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A free version of IgnitionDeck, the original crowdfunding plugin for WordPress.

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3.7 out of 5 stars
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Awful is too nice a verdict
By , for WP 4.1

This collection of snippets is disorganized and without support that deserves the name.

There is ONE youtube video, 2 years young describing an entirely different (older) version - which is completely different from what you get today - so 100% useless. Its all of 6 minutes "long" which says it all about this companies dedication to customer support and care.

Instead you find a page titled "we dont negotiate with terrorists" in which the "terrorist" is a disgrunteled customer who is arrogantly informed that -of course- no refund will ever be forthcoming.
(He is labeled a terrorist because he at one point mentions legal assistance)

If you EVER get thru the disorganized "documentation" (and according to them half a page is "extensive") with links to links to links to links - and then back to the first page... not even considering that its outdated, what you see there is NOT what you actually see on your screen, this is a bloody nightmare.

Should you then turn to the "forum", a primitive app that hardly deserves that name (uploading pics? nope, editing after submission? nope) and is fully controlled by the guys who just ripped you off a few hundret bucks (if you are lucky its less), you better bring patience, and a lot of it.
Yes, eventually someone will answer - but days will pass and the answer will likely only lead to another question because it is likely brief and will include VERBIAGE only insiders understand.

In short: nerds have programmed for nerds. that stuff should be ONLY freely available and even then it a TIMEWASTER.

Given another year of INTENSE development and total rewrite of all docs plus production of youtube howto videos this product may one day become what its advertising promises today - but until then buyer beware!!

About the 5-star reviews: one is admittedly by a company employee and the others are all from a very short period in early 2015. So I guess someone helped with the "upping". Check the creation date of the wordpress accounts against the submission date of the review. And compare the dates of all of the 5-star reviews.

Don't try it if your are not a programmer
By , for WP 4.1

I love the idea of IgnitionDeck, but unless you are very comfortable messing with javascript, the back end of your WordPress site, and web hosting protocol/technology overall, don't try to self host a crowdfunding campaign with this extension.

I'm a fairly high-end user - having managed my own website(s) for a couple decades in HTML and several CMS platforms - but I'm not a programmer or web/IT professional, and that's what this extension requires. I spent hours and hours of my time on the technical side of my crowdfunding campaign when I should have been working on the promotion of it.

Definitely regret not going with a well-known, hosted platform. We are a hyper-local project (neighborhood, personal connection driven), so I figured I didn't need national reach and could save money and drive all web traffic to my own site by self-hosting. I ended up needing to by several extensions, including the Google-drive export when the Mailchimp integration inexplicably stopped updating. Between what I spent on the software and the enormous amount of time it took to get working, I saved no money and the web traffic to the campaign page, while one of the highest individual pages, wasn't amazing enough to make up for that.

While the company claims to have improved the documentation, it was lousy when I started using it in Nov 2014. I had all sorts of problems getting the extension to work, there were numerous reported bugs on the support forums, and my reports took days and days for responses, which weren't terribly helpful. Many technical responses on support forums ask users to report/interpret error codes in the javascript.

All and all, I recommend only considering this extension if you are very technical. Not for the average wordpress user.

Free version is not working
By , for WP 4.0

I am definitely upset about the false bait advertising. Tried a lot of time to find that out. See other posts in the forum.

WordPress people, please remove this plugin from wordpress.org!

Nothing works in the free version
By , for WP 3.9.2

This free plug in is just a demo there is no functions that work not even the payment work. You might as well put the donation from Pay pal and get the same functions. If you have no intention to uppgrade do not even look at this direction. If you do not belive me check the support here on wordpress.

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