, because someone in our community on the forum will have come across the same issue, and shared their tribal knowledge and: presto we make an adjustment, and keep on trucking.

Speaking of “bang for your buck” and looking back to when we first launched our model on the back of IgnitionDeck, I couldn’t have wished for a better partnership with a team that is available, understands who we are, what our objective is, and continually strives to deliver product, service and support that is second to none.

Our success today and continued growth is as a result of the relationship that has been forged over time with a team of dedicated, innovative and forward thinking folks at IgnitionDeck.

If you’ve made it this far in my review, we’d love for you to visit with us, and either start your own community crowdfunding campaign or support one of the causes that will be blessed by your willingness to help: [ link redacted, please do not post links in reviews ]

IgnitionDeck is one of the best platforms in the market today.
By , for WP 4.1

I am full-time growth hacker and have been doing business online for the past 18 years. I have 2 companies, one for mid to large businesses [ link redacted, please do not post links in reviews ] and another that targets small and local businesses. Because of the vast difference between large vertical markets and small businesses, I had stopped offering my services to small and local markets. The process was cumbersome, time consuming and frustrating to say the least. And the honest truth, I just could not find a platform that could meet all the requirements I needed to make it work.

Over the years, I tried different platforms. They all worked up to a point. But, there always was that final step that I just could not bridge...until I came across IgnitionDeck. Now, I must say I am not a developer. Everything I know I learned on my own. But, when I came across IgnitionDeck Enterprise, I knew it had capabilities way beyond Crowdfunding, therefore I decided to give it a try.

As you can all imagine, using a platform and mash it up with different plugins, systems, themes, etc. was no easy task. The fact that I am not a "developer" certainly made things a bit more challenging...and this is why I am posting this review.

IgnitionDeck Enterprise is not a "simple" platform to understand. It has many moving pieces. That is exactly what makes it such a powerful platform, which can go way beyond the Crowdfunding industry...but that complexity comes with a price. If you do not take the time to understand all the moving pieces and what each part does...you can become quite flustered and frustrated very quickly. There were many instances that I asked myself, what comes first, the chicken or the egg. Only trying, failing, and trying again, did I find the answer.

In the process of adapting IgnitionDeck to my business model and having to mash it up with so many other parts, certainly created a massive number of support questions. I spent 3 months exactly (nearly 24/7) putting all the pieces together...and IgnitionDeck support was always there for me. They do not offer support on the weekends. So that can be frustrating for people that want answers "now". Beyond that, they are a group of awesome developers and just nice guys to say the least. Willing to go the extra mile to make it work. The success of my site, and the complex back-end, is in big part thanks to IgnitionDeck's framework and the support of these guys.

Great plugin for Crowdfunding, with good support.
By , for WP 4.1

My review is coming from a Front-End Developer (over 10 years) position. I cannot speak for the non-technical types using this plugin.

Using IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding. Base plan ($79). Using the 500 Framework theme, plus a customized Child theme that I built.

We looked high and low for a good WordPress plugin to have crowdfunding so we didn't have to deal with a payment API on our non-profit web page [ link redacted, please do not post links in reviews ]. Luckily we found IgnitionDeck! It saved us a very large amount of development time and money and has been working like a charm since we launched our site. The head of our non-profit is not the most technical person there is, but she has picked up using the plugins features on the admin side fairly quickly once I introduced her to everything that we could do.

The support forum could use some improvements, but more on the site functionality and how people are responded to. Perhaps a ticket system would be better than just a forum. There are a LOT of non-technical people requesting help for things that were not bugs, but reported as bugs. Nor do they understand what to submit for bugs to actually be helpful for the IgnitionDeck team. It tends to flood the support forum, sometimes with duplicate issues. Many times if the person requesting help just did a little research on their own they could have figured it out. But as it goes with non-technical people, they tend to want an easy answer and quick, with no regard to other people that may have requested help before them, and on items that were not more critical bugs.

When it came to the actual people giving support, I have no complaints. Considering I'm not their only customer, I found response times to be decent and the support people really worked with me to fix any problems I may have had, or just help in areas I just needed a little help to implement. They tend to jump on any critical bugs on new releases, so that's also a big plus as well.

While it may not be the perfect solution out there, it sure was easily one of the best we could find. I would definitely recommend this plugin if you want an easy'ish solution to crowdfunding without having to spend countless hours with an actual developer dealing with payment gateways and API's. I can see how non-developers might have a hard time with this plugin, but for me there wasn't anything I couldn't either figure out on my own, or with a little help from support.

Good plugin, great service
By , for WP 4.1

I used the free plugin to get an idea of all the possibilities, then I upgraded and started for real.

The setup can be done quickly, my crowdfund was running within days! The few issues I bumped into where solved fast, taking in account the time-difference.

The plugin saved us the extra cost you have to pay to an regular crowdfunding site, so it was money well spent :-)!

Hands Down the Best Support I Have Received
By , for WP 4.1

I couldn't not leave a review touting their support. Quick and helpful. Thank you again Shawn! Nowadays I've come to expect no less than responses days later that are either incomplete or leave me feeling like the support tech didn't even read my message. I mean when you've finally reached the point where you need to contact support there's an issue that you need addressed ASAP. You're product is great, you know what you're talking about, and you have solid support. Highly recommend!

Excellent Product and Service
By , for WP 4.1

We purchased Ignition Deck Enterprise and the Valet service to build our equity crowdfunding platform at [ link redacted, please do not post links in reviews ]

For ~$1,000, we have a fully functioning crowdfunding web app installed in one week. That is exceptional value and we are very pleased with the result.

I was hesistant to purchase ID with the number of poor reviews on here, but most of them appear to be people who got the free version, which I believe is just the backbone and requires substantial custom development, or tried to install ID themselves without sufficient skill and experience.

You need to realize that ID is a complex web app. Your basic WordPress experience does not mean you know how to install a hook up a web app. It is not like a theme or a plugin. I would strongly suggest either hiring a developer or buying the Valet service if you're not a developer with DB experience.

Even with the Valet, you must still do design customizations. You must be comfortable learning a new content management system and be patient with support from your theme author and the ID team.

I am not a developer or web designer. But, I was able to figure it all out. You can too!

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