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Free Version Falls Flat, Not Worth the Time and Effort
By , for WP 4.4.2

I have been using WordPress for quite some time and I have bought my fair share of paid premium plugins after trying out the free versions, but this one....the free version doesn't even work, not without spending hours to be able to get it to work within your own theme.

This plugin is not very well thought out or developed. I couldn't even imagine paying for an "Enterprise" version of it, which is probably "Pay us a lot of money, we'll build and set it up for you, then you'll be locked into needing us to do anything with the plugin."

This is just bad business and really. I'd steer clear of this plugin and company, unless some major changes happen. Not worth it.

Service and product horrible - NOT BUY waste time and money
By , for WP 4.4.2


I strongly advise you not to buy a theme or plugin "Ignitiondeck" of this company. The support and service are of very poor quality. Ignitiondeck malfunctioning, it is horrible visually and is not responsive. You will definitely find a better solution much cheaper elsewhere. DO NOT BUY. Waste time and money.


Poor business practices
By , for WP 4.2.6

I can only echo what others have posted here. Don't waste your time and certainly don't waste your money on this plugin.

By , for WP 4.4

This IgnitionDeck suite has been a major waste of time and money. Thousands spent trying to get it to work since the days of Astoundify. Fundify is not any better. We paid for the Valet service and that was a disappointment also. We are always right on the edge of making it function but never quite there. Valet service was also purchased with Enterprise and Commerce package. My web host sends me notices all the time about this site reaching its resource limits and it is not even out of test mode due to all the problems. I expected much more and I have now given up!!! This is not ready for prime time in my view. Still under development.

Time wasted, and Dissatisfied.
By , for WP 4.2.2

Multiple months went into trying to get IG working, with up sells to the Enterprise version I was not ready to commit as the support is sub-standard. I tried to ask questions during a pre-sell call and got "We can do that" So I purchased. Between HostGator and IG, I was stuck in the middle and tossed back and forth. Finally HostGator edited their code and got the IG License validated (took 1 month). I purchased their Valet hoping that would get me better support and set-up IG the way I was looking for. However this too proved to be an unfortunate mistake. I (originally) gave 2 stars because I believe as a BASIC crowed funding platform it may work out, however (changed to 1 star, really there are much better solutions out there.) you cannot sell T-Shirts as an example (because you cannot add size requirements and gender etc, like woocommerce) Woocommerce integration is kind of a joke.. and I will not get into it here.

In the end this company hides behind there support policy and does not offer refunds, You cannot speak to anyone, and the more money you pay the more you will loose unfortunately.

Very disappointed in their character. Ive tried to be diplomatic with emails, but in the end I am the one who suffers.

Please do not buy this product unless you know EXACTLY what it will do for you. I only found out after I had already purchased and ran into road block after road block.

Get the credit card out to make it work
By , for WP 4.2.2

A big drop in functionality compared to the astoundify version and much much more expensive.

It's not compatible with the astoundify version either. I bought the fundify theme for astoundify together with the paypal adaptive payments and stipe payments option.

Do they work with this new version. Well the fundify theme doesn't and I can not tell if the other extensions work because this new version does not have any donate button.

This is a very poor plugin that does - nothing really. Don't waste your time on it unless you are prepared to pay for any sort of functionality.

The old astoundify plugin I scored at 4 this version it barely managed 1

not worth the effort
By ,

I have long hesitated to even write a review, especially as it is quite unrealistic to expect this company to take any HINTS from bad reviews, looking at their excuse-generator named "Andrew". Btw.: Andrew, in real life, is one of the better support persons of this company, but he is strictly a 9-5 person, week-ends off, as all others are. If you have holiday season of any kind no answers for a week are the norm.
This is quite normal for a regular company, but NOT for anything happening under the auspices of WordPress, where helpdesks are usually populated 24/7 and often around the world. Even single person enterprises often support their non-paying customers on weekends as it is seen as a task and prospect rather than a job you "clock in" for.

