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HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist Free

Allows WordPress users to easily use HTML5 the element enable native audio playback within the browser. It supports all browsers i.e. Firefox, Chrome

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Buggy, Hard to Setup, & Terrible Support
By , for WP 4.2.2

I liked this when I first started using the free version so I bought the licensed version, which unbeknownst to me, and not mentioned in the confusing install/upgrade instructions, promptly overwrote all of my playlists, which I then had to go back and recreate. This was no small task since all of the data, including file paths to the song files and image files, have to be added manually in the clunky back end. All kinds of boastful claims are made about how simple this player is to use and/or modify, you can change images, skins, remove social buttons etc...and for the most part, some of these are pretty straight forward for folks like me who are not developers but have a basic understanding of code. However, when I hit a snag and asked for help via the developer's site, I was arrogantly advised to "hire a PHP developer." Right, I'm going to hire someone and pay them $50 - $100 bucks an hour to help me troubleshoot a problem with a $25 plugin! What a jerk! Not a big deal since I can live with the limited capabilities I'm now faced with, but later on, I created a new playlist with over ten songs, again, a very labor intense operation with the clunky back end, and as soon as I go back in to modify it, lo and behold, the song order has been completely rearranged and the only way to fix it is to recreate the entire list and now all of a sudden, the playlist doesn't appear at all on a mobile device. So once again, I contacted the arrogant developer who asked me to give him my logon credentials to my site! Huh?? I though, you must be kidding. I'm going to send my logon credentials half way around the world via email to someone I've never even seen. Of course, I refused. He then asks me to provide versions of the plugin, PHP, and MySQL and tells me all of this is good, if I would provide him with my credentials it would be an easy fix, so maybe I should hire a PHP developer. Yaaaaa, and I'm not supposed to be insulted by this line of BS (again). My advise to you is hire someone to teach you how to run a business, you can start with a class on basic manners and etiquette because your software is not all that. In fact, I've already reviewed two or three other players that put this one to shame. Cya!

All kinds of BAD
By , for WP 4.2.2

Lets say you have a album of 39 tracks.
Lets say that you have 72 hours to live.

It would then be impossible to create a playlist before you die.
The process of adding tracks if so incredibly over-cooked and convoluted that it's hard to imagine that any thought went into it at all.
The songs already exist on my webshare right? So I have to add them one by one filling out titles, artists, length and then going to find the song and 'inserting it into post'

This could have been done a LOT better and frankly, needs a complete re-design.
The current asking price for this plugin is nothing short of robbery, even if it were $1...

HTML Playlist Free MP3 Player
By , for WP 3.9.1

This Is The Worst Plugin Ever And So Time Consuming I Wouldn't Pay 50 Cents For This Plugin Too Much Work And It Doesn't Work!!

Not working
By ,

I couldn't get it to create a playlist. When I visited the author's site, the demo seemed buggy as well. A shame...I liked the look of it and the feature list was just what I (would have) wanted. Surely the author realizes that unless the free version works well, few will risk the paid version. I really hope he gets it to working well, and with an improved user interface for creating playlists. I'll keep checking back.

By ,

Is not responsive to mobile devices. Had to have updated code sent to me to make it work.

Ads in the plugin???
By , for WP 3.8.1

AND it doesn't work to boot???? (says it can't read the folder where my mp3s are stored)

No thanks..

and for the record before the moderators jump on me for NOT telling the author that this plugin didn't work for me, and not taking into account that it might be MY FAULT the plugin didn't work for me..

I installed THREE other players that worked the FIRST time I installed them after I removed this plugin.. Each of these players had NO PROBLEM reading from the SAME mp3 folder this plugin could not read from.. So I don't know.. sounds like something MIGHT be wrong with THIS plugin.. oh yeah and then there's the whole business of the ADS scrolling across the player... but maybe I'm just picky..

doesn´t work
By , for WP 3.8.1

doesn´t work

Does not work
By , for WP 3.6.1

Does not work

Deceptive, poorly documented, and buggy
By , for WP 3.4.2

Version 1.07 of this plugin is deceptive, poorly documented, and buggy. It is deceptive because a Vertical Playlist shortcode is produced, but does not work unless you buy the paid version, which you don't know unless you saw the note about "Paid Features" in the description, you noticed the small "Paid Vertical HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist" in the caption on the screenshots page, or you visited the support forum. If a feature is not operational, there should not be a UI for it, or it should be clearly marked with something like "Only works in paid version". At least a meaningful error message should be produced. In addition, nonremovable and nonmodifiable twitter, Facebook, and developer site links are displayed above the playlist, but not shown in the screenshots. This is deceptively advertised under "Free Features" as "Social Links Facebook / Twitter".

The plugin is poorly documented because of the confusion over the items just mentioned, but usage in general is unclear, and the image size isn't specified. Trial and error is required.

The plugin is buggy because looping is inconsistent, playlist items disappear when clicking to advance to the next track, and the settings page has refresh issues that appear when using the unneeded scrollbars. On the settings page scrollbars appear on the right and bottom of the form field area, even though the browser window is more than large enough for all form fields. This makes the settings page hard to use. These scrollbars are not needed, and it appears they are there to keep the "Donate" button visible.

In summary, this plugin is not quite ready to be used and so cannot be recommended until the issues above have been fixed. Some of these issues have been brought up in the support forum, but the developer responds with phrases like "quality is not free" and "try paid version", so it appears that there is no future for this plugin unless someone else wants to take the code and fix it.

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