So what do you have to expect when going the ID way:

1) Unless your site has a one-time-only crowfunding endevour the 500.- bucks enterprise version is mandatory. With the 150.- commerce license you cant do chained or parallel payments and in general submitting projects is a drag. The basic version really is good for nothing, as is the "free" version. So dont even try unless you do not value your own time.
2) Expect BUGS. yes, plural. And do NOT expect them to be fixed for you right away or anytime soon - probably in the next update, which may be far away.
3) Do not take ANY function for granted. Just because it looks like its supposed to work in a specific way doesnt mean it actually does. Not even fuctionality you would assume to be essential (like receipts for payments)
4) Expect to be left alone when the area of expertise leaves the immediate vincinity of ID, e.g. questions regarding the payment gateways are often ignored with the advice to ask THEM. So THEM might then refer you back to ID, can you spell "between a rock & a hard place"?
5) Expect MANY others competing for support time. All you get then is the lame excuse that they are understaffed but work to change that situation. Maybe so, but maybe also too late for ME.
6) The dreaded weekend: you put in a ticket on thursday and PRAY that it gets worked on on Friday, because if it doesnt, you next chance is MONDAY. Often answers are rather follow up questions - even if you answer them immediatly they wont be addressed before - you guessed it - the next day (if you are lucky).... so one issue easily can take weeks until resolved.
7) You start putting in questions too early, because you fear late responses - but the forum software does not allow editing. leading to a chain of your msgs before someone from ID looks at them - very messy and easy to remedy, but NOT remedied - why?
8) Their documentations is spars, you can not search it (!) and its in wide areas outdated, also features are mixed from various versions which is very confusing. IMO nobody can set up a working CF site ONLY using the docs, no matter how experienced or smart he is. But that should be possible.

In Conclusion:
This company seems to have released a half-baked product WAY too early, likely trying to improve it "on the road", but at the expense of early customers. In a year or two it may be worth looking at again. quite possible a fully functional bug-free CF platform is then available for relatively little money. But we arnt there yet.

At e.g. peopleperhourdotcom fully developed CF platforms, made to your specs, can be had for $ 500,- - and even if that requires another 500.- for getting it finally into the shape you want, that is done in 10 days, not 10 weeks, and ten weeks is FAST in the world of ID!

So if you want a new hobby, have time and money to burn (mostly time) and are an expert in php and CSS and WP, go for it.

If not, go somewhere else!

Filled full of bugs and issues
By , for WP 4.1.1

We're programmers and couldn't get this to work..

Purchased the $500 enterprise license and paid for a $400 enterprise valet. The plugins could be better integrated. Plenty of odd behaviour.

For the price I expect more.. Based on their support forums there are others that have similar considerations and frustrations.

Dealing with "Karl" in support is a pain. Professional enough but in no way accommodating.

Between the software license and the staff time we had a few thousand dollars into this. We ended up walking away and developed our own crowdfunding software.

Before you spend time and money on ignition deck you should take a look at other options.. We wouldn't recommend them..

Would give less than 1 star if I could
By , for WP 4.1.1

I have used countless themes, frameworks, and plugins including some I have made myself and I have been working with WordPress professionally for a long time and I can tell you that I have NEVER had as many issues as I have with Ignition Deck. NOTHING works the way it should from the start. You will spend hours on the support forums. So many bugs I cannot begin to list them all.. Its one thing if this was a free service but its not, it costs hundreds of dollars. On top of that, there are countless issues that, while not hindering the functionality of the site, are just annoying. I was hesitant to say, "Worst of WordPress" because overall there is worse but for money, nothing compares. Its absolute junk.

Awful is too nice a verdict
By , for WP 4.1

This collection of snippets is disorganized and without support that deserves the name.

There is ONE youtube video, 2 years young describing an entirely different (older) version - which is completely different from what you get today - so 100% useless. Its all of 6 minutes "long" which says it all about this companies dedication to customer support and care.

Instead you find a page titled "we dont negotiate with terrorists" in which the "terrorist" is a disgrunteled customer who is arrogantly informed that -of course- no refund will ever be forthcoming.
(He is labeled a terrorist because he at one point mentions legal assistance)

If you EVER get thru the disorganized "documentation" (and according to them half a page is "extensive") with links to links to links to links - and then back to the first page... not even considering that its outdated, what you see there is NOT what you actually see on your screen, this is a bloody nightmare.

Should you then turn to the "forum", a primitive app that hardly deserves that name (uploading pics? nope, editing after submission? nope) and is fully controlled by the guys who just ripped you off a few hundret bucks (if you are lucky its less), you better bring patience, and a lot of it.
Yes, eventually someone will answer - but days will pass and the answer will likely only lead to another question because it is likely brief and will include VERBIAGE only insiders understand.

In short: nerds have programmed for nerds. that stuff should be ONLY freely available and even then it a TIMEWASTER.

Given another year of INTENSE development and total rewrite of all docs plus production of youtube howto videos this product may one day become what its advertising promises today - but until then buyer beware!!

About the 5-star reviews: one is admittedly by a company employee and the others are all from a very short period in early 2015. So I guess someone helped with the "upping". Check the creation date of the wordpress accounts against the submission date of the review. And compare the dates of all of the 5-star reviews.

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